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Nothing Has Ever Felt Like This

Nothing Has Ever Felt Like This

4.2 45
by Mary B. Morrison

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In bestselling author Mary B. Morrison's steamiest novel yet, the timing finally seems to be right for Darius Jones and Fancy Taylor--but what they discover about one another may surprise them.  .  . 

   Fancy knows this time around things will be different with Darius. Before she gets intimate with the man, she's going to get to


In bestselling author Mary B. Morrison's steamiest novel yet, the timing finally seems to be right for Darius Jones and Fancy Taylor--but what they discover about one another may surprise them.  .  . 

   Fancy knows this time around things will be different with Darius. Before she gets intimate with the man, she's going to get to know him--then she'll get her share.  .  .  

    As far as relationships go, Darius has a past of his own. Currently he's praying that he isn't the father of estranged wife Ciara's expected baby--or anyone else's. Even if he were interested in fatherhood, he can't afford it. Darius's wealthy parents have taken control of his business. With his bank accounts dwindling, he's forced to make some big changes--changes that get him in trouble with the law. Now Darius discovers who his real friends are, and Fancy is number one--until she makes a shocking confession that renews Darius's lifelong distrust of women.  .  . 

    To quell his heartache, Darius focuses on life as the ultimate player. But nothing and no one can get Fancy off his mind.  .  .

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Soulmates Dissipate , #5
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Penguin Random House Publisher Services
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Nothing Has Ever Felt Like This



Copyright © 2005 Mary B. Morrison
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-0-7582-0729-6

Chapter One

A woman didn't have to stand on the corner to become a prostitute. All women at some point in their lives have exchanged pussy for goods and services. The best tricksters could barter for homes, cars, diamonds, furs, and enough cash to maintain a five-figure bank account. The unsophisticated females, oblivious to how much men would pay to bust a nut or have their dicks sucked, were happy with a movie, a meal, and a few lies about how much the man loved her. The naïve chicken-heads came out of their pockets with top dollars, leasing their showcase men, not realizing that gigolos were always on auction awaiting the next highest bidder. No matter what the circumstances or consequences were: Men needed to get laid. Women wanted to get paid.

"Females! Fuck!" Darius yelled, thrusting his fist, parting the gushing water with the force of his hand. Starting the new year masturbating in the shower wasn't his idea of pleasurable sex but it was safe. At least he didn't have to worry about allegedly getting another feline pregnant. Tricksters spelled financial security b-a-b-y.

"The next female kickin' it with me better not have the word baby in her vocabulary," Darius said aloud to himself, massaging his dick under the water. "Darius, please, baby, just put it in one more time. Baby, don't leave, I'm not finished cumming yet. Oh, baby, your dick is so good," Darius mimicked. "Please, baby, please my ass." Stroking his dick with each syllable, Darius said, "I'll beat my shit every day befo' I get suckered in by another leeching-ass woman."

Warm streams of water, pounding against Darius's muscular neck and shoulders, drenched his locks. Darius admired his caramel reflection illuminated by candlelight, dancing on the glass shower door. Massaging the creamy body wash into his well-defined chest, Darius's hand slid along the crevices in his abdomen, over his inward navel, then teased his curly dark chocolate pubic hairs. Cupping his balls, Darius squeezed his nuts, watching his dick grow longer.

"Damn! Women are straight up scandalous."

Didn't matter if the fe-fe was a VP, VIP, stay-at-home wife, his wife, his sister, a lover, an employee, an associate, a groupie, a counterpart, smart, fine, dumb, ugly, dumb and ugly, a model, a hooker, a Christian, his best friend, or his mother. The one thing Darius knew women shared in common was placing an invisible price tag on their pussies.

"If I give you some, what you gon' do for me?" Undercover prostitutes in denial, like he owed them something. If anyone was getting paid, it should've been him. Hell, Darius did most of the work most of the time. Darius didn't mind working for his, but the lazy females were history. The next woman he met had to be physically fit, no exceptions. Females unable to ride Slugger for five minutes straight without falling off or holding on had to get up off of his dick and out of his bed. Surely he'd cum within five minutes, and if she didn't get hers, oh well, she could work for it or take her lazy ass to a gym and learn how to work it out.

