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Nostradamus: The Millennium and beyond--the Prophecies to 2016

Nostradamus: The Millennium and beyond--the Prophecies to 2016

by Peter Lorie, Liz Greene

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Library Journal
Lorie, who wrote The End of the Millennium (S. & S., 1991) with V.J. Hewitt, here interprets the quatrains by French astrologer turned prophet Nostradamus with the help of modern astrologer Liz Greene. The use of modern astrology lends a sense of authenticity to the prophecies from the 16th century. Lorie gives interpretations for the period that spans current headlines through the Pisces/Aquarius cusp. The book touches on the new religiousness; shifts in political, economic, social, and national boundaries; and, finally, people and their relationships with Mother Earth and one another. The use of astrological natal charts, along with the interpretations of Nostradmus's verses, allows for a precise time frame. Recommended for larger public libraries.-- L. Kriz, Sioux City P.L., Ia.

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