Nothing Is Strange With You

Nothing Is Strange With You

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by James Jeffrey Paul

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A young man kidnaps his own nephew and makes him his servant and sex slave. He abducts young boys, has his way with them, and, if they �know too much,� kills them. He forces his nephew to participate in his crimes and to consign these little victims, sometimes still living, to their graves. His father is afraid of his own son. His son mocks and abuses him,


A young man kidnaps his own nephew and makes him his servant and sex slave. He abducts young boys, has his way with them, and, if they �know too much,� kills them. He forces his nephew to participate in his crimes and to consign these little victims, sometimes still living, to their graves. His father is afraid of his own son. His son mocks and abuses him, falsely accuses him of incest and child abuse�and still he supports his son. His mother loves her boy and will do anything to help him�even commit murder. The Gordon Stewart Northcott case�a part of which is fictionalized in the major new Clint Eastwood film CHANGELING, starring Angelina Jolie�is still, eight decades later, one of the most nightmarish in American criminal annals. This book�nearly two decades in the research and writing�tells the whole story for the first time.

Disclaimer: It should be noted that the film CHANGELING is not based upon this book, nor this book upon it. Both are entirely separate works, and one had no influence upon the other�s creation.

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Nothing Is Strange With You: The Life and Crimes of Gordon Stewart Northcott 2.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 17 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
To whomever wrote in January, You are absolutely wrong about any of this story being "comical" How do you sleep at night when you consider this monsters actions entertainment? And yes he is a monster, anyone who would do the things he did to these little boys has no other name that fits so perfectly. It is not "human nature" to want to molest, torture and kill innocent children who cannot even defend themselves. How do you explain saying he had "romantic relationships" with them???? They weren't consentual or wanted and if any of them lived they would have felt the same way. You should be ashamed of yourself for even thinking that way. I hope you sleep at night because I can guarantee none of these children's parents did.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anyone who thinks that this monster is just a silly man who has a romantic interest in little boys and desires to have just a little fun with them is just as crazy as he is. To the one who wrote about him in Jan: If you seriously believe everything you wrote, maybe the police should keep an eye on you. As far as human nature goes everyone may have a moment of anger but the ones who act on their anger are the ones you have to look out for. As well as the ones who think it's ok. You say you do not "condone" the murders yet you condone his actions by defending him. Hello, It's the same thing as condoning the murders. Clearly you have just as many mental issues as he did in thinking that it's the same as a man looking on a woman. The fact that he kidnapped, raped, tortured, and murdered children goes against human nature. May God keep your family safe from "a man who has romantic interests" in little boys and girls.
Justin20 More than 1 year ago
A review below basically says that what Northcott did was not wrong. That makes me sick to my stomach. Someone who would kidnap children, molest them and murder them is not "normal". It's not simple human nature. To know that there are still people out there that find this "okay" is beyond me. I will never understand how someone could harm a child in any way. Whether it be through kidnapping, molestation, abuse or murder. It's downright evil! A child is so helpless and unaware of the harm that surrounds them. As a future teacher I know I will come into contact with children who have been abused. I plan on helping those children along the way. My heart breaks for kids who have to endure these criminal acts. So to the person below who defended this murderer's actions, I don't know how you can sleep at night. Children are our future......not "items" that can be used, abused and tossed aside for personal pleasure. I don't think you would feel the same way had it been your son, nephew, cousin, brother, etc. Don't defend people who perform sick and twisted criminal acts! It's up to everyone else to protect these children from harm!
Yearofthecat More than 1 year ago
IF you want to read about this at all, get the book 'the road out of hell'. I just read it and I recommend it. I read a lot and know a great story when I read it. This is the only review I have ever bothered to write in my life. That is how much I think of this book
JEN-E-- More than 1 year ago
As Far As I am Concerned--He is Just Plain Strange!!! Gordon Stewart Northcott was a "sick" individual!  "Stark-Raving Mad" and sick individual.  And I am sick for saying that his crimes against these young boys were not discussed in detail.  The author, James Jefferey Paul, obviously sympathizes more with Northcott than he does with Sanford Wesley, "The Headless Mexican", Mr Jose Gonzales, 9-yr old Walter Collins, The Winslow Brothers: 12-yr old Lewis and 10-yr old Nelson, and the forever unknown twenty + young boys interred on Northcott's ranch. Author James Jefferey Paul uses lyrical and comical discourse throughout his Biography of Gordon Stewart Northcott instead of the commonly-used, professional and unbiased-rhetoric that he should Be using.  He glorifies Gordon Stewart Northcott  as a heroically known "local" pedophile like Serial Killers were once notoriously glorified back in the 1970's 1980's and the 1990's.  I am shamed to say that these murder stories are the only stories that interest me, but I will never state, on paper, "the famous acts" of a pedophile as if he should be pitied as a "man-child" who feels he has no place in society.   Furthermore, I am disgusted at Northcott's mother, Louise Northcott, for not just covering up her son's crimes, but assisting in the murders themselves!  That's far worst than all the degenerate mothers' of American Society would do on a "normal" basis for their own child.  As for Northcott's father, Cyrus George Northcott, he should be awarded a gold star for enduring so much false accusations against his insanely egotistical, rant-raving, spoiled-brat man child of a son.  Cyrus Northcott should have disowned Louise and Stewart, taken what devoutly loyal family members he had and runaway to retire in Florida like most good accomplished old white men do.  He should have seen that is son, Stewart as a failure and a lost cause delinquent of society with a pathetic mother  who should be locked away in a mental institution for the rest of her crappy life.  