Not a Tame God: Christ in the Writings of C. S. Lewis

Not a Tame God: Christ in the Writings of C. S. Lewis

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by Steven P. Mueller

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The title and cover portrait of a roaring lion refer to Lewis's most well-known character, Aslan of The Chronicles of Narnia series. Indeed, the God Lewis writes of in his fiction, apologetics, and devotional musings is not a gentle, wimpy deity but one whose power and being can never be understood completely. Mueller devotes a chapter to each of Lewis's works and critiques them according to how well common theological beliefs about the incarnation, life, deity, and works of Christ are conveyed. Although Lewis was a layman and his writing style often used "imprecise language," he has assisted countless readers in their understanding of the Christian faith. Conclusion paragraphs at the end of each chapter provide an excellent summary of the book under scrutiny along with its teachings. These are especially helpful to someone who has tried several times to get through Lewis's Mere Christianity (Macmillan, 1952) without success. The final chapter is devoted to his writings and how they match up with the creeds and Christology. Mueller's book is a beneficial addition to collections having the goal of reflecting a different take on Lewis's works rather than straight literary criticism. Although Lewis's books are meant to be read by all ages, this book will be most useful to older students and adults wanting to go beyond the surface, desiring a type of "rest of the story" experience. Biblio. Source Notes. Chronology. VOYA CODES: 3Q 2P S A/YA (Readable without serious defects; For the YA with a special interest in the subject; Senior High, defined as grades 10 to 12; Adult and Young Adult). 2002, Concordia, 208p,
— Pam Carlson

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