Nonverbal Learning Disabilities: A Clinical Perspective

Nonverbal Learning Disabilities: A Clinical Perspective

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by Joseph Palombo

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The effects of nonverbal learning disabilities on a child's social and emotional development.See more details below


The effects of nonverbal learning disabilities on a child's social and emotional development.

Editorial Reviews

The Psychologist
“This is an intellectually stimulating book which made me reflect upon my daily practice of assessing complex children who are often 'in the mix' of many overlapping difficulties.”
Journal of Clinical Psychiatry
“[A] major contribution to the understanding of not only children with nonverbal learning disabilities, but also those with ADHD or Asperger’s disorder and other children who lack social skills. The author has made the effort to integrate neuroscience and behavioral science. The results show all professionals and parents how to help these children with special needs.”
“Palombo is an experienced clinician, and his text is rich in clinical examples that provide valuable word pictures of the disorder and its impact on children's social functioning, interpersonal behavior, and subjective experience.”
Psychiatric Services
“Palombo focuses on work with children, but the therapeutic goal of promoting cohesion in self narratives is relevant to all persons with
NLD. The book is valuable as well for assessment professionals. It identifies subtypes of NLD, differentiates NLD from Asperger's syndrome, and includes an excellent summary of the social-emotional symptoms of NLD in the appendix.”
Stanley I. Greenspan
“Comprehensive, insightful, and practical, Joe Palombo's new book, Nonverbal Learning Disabilities, will enable mental health professionals and educators to better understand the inner life of children with learning challenges. Remarkable in its clinical scope and depth, it provides thoughtful descriptions of the different ways in which these learning challenges affect children and their families—ranging from daily learning and social interactions to the deepest feelings and sense of self.”
Louis Cozolino
“Nonverbal Learning Disabilities is a well-integrated exploration of a fascinating and complex topic. A serious scholar and compassionate therapist, Palombo combines his considerable clinical experience with research from neuroscience and psychopathology to expand our understanding of learning disabilities and provide us with practical intervention strategies. Palombo rewards readers with a deep understanding of Nonverbal Learning Disabilities and clear insight into many relevant areas of research. This book educates, elucidates, and inspires further exploration.”
Steven Nowicki
“This is a book for anyone who is interested in learning about the true nature of nonverbal learning disability. Joseph Palombo is one of the early pioneers in the study and treatment of children with this disorder. He knows and understands them as only an involved clinician can, and this expertise shows in his clear descriptions of what NLD is and how it interferes with children's attempts to make satisfactory lives for themselves. I believe that this book will become the standard in the field for those seeking to understand this debilitating disorder.”

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