Norman's New World Cuisine

Norman's New World Cuisine

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by Norman Van Aken, Norman Van Aken, John Harrisson

A spirited, full-color cookbook by one of America's greatest chef, whose New World cuisine blends Latin, Caribbean, Asian, and American flavors. See more details below


A spirited, full-color cookbook by one of America's greatest chef, whose New World cuisine blends Latin, Caribbean, Asian, and American flavors.

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Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
The sexiest of peppers flow like lava through the ingredient-intensive but well-constructed recipes proffered by Van Aken, the founder of a Miami restaurant that bears his first name. This is not a collection for cooks whose idea of heat and complexity is a slice of jalapeo atop the guacamole. Cubanelles light up Baked Clams on the Half Shell with Sausage. Scotch bonnet and serrano chiles kick at a Buttered Snapper Baked in a Banana Leaf. And in a margarita spinoff called a Hot Lolita, tequila and Grand Marnier tango with a mix of honey and crushed red pepper flakes. Beginning with such cocktails and moving through appetizers, soups, every type of entree, a bevy of desserts and a "treasure chest" of basic stocks and infused oils, the foodstuffs of Asia, Latin America and the West Indies are the stars, often beautifully photographed and sometimes stunningly mixedas in the Paella Orientale, which combines Thai chiles, arborio rice, bok choy and "32 tiny clams." Spiny Lobster basks in a pool of Exotic Tropical Fruit and Black Bean Salsa and is dressed in a revealing Spicy Drizzle made of cumin seed, honey, soy sauce and ginger. Van Aken's running narrative begins in dopey pirate talk ("So, to the decks, mates!.... Sails up!") but matures into a diary of culinary travels spiced with healthy doses of food quotes from great writers and crowned with a recommended reading list of cookbooks. (Nov.)

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Bobby Flay
"Norman Van Aken is one of the great food visionaries of our time. His ability to pair the unique and unexpected flavors from Florida's tropical melting pot of cultures make his big-flavored dishes one-of-a-kind. He is an inspiration to chefs and home cooks everywhere."
Emeril Lagasse
"Norman Van Aken is one of America's greatest and most innovative chefs, whose fusion of flavors and cultures explodes on your palate. Norman's New World Cuisine celebrates one of the most exciting regional cuisines in America.
Charlie Trotter
"Walt Whitman said, 'I am large, I contain multitudes!' The breadth and depth of the writing and recipes in these pages richly reflect this sentiment, and Norman's exuberace is utterly Whitmanesque! This book is a must for both professional and home cooks."
Maida Heatter
"I have been eating Norman's superb food since 1985, when he was a chef in Key West. It is always a thrill. But recently I had something at Norman's that was so divine it woke up taste buds i didn't know I had. It was a Tortilla Paisana, a cross between a frittata and a quiche. I am in love with it. What a joy it will be to make Norman's wonderful dishes.
Todd English
"There are so few originals in this world. Norman Van Aken has certainly set the standard in his original cuisine -- one that is matched by no other. Thanks for your inspiration!"
Stephan Pyles
"Norman Van Aken is arguably the most innovative chef in America today."
Douglas Rodriguez
"Norman Van Akenis the pioneer of a new way of cooking. Here are imaginative dishes with bold flavors and beautiful presentations: a true inspiration."
Roy Yamaguchi
"If anyone deserves the title of King of New World Cuisine, it is Norman."
Mark Miller
"Norman Van Aken's new book reflects his philosophy of pushing the boundaries of flavor and culture. These exciting, bold, spirited dishes that are true adventures."
Daniel Boulud
"Norman Van Aken is the quintessential Florida chef. His flavors are amazing and his cooking full of soul and sunshine."
Hubert Keller
"Only Norman, a rare inovator, could transform a collection of recipes not only into an amazing cookbook with terrific food, incredible flavors and inventive combinations of ingredients, but also into a guide that will make the New World Cuisine a classic into the twenty-first century."

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