No More Summer-Reading Loss

No More Summer-Reading Loss

by Carrie Cahill, Kathy Horvath, Anne McGill-Franzen, Richard L Allington

Everyone loves summer-except reading teachers. Kids take a vacation from books and those with limited access to books lose ground to their peers. You may have thought there's nothing you can do about it, but there is. No More Summer-Reading Loss shows how to ensure that readers continue to grow year round.

School-based practitioners Carrie Cahill and

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Everyone loves summer-except reading teachers. Kids take a vacation from books and those with limited access to books lose ground to their peers. You may have thought there's nothing you can do about it, but there is. No More Summer-Reading Loss shows how to ensure that readers continue to grow year round.

School-based practitioners Carrie Cahill and Kathy Horvath join with renowned researchers Anne McGill-Franzen and Dick Allington to help you make summer readers out of every student. You'll stop summer-reading loss as they help you:

  • identify practices that inadvertently contribute to it
  • understand the research on its implications and its prevention
  • take research-based action with 8 instructional strategies.

Building independence. Keeping kids on grade-level. Closing the achievement gap. These are just a few of the valuable outcomes that No More Summer-Reading Loss can support. Most importantly, it will help you pass on a love of reading that knows no season and gives readers confidence when they return in the fall.

About the Not This, But That Series
No More Summer-Reading Loss is part of the Not This, But That series, edited by Nell K. Duke and Ellin Oliver Keene. It helps teachers examine common, ineffective classroom practices and replace them with practices supported by research and professional wisdom. In each book a practicing educator and an education researcher identify an ineffective practice; summarize what the research suggests about why; and detail research-based, proven practices to replace it and improve student learning.

Read a sample chapter from No More Summer-Reading Loss.

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Meet the Author

Carrie Cahill is coauthor of No More Summer-Reading Loss, part of Heinemann's Not This But That series. She has been an educator for 25 years. After beginning her career in school social work, she served as a principal and a director of special education before becoming an assistant superintendent in 2004. In my current position she oversees the curriculum development, assessment practices, and instructional delivery systems for schools in Midlothian, Illinois. Carrie believes that the most valuable asset we have in education is human capital and that teachers have the power and the capacity for wise decision making that will have the greatest impact in our students' lives. When teachers know their students well they can gear their teaching to their specific needs and interests. Educational leaders in the school; teachers and administrators alike, who have a clear vision of the research and best instructional practice are critical to our students' progress as thinkers and intellectuals.

Ellin is author of Talk About Understanding: Rethinking Classroom Talk to Enhance Understanding, To Understand: New Horizons in Reading Comprehension, co-author of Comprehension Going Forward and of Mosaic of Thought: The Power of Comprehension Strategy Instruction, 2nd edition as well as numerous chapters for professional books and journals on the teaching of reading as well as education policy journals. Ellin Oliver Keene has been a classroom teacher, staff developer, non-profit director and adjunct professor of reading and writing. For sixteen years she directed staff development initiatives at the Denver-based Public Education & Business Coalition. She served as Deputy Director and Director of Literacy and Staff Development for the Cornerstone Project at the University of Pennsylvania for 4 years. Ellin currently serves as Director of Research and Development for the PEBC, as senior advisor to Heinemann Professional Development and works with schools and districts throughout the country and abroad. Ellin Oliver Keene is a Heinemann Professional Development provider. She presents Heinemann One-Day Workshops, Webinars Series, and all forms of On-Site PD. She is most sought after for her long-term professional development residencies in partnership with Heinemann Professional Development. For an overview of the Keene Residency »

