Norms in a Wired World

Norms in a Wired World

by Steven A. Hetcher

Hetcher applies his theory of norms to tort law and Internet privacy laws.See more details below


Hetcher applies his theory of norms to tort law and Internet privacy laws.

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Cambridge University Press
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Cambridge Studies in Philosophy and Law Series
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Acknowledgements; Introduction; Part I. The Pattern Conception of Norms: 1. Rule conception versus pattern conception; 2. Rational norms; 3. Norm utilitarianism; 4. Emergent moral norms; 5. Critical moral norms; Part II. Negligent Norms: 6. The traditional rule of custom; 7. The evidentiary rule of custom; 8. A world of dangerous norms and customs; 9. Regulating the rule of custom to create safe social norms; 10. Juror norms and the reasonable person standard; 11. Rejection of the dominant paradigm of negligence; Part III. Cyberspace Privacy Norms: 12. Harmful online personal data practices; 13. The emergence of online privacy entitlements; 14. Website privacy respect: real and feigned; Conclusion; Notes; Index.

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