Norby, the Mixed-Up Robot (Norby Series #1)

Norby, the Mixed-Up Robot (Norby Series #1)

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by Janet Asimov, Isaac Asimov

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Walker & Company
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Norby Series, #1

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Norby, the Mixed up Robot 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
rapid_readerWA More than 1 year ago
I loved this book as a child; this series and Tom Swift were what started me on a long enjoyable road of science fiction. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
The book, Norby, the Mixed up robot, starts out with a 15 year old boy named Jeff who was trying to learn Martian Swahili 'a Martian language' in his sleep when he accidentally translated important classified documents into Martian Swahili and routed all important computer files to go through the space ship¿s kitchen computer. To punish him for this offense his higher ranking officer 'Admiral Yobo' punished him with expulsion, however he also gave him a voucher to get a teaching robot¿ Jeff rode a light speed transport home and the next day left to buy his robot¿ What he ended up with was what seemed to be a metal garbage can¿ he ended up with much more than expected¿Jeff ended up with the only robot to have a miniature antigravity device¿ The conflict in this story has to do with a villain named Ing wants to take over the solar system¿ He Starts by taking over Manhattan island, but is stopped there by Jeffery Wells and his amazing used robot The most suiting theme I think for this book is the old cliché, ¿don¿t judge a book by its cover¿, that is, there may be more on the inside than the outside can put off¿ I Believe this because When Jeffrey Wells goes to the store and shops for the robot, the sales clerk tells him about how he can use his credit voucher 'The money that the admiral at the space academy gave him' to put a down payment on a refurbished newer model robot, Jeff refuses, at the time he says that he refuses because he doesn¿t have enough money to buy the newer model, but the whole time he was in the store something was urging him in to go to the back of the store, where he saw what looked like a garbage can. The cashier warned him that the robot didn¿t even work¿ Jeff took it anyway and soon after buying it, the robot turned on. The sales clerk was stunned and wanted it back. Jeff just left. In this particular case Jeff overcame his fears that the robot was in fact junk and bought is, however the sales clerk all of the sudden wanted the robot back after it actually moved. I would recommend this book to other people not only because reading it is not much of a commitment, but also because reading it is enjoyable, it is intriguing to me to see what people thought the future was going to be like so long ago, and this book gives a vivid picture of what they thought the future will look like.