Women were simple and Darius didn't mean in a basic kinda way. Ignorant. Shysters. Dick-headhunters. The sweeter the pussy, the higher the ransom: Husband Wanted, Medical Benefits Needed, Rent Overdue, Children Gotta Eat, Desire a Trip to Paris, Pussy Needs Recreational Lickin' and Stickin' While Man Is Away.

And the tag lines were consistent: "Here's my number, Darius, call me on my cell. Hit me on e-mail, Daddy. Oh, what the hell, you can come on over to my place." On the first date? Damn! But if all he wanted to do was hit it, Darius was down for banging a female's cranium against the headboard so hard that he cared less about remembering her first, last, or nickname, never taking her public, and never seeing or calling her again. The easier the woman, the cheaper the pussy. Cheap pussy was not on his list of chicks to do. Some females-just because he was rich-were so dumb, they'd do anything to lay with him. Those were the ones who got nada, nothing, zilch.

Darius's large thick fingers and manicured nails wrapped snuggly around his slippery shaft as his dick penetrated an imaginary womb. "Aw, yes. Make your pussy suck this dick, gurl," Darius moaned, daydreaming about the one woman he was in love with. Ashlee.

With numerous hidden agendas, women, including Ashlee, refused to have sex when they were mad, teased him with sex if they were interested, and gladly fucked him unconscious whenever he surrendered his money or his time. But when Darius treated a woman like a whore, even if she was a ho, that was when her ass transformed into a black widow-fucking, devouring, then killing him-defacing his personal property, determined to strip him of his dignity, cash, or whatever else she could sap out of him, all in exchange for pussy and sometimes bad pussy. Like his wife, Ciara.

"Huuhhh," Darius exhaled, releasing his grip. "I'm not wasting an orgasm on feline frustrations. I'll probably fuck around and impregnate some sewer animal."

Layering his wet skin with baby oil then toweling dry, Darius covered his locks with a terrycloth silk-lined cap, sprawled his naked flesh atop his oversized king comforter, then clamped his hands behind his head, gazing in the mirrored ceiling and admiring his sexy body.

"Damn, you look good, boy-ie."

Darius's sexy physique and manly facial features were a blessing and a curse. It wasn't Darius's fault women couldn't resist surrendering their pussies to him, but unfortunately their troubles had become his. Today was one of those rare days Darius didn't feel like doing a goddamn thing. Seeing anybody. Talking to no damn body on the phone. Not even his mother. Especially, not his mom.

After all he'd been through last year, almost losing his life in a fire that destroyed his business, and supposedly getting three women pregnant, his mom had the audacity to exacerbate his problems and side with his stepfather, insisting he, Darius Jones, the only child of a self-made millionaire woman, Jada Diamond Tanner, sole owner of Black Diamonds, get a job? What a joke.

Taking in the entire view of his lean six-foot-seven, two hundred twenty pounds stretched atop the royal blue and gold suede comforter-the colors that represented his future college, UCLA-Darius closed his eyes and prayed.

"Dear God, I know I don't deserve Your mercy, but as Your child, I have Your permission to ask. Right? Please, Lord, please send me a sign that those unborn children aren't mine. I'm still a kid at heart myself and, well, Lord, honestly I'm not ready to be a father. Yes, I know You spared me from contracting HIV from my ex-fiancée, Maxine. And yes, You did deliver me from almost committing suicide when I thought I had HIV. And I'm so grateful you've given me an opportunity to play professional basketball. Well, almost. So You can see with so many positive things in my future, there's no way I can deal with any negativity. Thank you, Jesus, for listening. But as I lie here today, needing You again, Lord, I beg You to deliver me once more, from having to get a job, deliver me from being broke, and please Lord, please deliver me from being a father. Amen."

Darius's grandma, Ma Dear, had taught him how to pray for what he wanted. That God answered prayers. Well, right now, lying in the midst of loneliness, Darius certainly hoped Ma Dear was right when she'd said, "No matter how down you get, pray. And don't forget to pray when God blesses you with good fortune, my child, because just like the Lord giveth, the Lord also taketh away. God is forgiving. But you can't outsmart Him." Yeah, Pastor Tellings had spoken those same words New Year's Eve while Darius sat in church on the back pew next to a fine woman.

