North Carolina Through Four Centuries / Edition 1

North Carolina Through Four Centuries / Edition 1

by William S. Powell

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North Carolina Through Four Centuries

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William S. Powell is professor emeritus of history at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. His many books include North Carolina through Four Centuries, which won the 1989 Mayflower Cup for Nonfiction.

Table of Contents



1. Natural Features and Native Peoples
2. Exploration and Early Settlement
3. A Proprietary Colony, 1663-1729
4. Royal Government
5. Colonial Society and Culture, 1729-1776
6. Colonial Economy: Agriculture, Trade, and Communication
7. Sectional Controversies in the Colony
8. A Decade of Dispute
9. Attaining Independence
10. A Free State
11. A Jeffersonian Republic
12. A State Asleep
13. The Vision of Archibald D. Murphey
14. The Constitutional Convention of 1835
15. The Whig Era, 1835-1850
16. A Change in Midstream
17. The Economy and Antebellum Society
18. The Coming of the Civil War
19. The Civil War
20. A State Made New
21. A Fresh Start
22. A Time of Readjustment
23. Great Anticipations for the Twentieth Century
24. Down But Not Out: The State Survives the Great Depression
25. New Points to Ponder in a Restless World
26. A New Face for the State
27. The State Looks to the Future


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