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A Note of Madness

A Note of Madness

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by Tabitha Suzuma

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12 Years

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Note of Madness 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
APPEARANCE: She is on the slimmer side. Constant movement and refusal to eat more than necessary of food has done somewhat of a number on her body. Her hair is straight and reaches her shoulders, around the base of her neck. <p> PERSONALITY: She craves family figures, be they parents, siblings, or lovers. From what she remembers, she has never recieved much affection in her life, and her tendency to wander has left little time to form bonds with others. She has a strong need to be loved.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name: Yukinori Kiomi//age: 24//species: human//looks: gentle brown eyes; fair skin; long, silky, black hair; prefers longsleeve shirts and jeans with flat-heeled boots//affiliation: "pet" of the ghoul kno as Doll Collector; eventually, CCG/Quinx//quinqe: to become one of the Quinx//crush: Hanbee(I'm still gonna RP him, though.)//other: Shinohara's daughter; was kidnapped by Doll Collector some time before the Anteiku raid; is badly traumatised from being forced to be Doll Collector's pet and feels useless and helpless, which is her reason for wanting to become a Quinx; due to the trauma from her time as Doll Collector's pet, she doesn't like wearing gothlolli style clothing, or even dresses or skirts at all for that matter, and has a deep fear of being forced to wear such clothes again////name: Gironabi Kiyoshi//age: 31//species: ghoul//epithet: Doll Colllector//looks: shortish, light brown hair; fair skin; chocolaye coloured eyes(change just like any ghoul's); casual clothes//kagune: bikaku - takes form of a cat's tail(neko boy! XD)//other: very charismatic despite his twisted way of thinking; aboslutely adores cute things and has a passion for lollita; is rather fashionable; uses shock collars to control his "pretty new dolls" once he captures/kidnaps them