Tears escaped Darius's closed eyelids, rolled down his temples and into his ears. The only woman Darius respected was dead. Ma Dear, no matter how upsetting, always kept things real by telling him the truth. So why didn't Ma Dear tell him that Wellington wasn't his biological dad? But Ma Dear had never said that Wellington was his father. Cupping his hands over his face, Darius wished his grandmother was alive. "Oh, shit." The side of the bed beside him moved slightly. Lifting his head, Darius saw an imprint in his mattress next to his torso.

"Couldn't be," Darius thought, laying his head on the pillow. "Chill out man. Stop trippin'. It's all good. Ma Dear, if you're here, I need you."

Ma Dear had also told him, "Never kick a man while he's down." Darius wished those words would've held true for him last year when he was hospitalized.

Through watery eyes, Darius gazed at his ceiling, vividly recalling the night he was incapacitated-the night his life changed for the worse-when his stepdad Wellington stood over his hospital bed preaching, "Son, lie back down. The only thing you're going to do right now is listen to us. We've decided that the money we loaned you must be repaid by the end of the year. And since we already know you can't afford to repay us, we're taking over your company. And you can't work for us, son. You're going to have to get a job. Working for someone else."

Wellington was twisted. Confused. Who in hell did Wellington think he was talking down to. Instantly Darius had rebelled and said, "Oh, hell no!" then pleaded with his mother, "Ma! You can't let him do this!"

What a joke. Standing in his hospital room, Moms didn't say a word that night, so Wellington had continued his soliloquy, "Son, you don't respect your mother. You don't respect me. You don't respect your wife. You don't even respect yourself. So why should we contribute to you using other people? We won't. Never again. And if you don't get a job, we're taking your name out of our will. You'll inherit nothing."

What made Wellington a sanctified authority on Darius's behavior? Judging Darius when Wellington should've been confessing the affair he was having to Darius's mother. But Moms wasn't any better than Wellington. They deserved one another. That same night at the hospital Wellington couldn't leave the conversation alone. No, seemed like he was just getting warmed up.

Wellington had insisted, "Darius, you owe Lawrence an apology for misleading Ashlee."

Misleading Ashlee? Darius had thought, lying in that hospital bed and glancing over at Ashlee, who was lying in the hospital bed across from him. Ashlee's second-degree face wound was wrapped in bandages. Darius felt sorry for her wounds but he'd risked his life to save Ashlee. Seems as though he was one who deserved a thank you.

Besides, Ashlee wasn't a kid. She'd made her own decisions. At first Ashlee didn't want to have sex with Darius because his mom had married Ashlee's dad, Lawrence. But, to Darius, their parents' commitment could never make Ashlee his biological sister, so Darius explained to Ashlee, after they'd made love, that there was no incest.

Since Wellington wouldn't back the fuck up, Darius caved Wellington's chest in with backlash and replied, "Maybe your wife owes Lawrence an apology for aborting his baby."

Darius's mom stood there like she was the one shocked. But having aborted her ex-husband's baby when Lawrence never knew she was pregnant was wrong. Hell, just like his mom had waited over twenty years to disclose that Wellington wasn't his biological father, maybe Darius's mother wasn't pregnant for Lawrence. Maybe she'd aborted Wellington's child. Darius's mother wasn't perfect, but she seemed innocent, so no one had ever questioned her motives, actions, or whereabouts. But Darius knew his mom never stopped fucking Wellington, even while she was married to Lawrence. Darius knew a lot of secrets his parents assumed he had no knowledge of. As screwed up as his life was at times, Darius didn't hate on other people, but if Wellington didn't stop trying to control him, Darius would tell his mother about Wellington's other woman. What a fucked-up world to live in when Darius couldn't trust anyone but himself.

As he picked up the remote and pressed a few buttons, Darius's circular bed elevated three feet above the hardwood floor then rotated one hundred and eighty degrees clockwise. He started to see if the indent in his bed was still adjacent to his side when unexpectedly, a damn near foot-long erection distracted him, so he blocked Ma Dear from his mind and began stroking his dick.

Darius didn't have a problem working for his mom again, holding down her executive VP position, or working for himself at the company his mother had given him, Somebody's Gotta Be on Top Enterprises. But Darius should've known his company was subject to takeover by his parents when they insisted on holding sixty-six and two-thirds percent ownership.

Now instead of organizing, funding, and producing film projects in Los Angeles, Darius was home alone in his Oakland mansion jacking off his frustrations. On the verge of cumming, Darius said, "Fuck this bullshit," pissed that his parents were jocking him to sign over the multi-million-dollar insurance claim check from when his office building burned to ashes.

