Noble Cause

Noble Cause

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by Jessica James

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Winner of the John Esten Cook Award for Southern Fiction.

Winner of numerous national awards and an Amazon bestselling author, Jessica James has received critical acclaim for this page-turning story of honor, self-sacrifice, and enduring love. Praised by both historians and romance readers since its original release in 2008, the award-winning historical fiction


Winner of the John Esten Cook Award for Southern Fiction.

Winner of numerous national awards and an Amazon bestselling author, Jessica James has received critical acclaim for this page-turning story of honor, self-sacrifice, and enduring love. Praised by both historians and romance readers since its original release in 2008, the award-winning historical fiction novel Shades of Gray now has a new ending in this special 150th Anniversary of the Civil War Commemorative Edition entitled Noble Cause.
James uniquely blends elements of romantic and historical fiction in this deeply personal and poignant tale that, according to one reviewer, "transcends the pages to settle in the very marrow of the reader's bones."
This is the tale of Colonel Alexander Hunter, a dauntless and daring Confederate cavalry officer, who, with his band of intrepid outcasts, becomes a legend in the rolling hills of northern Virginia. Inspired by love of country and guided by a sense of duty and honor, Hunter must make a desperate choice when he discovers the woman he promised his dying brother he would protect is the Union spy he vowed to his men he would destroy. Readers will discover the fine line between friends and enemies when the paths of these two tenacious foes cross by the fates of war and their destinies become entwined forever. Destined for an honored place among the classics of the America Civil War, Noble Cause is a book to read, and keep, and remember forever.
2011 John Esten Cooke Award for Southern Fiction
2011 Next Generation Indie Award for Regional Fiction
2011 Finalist in Next Generation Indie Award contest in Romance and Historical Fiction catgories

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Noble Cause 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 14 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book, recommended by my local library and reading it over the course of several days, was one that I couldn't put down until the final page! It is full of suspense, action and romance taking you back to the days of the American Civil War when families were separated because of conviction and bound together by love of family even when families were separated by the colors of blue and gray. The story is riveting and will keep you wondering if love will triumph in the end.
Carkins More than 1 year ago
If, like me, you at some point in your life read every Elswythe Thane book you could get your hands on, you will surely be appreciative that here is an historical novel that is just as difficult to put it down. It is superbly written. I personally felt like part of me had just lived through the Civil War. The characters are well developed and take on lives of their own. I'm now hungry to read more of Ms. James' novels just as I once craved more of Ms. Thanes'. Oh, yes! Must end this so I can start downloading!
gincam More than 1 year ago
Author Jessica James has written a superb historical romance, "Noble Cause: A Novel of Love and War". With an elegant, evocative style, and a history lover's eye for detail, Ms. James brings to vivid life one of the most devastating of American tragedies. The involving battles scenes and fascinating military strategies are well-blended with the human issues of the war. An impossible and undeniable love is found just as so much is lost forever. Confederate Colonel Alexander Hunter is legendary for his battlefield brilliance and his deeply felt love of his Virginia homeland. His almost supernatural ability to outthink, outmaneuver, and upstage the Union Army faces only one real challenge: a young Union scout, small in stature, with unequaled horsemanship and the wiles of a fox. Andrea Evans, in her guise as Andrew Sinclair, risks her life at every opportunity to forward the cause of the Union. She is a scout, a spy, and a young woman on the run from her past. Born a privileged daughter of the South, Andrea fled her home at a very young age to leave behind the cruelty of her father, a slave-owner not afraid to use his whip. Time and time again, Alex and Andrea provoke and elude each other in a daring wartime dance. When Andrea is finally captured, she is sent to a hell-hole Confederate prison camp where she suffers unspeakable torture and becomes gravely ill. When Alex learns Andrea's fate, which was against his direct orders, he rescues her and takes her to his Virginia home to recover. He gambles much by keeping the infamous Yankee spy under his own roof, but he is following the dictates of his heart. Andrea proves to be more than a match for Alex, and their sparring intellects and spirited verbal battles make for a stirring romance. For me, a true hero must have an inner core of compassion. Alex is a man of ideals, a revered leader who has learned to place the needs of his command above his own personal needs. Andrea is a strong and intelligent woman, never afraid to stand up for her own beliefs, and those are the characteristics which Alex finds hardest to resist! The more that these two sworn opponents clash, the more their attraction begins to grow. As they learn about each other, they also learn about the "shades of gray" that cloud both sides of the horrific War Between the States. The skillful storytelling of Jessica James will keep you enthralled from beginning to end. The outcome of the Civil War is unchangeable, but the romance between the gentleman colonel and his fearless lady is one that you will not want to end. Highly recommended! Review Copy Gratis Author
Anonymous 6 months ago
Awesome book. Takes you back in time.
Anonymous 8 months ago
The history, characters, suspense, and romance were spot-on, a really riveting story!
Anonymous 8 months ago
This novel included the right balance of history, suspense, and romance. With descriptive battle scenes and invigorating dialogue. I rarely find a book that I would like to read over again. This one I could not put down.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Excellent story about the Civil War and how conflicted the people were who fought on both sides. The characters and story line were very well developed. Battle depictions were excellent portrayals of the reality of the war. Kudos to the author for writing a realistic, not a romanticized version of the most deadly war in US history
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great read
Gina04 More than 1 year ago
What a wonderful historical novel. I didnt know that this was a book already out but with a different ending. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Very enjoyable read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
DiiMI More than 1 year ago
Author Jessica James has written an amazing historical romance, "Noble Cause” – noted by the author as being a new version of Shades of Gray with a Happily-Ever-After ending. The Civil War, one of the most horrific episodes in American history is brought back to life with vivid battle scenes blended with the tragedy of having to choose honor and a sense of duty to country over promises made in the name of love. Confederate Colonel Alexander Hunter is known for his abilities on the battlefield, as well as his loyalty to his home, Virginia. The one thorn in his side is a young Union scout, Andrew Sinclair, who is willing to risk his life for the union as a spy. The two enemies cross paths often. But Andrew is not a small statured young man, he is Andrea Evans, a young Southern woman who abhorred the treatment of slaves on her father’s plantation, escaped her homeland to fight for the North. Andrea is captured and brutally tortured in a Confederate prison camp. Alex rescues her and hides her at his Virginia home, at great personal risk. As she recovers her wounds, her ability to think decisively and speak up for what she believes to be right causes many heated, verbal battles between Andrea and Alex. The more they argue, the more they respect each other, the closer they grow emotionally, and maintaining their respective “North/South” attitudes becomes difficult. What they each considered to be black & white issues, becomes blurred, gray areas as they realize the flaws in their political doctrines. The question that remains is which is more important, duty and love of country or the love of another person? How does one choose? Jessica James blends history with a forbidden romance that blooms in spite of the taint of the War Between the States with characters that play off of each other so well, it gives another meaning to “Love Thy Enemy.” If you enjoy historical fiction with your romance, like feisty heroines and strong, gentlemanly heroes, this could be for you! This ARC copy was provided by NetGalley, Parrot Press and IBPA in exchange for my honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago