Nortel Networks: The Complete Reference / Edition 2

Nortel Networks: The Complete Reference / Edition 2

by James Knapp, Michael Mueller, Lyssa Wald

ISBN-10: 007219281X

ISBN-13: 9780072192810

Pub. Date: 12/14/2001

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional

Master Nortel technology—from installation to implementation—using this definitive guide. Now fully revised and updated,this resource offers detailed information on key networking technologies supported by Nortel products,including frame switching,Layer 3 switching,and ATM. You'll also find out how to integrate Nortel devices into an existing network.


Master Nortel technology—from installation to implementation—using this definitive guide. Now fully revised and updated,this resource offers detailed information on key networking technologies supported by Nortel products,including frame switching,Layer 3 switching,and ATM. You'll also find out how to integrate Nortel devices into an existing network. Plus,the bonus CD-ROM includes complete configuration files that can be easily downloaded directly to Nortel devices.

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Table of Contents

Part IAn Overview of Networking
1Networking and the OSI Model3
The Seven-Layer OSI Model4
Networking Architectures6
Networking Components9
2Ethernet Basics15
Ethernet Specifications16
Ethernet Addressing17
802.1d Spanning Tree22
3Token Ring Basics31
The Ring32
Stations and State Machines38
Token Ring Cabling51
Token Ring Errors51
More Hardware-Related Errors55
4Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) Basics57
Legacy Technologies vs. ATM58
Resolving Differences Between Legacy Systems59
ATM Adaptation Layer (AAL)62
Cell Transport64
Virtual Connections67
ATM Summary75
Part IIEthernet on Nortel Networks
5Nortel Networks Ethernet Switching79
BayStack 30180
BayStack 303/30483
BayStack 350/450 10/100/100088
Part IIIThe Accelar Layer 3 Switch
6Basic Passport Architecture109
Basics of Layer 3 Switching110
Passport Architecture112
The Runtime CLI126
Boot Monitor CLI129
Passport MAC Address Assignment142
7Virtual LANs143
Port-Based VLANs146
Policy-Based VLANs149
Configuring IP Subnet-Specific, Policy-Based VLANs153
Configuring MAC-Based VLANs155
Viewing VLAN Information156
Sorting VLAN Traffic165
8Passport Spanning Tree Groups and MultiLink Trunking175
802.1d Spanning Tree176
Multiple Spanning Tree Groups178
Redundancy and Multiple STGs179
Configuring Multiple Spanning Tree Groups186
FastStart and LinkSafe192
MultiLink Trunking (MLT)196
9Routing on the Passport Platform201
Passport Routing Concepts202
IP Configuration203
Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol and the Passport211
User Datagram Protocol Forward213
Distance Vector Multicast Routing Protocol219
Internetworking Group Multicast Protocol (IGMP) and the Passport226
IPX Routing on the Passport235
Open Shortest Path First Configuration244
RIP and RIPv2 Configuration265
Configuring a Brouter Port271
IP Policies274
Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol on the Passport Platform290
10Traffic Management293
Filter Types294
Setting Filters300
Part IVATM Technologies
11ATM Signaling and the User-to-Network Interface313
Understanding the User-to-Network Interface314
UNI Signaling318
UNI 4.0 Features348
12LAN Emulation (LANE)353
LAN Emulation Version 1354
Emulated LANs360
LANE Version 2368
LANE User-to-Network Interface and LANE Network-to-Network Interface369
LANE Server Functions Under the ATM LNNI381
Processing Calls Through a LANE Network388
13ATM Quality of Service395
Functions of QoS396
Setting QoS Parameters397
Defining QoS Service Classes398
Applying QoS402
14Call Routing via IISP405
IISP Signaling406
IISP Routing407
15Private Network to Network Interface (PNNI)415
Hierarchy Level 1416
Hierarchy Level 2444
Hierarchy Level 3456
16MultiProtocol Over ATM and the Next Hop Resolution Protocol467
MultiProtocol over ATM468
Discovery of the MPC and MPS471
Inbound vs. Outbound Data Flows481
MPS Processing of MPOA Resolution Requests492
MPOA Keep-Alive Protocol498
Next Hop Resolution Protocol499
MPOA Shortcuts500
MPOA Cache Management504
Part VATM on Nortel Networks
17ATM on the Nortel Networks Platforms511
Centillion Varieties512
18Configuring PVCs and SPVCs on the C100/C50/5000BH Platforms527
Configuring ATM on the Centillion Switch528
Troubleshooting CLCs and SPVCs541
19Configuring LANE on the C100/C50/5000BH Platform545
Configuring ATM Signaling546
Creating ELANs547
Configuring the LECS553
Configuring a LEC563
Troubleshooting LANE577
General Port-Level Signaling Parameters593
Troubleshooting at the Port Level596
20Configuring Call Routing and MPOA599
Configuring IISP600
Configuring PNNI608
Configuring MPOA631
21Configuring ATM on the Nortel Networks Router Platform649
Permanent Virtual Circuits on the Router Platform650
LAN Emulation Clients on the Router Platform658
Configuring the 5782 Series ATM Router676
Troubleshooting LANE on the Nortel Networks Router680
Configuring a MultiProtocol Over ATM Server698
Configuring the Next Hop Resolution Protocol703
Part VIToken Ring on the Nortel Networks Platform
22The Token Ring Protocol707
Token Functionality708
Token Ring Frame Format710
Communication Between End Stations722
23Bridging and Switching Token Ring727
Transparent Bridging728
Source-Route Bridging729
Translationally Bridging and Switching Token Ring734
Token Ring Routing743
Source Routing over a WAN751
24Configuring Token Ring on the C100/C50/C20/5000BH Platform759
The Centillion and Token Ring760
Token Ring System Parameters763
Token Ring Management Parameters and Static Station Configuration770
Module-Specific Token Ring Parameters773
Token Ring and ATM Parameters780
Troubleshooting Token Ring on the C100/C50/C20/5000BH Platform784
25Configuring SRB on the Nortel Networks Router Platform789
Source-Route Bridging on the LAN790
Translational Bridging798
Part VIIInternetworking with Nortel Networks
26The Nortel Networks Router Platform805
Access Node Routers806
Backbone Node Routers817
Router Software846
Upgrading System Software and PROMs852
27Technician Interface, Bay Command Console, and Router MIB867
Essentials of the TI868
The Management Information Base889
Bay Command Console915
28Basic IP Configuration on the Nortel Networks Router Platform927
IP Overview928
Configuring IP941
Configuring IP Traffic Filters952
Troubleshooting IP on the Nortel Networks Router Platform960
29OSPF Reference Guide973
OSPF Features and Requirements974
The Hello Protocol979
OSPF Neighbors985
Forming Adjacencies986
Database Synchronization991
Link State Operations998
OSPF Areas1011
Network Summaries1014
Autonomous Systems1021
30Configuring OSPF on the Nortel Networks Router Platform1031
Global OSPF Configuration1034
OSPF Area Configuration1038
OSPF Interface Configuration1042
Accept and Announce Policies1046
Troubleshooting OSPF1054
Examining the OSPF Neighbors1069
31Routing Information Protocol and RIPv21073
General Features of RIP1094
32Configuring RIP and RIPv2 on the Nortel Networks Router Platform1101
Configuring RIP and RIPv21102
RIP Accept Policies1106
RIP Announce Policies1110
Troubleshooting RIP on the Nortel Networks Router Platform1115
Troubleshooting RIP Using TI Scripts1115

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