Wellington already had plans to keep all of Darius's settlement money, expanding Wellington Jones and Associates' two office locations-Los Angeles and San Francisco-to include Somebody's Gotta Be on Top's two offices. While Darius was hospitalized, Wellington had secured three new film options for Never Again Once More, He's Just a Friend, and Player Haters. And Wellington had planned to take credit at the premiere for the release of Darius's first film, Soul Mates Dissipate, and stated, "If you find yourself a job, I might invite you to the premiere."

"Fuck him!" Darius yelled. "This is bullshit!" What a trip. What a goddamn trip.

Damn, Darius's dick was functioning independent of his brain. His dick was hot from the friction and hard as steel, ready to explode in his hand. Pumping Slugger several times, Darius slowed his pace to prolong his ejaculation.

"Fuck 'em! Treating me like some orphan and shit! I'd starve before kissing their asses or working for 'the man.' That's not how Darius Jones gets down. I'm a man. The man."

And that fine sistah Darius had met at church on New Year's Eve, what was her name, Fancy, yeah, Fancy Tyler or Taylor, or somethin' like that, she was all woman. Picturing sliding his dick between Fancy's nice, large, perky breasts with firm nipples beckoning him to suck 'em, Darius stroked faster.

Sexy, teasing cocoa complexion. Beautiful brown eyes. Immaculate physique. From her pedicure to the top of her head, Fancy was without question the most beautiful woman Darius had met. They'd make a great-looking couple. Darius had wanted to hit that pussy for almost a year, and he would be straight lyin' if he said he cared that Fancy was dating his boy Byron. She'd mentioned something about being single when they'd met so maybe she was no longer dating Byron. Either way, Darius wasn't trying to take Fancy from Byron, be her man, be her sponsor, marry her, or any ig'nant shit like that. Why did females take him seriously? He just wanted to bang her a time or two 'til the backed-up cum inside his balls rumbled through his big-ass nuts and blasted inside his jimmie, then he'd move on to the next female.

"Whoa!" Darius watched his thick white cum squirt in the air like a fountain, landing in the crevices of his stomach. "Wheew. Oh my gosh. Damn, that shit felt good." Massaging the semen into his balls, Darius's erection wouldn't subside, so he continued stroking his shaft. Forget Fancy, today wasn't a good day for anything except putting his life in order.

Three expecting women were liable for Darius's fucked-up mood: Ciara, Ashlee, and Desire. Ciara had it coming. Any woman who tried to date like a man could only blame herself for getting caught up in the game.

If Darius was lucky ... Luck did have a way of protecting his ass from the dumb shit he'd done, but Darius hadn't been as fortunate since Ma Dear had died. Ma Dear was his foundation. His salvation. The edge of his bed moved again. Cool air swept his feet. Darius lifted his head to witness a different indentation only this time the imprint was at the edge of his bed, closer, seemingly holding his feet. Darius smiled.

Every man needed a woman that he cherished. If Ma Dear were alive instead of visiting him by spirit, Darius was positive she'd convince his mother to give him back his business. Death was inevitable and having his grandmother was impossible. Or so he'd thought until now. He knew she was there with him. Darius was a survivor but hopefully his mom wouldn't let him suffer much longer.


Excerpted from Nothing Has Ever Felt Like This by MARY B. MORRISON Copyright © 2005 by Mary B. Morrison. Excerpted by permission.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

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4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 45 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I first read Ms Morrison back in 2001 with Soulmates Dissipate and I LOVED IT. But after reading this book I wonder WHAT HAPPENED TO HER? Jada is clueless, Darius is the most arrogant annoying character I have ever had the displeasure of reading, Wellington turned out to be a HUGE joke...and Fancy? So unrealistic, I can't even bother to go into details. The plot was dull and inconsistent. It was all over the place....the bedroom scenes were poorly written. Hopefully there will be NO MORE BOOKS FROM THIS SERIES....it's time to try something else. I will NOT be reading any more of this author's books....she really let me down.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Awesome AWESOME book!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is a page turner, read the book in 2 days.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great read material for those quiet rainy night.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
karizma5 More than 1 year ago
Mary B Morrison has done it again. You have to read her books in order, because the stories are connected. She writes in a way that gets you intimtately invovled with each charcter. I can't wait to read the next book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago