No Other Name: An Investigation into the Destiny of the Unevangelized

No Other Name: An Investigation into the Destiny of the Unevangelized

by John Sanders

ISBN-10: 1579108342

ISBN-13: 9781579108342

Pub. Date: 12/01/2001

Publisher: Wipf & Stock Publishers

An investigation into the destiny of the unevangelized


An investigation into the destiny of the unevangelized

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Wipf & Stock Publishers
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New Edition
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Table of Contents

Part 1Formulating the Issue
1.The Issue in Context11
The Question11
Should an Answer Be Attempted?15
The Topic within Evangelicalism20
Two Essential Truths25
Control Beliefs31
Part 2The Two Extremes: Restrictivism and Universalism
2.Restrictivism: All the Unevangelized Are Damned37
Key Biblical Texts38
Theological Considerations42
The Particularity and Finality of the Revelation and Salvific Work of Jesus42
General Revelation Does Not Provide a Means to Salvation45
Commitment to Christ Must Occur during One's Lifetime46
The Unevangelized Deserve Condemnation47
The Implications of the Restrictivist Position for Missions48
The Doctrine of Limited Atonement50
Leading Defenders51
John Calvin56
R. C. Sproul58
The Accessibility of Salvation60
The Role of Christ in Salvation62
The Character of General Revelation68
The Boundary of Death70
The Question of Missions71
Limited Atonement71
Historical Bibliography73
3.Universalism: All the Unevangelized Are Saved81
Key Biblical Texts83
Theological Considerations89
Sovereign Love89
God's Eternal Persistence93
The Justice of God94
Leading Defenders98
Charles Chauncy101
John A. T. Robinson104
Universalism vs. Universally Accessible Salvation107
The Reality of Hell108
Divine Love and Human Freedom110
The Purpose of Divine Judgment114
Excursus on Radical Pluralism115
The Pitfalls of Radical Reinterpretation119
Who Is God? What Is Salvation?119
The Criteria for Truth122
Historical Bibliography124
Part 3Salvation As Universally Accessible
4.The Wider Hope131
Historical Bibliography137
5.Universal Evangelization -- before Death151
God Will Send the Message152
Key Biblical Texts153
Theological Considerations153
A Leading Defender: Thomas Aquinas156
Historical Bibliography159
Universal Opportunity at Death164
Theological Considerations165
Middle Knowledge167
God Will Send the Message171
Universal Opportunity at Death172
Middle Knowledge173
6.Eschatological Evangelization177
Key Biblical Texts178
Theological Considerations189
The Insufficiency of General Revelation for Salvation189
Our Destinies Are Not Necessarily Determined at Death190
Implications of the Belief That Infants Who Die Are Saved191
The Broad Implications of Universally Accessible Salvation192
Leading Defenders195
Joseph Leckie195
Gabriel Fackre197
George Lindbeck200
Historical Bibliography211
7.Inclusivism: Universally Accessible Salvation apart from Evangelization215
Key Biblical Texts217
Theological Considerations224
Believers vs. Christians224
The Role of General Revelation233
The Work of God in Effecting Salvation236
The Cosmic Work of Jesus Christ238
The Implications of the Presence of Other Religions241
Leading Defenders249
John Wesley249
C. S. Lewis251
Clark Pinnock257
Historical Bibliography267
AppendixInfant Salvation and Damnation287
Only Baptized or Elect Children Are Saved290
Through Baptism291
Through Election294
The Destiny of Infants Who Die Is a Mystery296
Evangelization in or after Death297
All Young Children Who Die Are Saved298
The Arminian Argument299
The Reformed Argument300
Index of Subjects and Names307
Index of Scripture References311

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