The author, James Jefferey Paul, has insulted Northcott victims' families with his brief mentions of these little lives cut short--with no legacy-- not even a mere decent words of gratitude from the author for them or their families. The author, James Jefferey Paul, mocks Sanford Wesley--Northcott's nephew--by alluding to the idea that Northcott AND Sanford were sired by Cyrus Northcott and Northcott 's sister Winnifred.   Cyrus Northcott is Sanford's Grandfather, not his father.  The authors' justification is that of a deluded Imbicile, much like Northcotts'.  James Jeffrey Paul's biography of Gordon Stewart Northcott, "Nothing is Strange With You", gives a written legacy to a child killer. From the last paragraph,  And I quote:  "Stewart's reign of terror left behind a legacy of immeasurable human suffering, but only a tangible momentoes (sik)--the scars upon his nephews's body, fragments  of bone, strands of hair, a headless body consigned to an anonymous grave, Stewart's own ashes.  The renaming of a town, and the resultant reprinting of the map of Riverside County, represent the murderous pedophile's most enduring, and visible, legacy."  Not the right thing to say
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Interesting read if you like crime history.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I dont recomend this book to everyone, its gteat! But hard to handle, after read the book , I felt gross, I had to cleanse my soul, I hated the feelling, I had to hide that book for a long time, didt not want to look at it.
DCJames More than 1 year ago
This book is, without fail, one of the most difficult volumes I have ever tried to read. While the topic itself is quite disturbing, that isn't the trouble for I knew what I was buying... The issue is that this book is made up of the actual trial reports, newspaper clippings, police reports, etc. Originally I thought that this approach would garner a more accurate depiction of the actual events. Sadly, the documents are so poorly collated as to make necessary an incessant flipping back and forth, rereading passages, sometimes more than once, in order to understand who is speaking and what they are trying to convey. I made it nearly half way through this book before deciding that it just isn't worth the effort. Bottom line: Nothing is Strange with You is a confusing, muddy, hodgepodge that reads like a scrapbook pasted together by a distracted child. Not recommended.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
RevJaneSmith More than 1 year ago
The fact that the events are true are very disturbing, but it is TRUE!! Gordon Stewart Northcott was a demented human being. For me, this is local history. It may not be pretty but it is what it is. He got what he deserved and is no longer a menace to anyone. The author did a spectacular job at showing the truth behind who Northcott was and the research on Mr Paul's part is amazing.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The guy who wrote the review (The long one..) on this story is an idiot and probably hiding some of these same tendencies himself. I'm sure he got some good ideas for how to carry out his tendencies from reading this book, and I hope he gets caught. Any one who would EVEN TRY to justify this man as anything other than a pathetic coward (and Predator, Monster, whatever..) is a blatant admirer and, again, probably a practicing predator. And finally: 12 minutes was not nearly long OR harsh enough for Gordon. Finally- the story is a great tool for parents, as well as a superb cautionary tale.
llamas22 More than 1 year ago
This book is sick. The review before me is sick. Gordon Stewart Northcott is sick. How you can think he's not, you're sick.
ELISA_S More than 1 year ago
As I imagine most people will be drawn to this book after watching Clint Eastwood's film Changeling, I'll start with a heartfelt recommendation: if you want to know what the real events were, BUY THIS BOOK NOW. You will surprisingly find out that most of what you've been shown in the movie Changeling, is fiction.
The reading is very engaging to say the least, including the trial transcripts, because Stewart Northcott ia an absolutely hilarious, one-of-a-kind character, with his boyish bravado, his defiant smile, his sarcastic wit, his posing for the camera, and his insistence on living life as he sees fit.
Stewart Northcott is not a serial killer. He didn't have a urge to kill. He was a young man who would engage in sexual, and possibly romantic, relations with young boys. He would spend time look out for boys (don't your 'normal' guys just do the same with girls?), bring them back to the ranch or to a hotel, and them bring them back home. A serial killer would have killed them all. I personally believe the murders of the Winslow boys (and Walter Collins) were committed out of panic. Hastily committed and out of fear of discovery. Northcott had realised that he had kept the children at the ranch for too long, and people were starting to look for them. There was no chance of letting them go without them revealing where they had been all along. For this reason, they died. Some Amazon reviewers seem to enjoy filling their mouths with 21st century political correctness & hysteria: 'monster', 'nutcase', 'predator', and bla, bla, bla. Forgive me if I was not able to find 'monster' as a synonym for 'paedophile' in the dictionary. It's just not there. It is far to easy, gentlemen, it is too much a convenient way out to label someone 'crazy' only because they are 'different'.
I do NOT condone the murders. But I am not blind before the complexity of human nature. I understand the dynamics. I understand the feelings. Even Northcott's remark to Sandford, his nephew, upon leaving the ranch in the mornings - 'I am going away for fresh meat!' - is, in a way, comical. If you want to find something disturbing in him, you have to go for his childish selfishness, his focusing on gratifying his own desires and his alone, his fits of temper, his puerile disregard for the feelings and well-being of others. This type of personality, when confronted with fear, when confronted with panic, saw murder as the only possible escape.

'Go away for fresh meat' are not the words of a 'monster', rather the amused words of a self-centred, and sometimes naive, boy who decides to eventually feel ALIVE, and REFUSES TO LEAD A LIFE OF LIVING-DEATH, which society wishes to impose on him.
Isn't this a perfectly 'human' demand?
A legitimate 'human' desire?
Are you so sure you would have wanted differently in his shoes?

I feel like I have learned more about human nature from this single book than from a whole shelf of my university books.
Do yourself a favour: BUY THIS BOOK. And read it with an open mind and a compassionate heart.

Gordon Stewart Northcott was hung on October 2, 1930, at just 24 years of age.
And denied a second chance in life.
It took him 12 minutes to die.

There is no Good, and there is no Evil. There is only human nature, its powerful drive, its mysterious force. Ultimately, there is only what we are and the million different things we can be.