North Dakota

North Dakota

by Melissa McDaniel, Sara Louise Kras

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North Dakota is ? a land of flat farms and frigid winters, but it is many other things as well. North Dakota is brown buttes and green river valleys and wild, rugged badlands. It is pleasant towns, empty highways, and small but energetic cities. Most of all, it is friendly people.  See more details below


North Dakota is ? a land of flat farms and frigid winters, but it is many other things as well. North Dakota is brown buttes and green river valleys and wild, rugged badlands. It is pleasant towns, empty highways, and small but energetic cities. Most of all, it is friendly people.

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VOYA - Beth Anderson
The beautiful Celebrate the States series has released its second edition, nine years after the first. The books follow the same format and are loaded with information, photographs, maps, and charts in just 144 pages. The first sections, "Geography" and "History," give an overview of the landscape and the events that brought the states into the United States. The weather sections are particularly fascinating and could serve either as a lure to those thinking of visiting the states or as a caution for the reader to stick to armchair traveling. The "People" chapter, which discusses population, demographics, and education, is followed by a good summary of governmental structure. The section on the economy is especially timely considering the current national situation and could be used to spark lively classroom discussions. In "Landmarks," both the obvious "Big Hits" and lesser known, equally worthy tourist attractions are followed by a state survey that covers the nitty-gritty details popular in homework assignments, such as the state bird, flower, anthem (complete with music), famous people (although most will be of more interest to the reader's parents or grandparents), time line, and calendar of celebrations. Every school library should purchase this series. As America's education rankings continue to tank, these volumes will help expand students' interest and knowledge, not only in their home states but in the rest of the country. (Celebrate the States) Reviewer: Beth Anderson
Children's Literature - Beverley Fahey
Teagan Wyllston has a good life. She has a loving family, a great afterschool job, and prospects for college scholarships. Her friend Abby considers herself an amateur physic and warns Teagen that she sees goblins and shape-shifters in her future. Teagen all but dismisses this as silly until Finn MacCumhaill arrives. Finn's grandmother, Mamieo, raised Mrs. Wyllston and that connection is enough for Social Services. But Finn is said to be a Traveler and a direct descendent of Cumhaill, fierce leader of the Fianna of Ireland. Handsome and charming, Tea finds herself drawn to this strange young man but when Cat Sidhe (shee) begin to prowl and haunt their home and yard, Tea becomes wary of Finn. Her mother's sudden death and her father's capture by goblins set Tea and her younger brother Aiden on a nightmare journey into Mag Mell where they encounter a variety of creatures both good and evil. Finn is with them every step of the way using his street smarts and knowledge of the old ways in helping to free Tea's dad. Trying to protect her family, Tea begins to unravel secrets about her mother, who was once part of the goblin world, and rescues her mother's sister Roisin who was left behind so many years ago. The action packed suspenseful tale will appeal to readers of mythology and possibly those who are devoted to the vampire cult books. Hamilton weaves bits of Celtic lore with stories about St. Patrick and St. Drogo as well as the life of Myrddin Wyllt, the Welsh bard who became Merlin. There are enough tense escapes while being pursued by evil goblins and shape-shifters to keep readers turning the pages while the hint of romance between Tea and Finn and the comic relief of friend Abby give the reader a moment to catch a breath. Fast-paced and engaging as the story is, the sheer amount of legend is sometime difficult to unravel and a pronunciation guide for Gaelic words would have been helpful. The use of swear words, while not out of place, may not be welcome by some. This is the first in a planned trilogy and Hamilton shows promise as a teller of tales. Reviewer: Beverley Fahey
Children's Literature - Della A. Yannuzzi
Authors McDaniel and Kras have written a book on North Dakota for a series called "Celebrate the States." Their collaboration has produced the necessary information on the land, history, people, government, economy, and landmarks. Sidebars include facts and further information on North Dakota's severe weather, dairy farming, and a few other topics. There are over ten maps, charts and graphs, showing North Dakota's work force, ten largest cities, places to see, North Dakota's government and more. One interesting map on how North Dakota people earn a living shows wheat, oats, and beef to be the leading contenders. A recipe for Dakota Pancakes is also included. Back material includes a State Survey, a timeline, Calendar of Celebrations such as A German Festival Street Fair, Stock Car Stampede, Fort Seward Wagon Train, as well as other events. There is also a listing of people associated with North Dakota along with their photographs. Color and black and white photographs and illustrations are included. Although this book does not have the colorful layout/design and added content level of Scholastic's North Dakota book, it is a good resource for children and adults. Reviewer: Della A. Yannuzzi
Children's Literature
Part of the "Celebrate the States" series, this well-organized book is chocked full of information about North Dakota, the 39th state. Beginning with geography, the author compares the landscape and weather of the east region to that of the west. The history of the state includes details on the first people to populate the area, the Lewis and Clark Expedition, the construction of the Northern Pacific Railroad, and the results of the Great Depression. Mini-biographies of famous people who grew up in North Dakota include Lawrence Welk, Angie Dickinson, and Louis L'Amour. The State Survey section contains short facts about North Dakota such as the state motto, "Liberty and Union Now and Forever, One and Inseparable," nickname, "Rough Rider State," and details about the economy. The calendar of state celebrations reflects the diversity of population and culture; events include the German Festival Street Fair, Northern Plains Indian Culture Fest, the Stockcar Stampede, and the Old Fashioned Cowboy Christmas. The stunning photographs, from more than 30 artists, foster an appreciation for North Dakota's rugged beauty. This series of books is sure to be a hit with social studies teachers and students alike, and are worthy additions to any classroom or school library. 2001, Benchmark Books/Marshall Cavendish,
— Carlene Crossman

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Celebrate the States 11 Series
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