Nell K. Duke, Ed.D., is a professor of language, literacy, and culture and faculty associate in the combined program in education and psychology at the University of Michigan. Duke received her Bachelor's degree from Swarthmore College and her Masters and Doctoral degrees from Harvard University. Duke's work focuses on early literacy development, particularly among children living in poverty. Her specific areas of expertise include development of informational reading and writing in young children, comprehension development and instruction in early schooling, and issues of equity in literacy education. She currently serves as Co-Principal Investigator on projects funded by the Institute of Education Sciences, the National Science Foundation, and the Spencer Foundation. Duke is the recipient of the American Educational Research Association Early Career Award, the Literacy Research Association Early Career Achievement Award, the International Reading Association Dina Feitelson Research Award, the National Council of Teachers of English Promising Researcher Award, and the International Reading Association Outstanding Dissertation Award. Nell is author and co-author of numerous journal articles and book chapters as well as the books Reading and Writing Informational Text in the Primary Grades: Research-Based Practices; Literacy and the Youngest Learner: Best Practices for Educators of Children from Birth to Five; Beyond Bedtime Stories: A Parent's Guide to Promoting Reading, Writing, and Other Literacy Skills From Birth to 5; and her most recent book, Reading and Writing Genre with Purpose in K - 8 Classrooms. She is also editor of The Research-Informed Classroom book series, co-editor with Ellin Keene of the Not This But That book series, and co-editor of the book Literacy Research Methodologies. Duke teaches preservice, inservice and doctoral courses in literacy education, speaks and consults widely on literacy education, and is an active member of several literacy-related organizations. She has served as author and consultant on a number of educational programs, including Buzz About IT, iOpeners, National Geographic Science K-2 and the DLM Express. Duke also has a strong interest in improving the quality of educational research training in the U.S. Nell is currently overseeing IRA's Literacy Research Panel blog, which you can follow here:

Kathy Horvath is coauthor of No More Summer-Reading Loss, part of Heinemann's Not This But That series. Kathy is assistant superintendent at Northbrook School District 28 in Northbrook, Illinois. She has focused district-wide with teachers to design a solid curriculum in all areas and develop a comprehensive instructional model from kindergarten to eighth grade. Through her leadership and guidance, many staff members have emerged as teacher leaders who invite each other into their classrooms to observe and learn together. She believes that as teachers build their confidence and expertise in nurturing their students as readers and writers, student achievement consistently increases along for their love of learning. Previously, Kathy was a special education teacher in Dolton and Calumet City. As a result of her encouragement and innovative teaching strategies, many of her students with severe learning and behavioral problems were able to return to mainstream classrooms. She inspired students to work collaboratively, and many of them became mentors, tutors, and leaders in school-wide events. In 1992, she was honored with the Milken Family Foundation National Educator Award. For two years, she was one of six Illinois educators chosen to serve as a field advisor for the Illinois State Board of Education. In this capacity, she participated in planning state initiatives and worked with low-performing schools. She also served for three years as director of school improvement in Dolton.

Anne McGill-Franzen, Ph.D., is coauthor of No More Summer-Reading Loss, part of Heinemann's Not This But That series. Anne is a professor of education in the department of Theory and Practice in Teacher Education and director of the Reading Center at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Tennessee. She has written extensively on reading disabilities and instructional interventions to mitigate the problems faced by struggling readers and their classroom teachers. Her work has received many International Reading Association honors including the Nila Banton Smith Research Dissemination Award, the Dina Feitelson Research Award in early literacy, and the Albert J. Harris Award in reading disabilities. She is the author of Kindergarten Literacy: Matching Assessment and Instruction (Scholastic, 2006) and co-editor of the Handbook of Reading Disability Research (Routledge, 2009) and Summer Reading: Closing the Rich/Poor Reading Achievement Gap (Teachers College Press, 2012).

Richard Allington is coauthor of No More Summer-Reading Loss, part of Heinemann's Not This But That series as well as editor of Big Brother and the National Reading Curriculum. Dick is a professor of literacy studies at the University of Tennessee. He is a past-president of the International Reading Association and the Literacy Research Association. Dick and Anne McGill-Franzen were awarded the Albert J. Harris Award for their study of ameliorating summer reading loss. Toegther the co-edited the Handbook of Reading Disability Research and Summer Reading:Closing the Rich/Poor Reading Achievement Gap. He was previously the Irving and Rose Fien Professor of Education at the University of Florida. Dick is a member of the Reading Hall of Fame and the recipient of numerous awards for his contributions to understanding reading difficulties. He is the author/coauthor of several books, including What Really Matters for Struggling Readers: Designing Research-based Programs.

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