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by Scott Toney

Solaris. A planet like any other, rife with wars, science and love. But at the peak of its civilization, a great meteor fell, bringing long-dead souls to Solaris, souls that had been sustained by the life-force of one lone man, Ineal.
At the moment of impact, these souls scattered across Solaris, giving inhuman abilities to mortals while scarring their bodies


Solaris. A planet like any other, rife with wars, science and love. But at the peak of its civilization, a great meteor fell, bringing long-dead souls to Solaris, souls that had been sustained by the life-force of one lone man, Ineal.
At the moment of impact, these souls scattered across Solaris, giving inhuman abilities to mortals while scarring their bodies and corrupting their lives.
Samuel was one such man, a man of faith who thought to use his powers to worship his God: he watched his followers, and his planet, die. Seas turned to lava and the skies darkened. And as Samuel’s heart grew weary and angry, he used his powers to manipulate the world to serve him alone.
Samuel became god of a planet whose only life was the symbiotic life so like his own.
Centuries later, he discovered others, threats that had not been on this planet before. A winged woman; a cyborg; a future-seer and a child. A great vengeance burned a comradery between them.
They were souls that could overthrow him. Souls that he would need to destroy.

An excerpt:
Darkness consumed Ineal as the voices tore at his thoughts. The sole survivor of the planet Eon, he wanted to shut off his brain, to destroy his consciousness and be nothing. But the voices would not let him.
The planets’ souls, he thought, encased in this meteor hurtling through space. The souls of dead planets destroyed us. I am the last. They take me for their own.
He did not know when the essences of dead planets first came to Eon. Men and women bonded with them, inviting the haunting gaseous essences to their bodies and allowing the essences to become necessary symbiotes of the flesh. The symbiosis with the dead planetary souls gave his people powers and abilities beyond their dreams. But the price, the price of the flesh was great, and an ultimate death of sacrifice and pain was given in return. Ineal was the last, and the only being of Eon who had not accepted them into his flesh.
But you took me, he thought as they spoke with their unintelligible voices, whispering in a constant echo through his mind. When my planet died you came to me. You took my body to keep yourselves alive. They kept him alive too, feeding him their energy as they fed off his living essence.
Millennia of time passed as the meteor orbited the solar system.
Ineal could take no more. Rock pressed against him, suffocating his thoughts.
He closed his mind, pulling blackness from the void beyond and urging it to destroy him and the planetary souls, so that whatever planet they would go to next might be spared.
His mind’s darkness came. He forgot speech. He forgot sight. He forgot love. But the essences would not release his life force and the greatness it became in their harnessing embrace. They would not allow him to forget primal sense.
Then, in that rawness of life, where he was barely being at all, he sensed a planet. They had intended this new planet as their destination from the start.
The essences’ telekinetic connection pulled away from him, severing the symbiosis and sending searing heat through his form.
There was a moment of silence for Ineal, of freedom. Then came the violent crack of stone, as meteor met planet. A great boom consumed him. Ineal’s consciousness was lost… almost. But his essence lingered somehow in the planet’s form.
The planetary essences fled their transport, consuming life and searching for prey.

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Nova , #1
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From the author: I grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the son of a mathematician mother and basketball loving father, and so naturally my passion became writing! It all began as a youth when I wrote tales to go with the computer game Oregon Trail, creating stories to go with Jimmie getting typhoid or Susie getting small pox. Oh the fun of younger days... but one must advance. From there I tackled poetry and received a $100 prize in High School for winning a poetry contest. In college I earned degrees in Journalism and Public Relations. Later I married my wonderful wife, Laura, and we now have an amazing daughter that fills our lives with such joy! Just before I met Laura the idea came to me to write a Fantasy story based on the story of Noah's Ark in the Bible. It was a 'what if' tale centering on Maanta, a merboy who descends from people who, instead of drowning in the flood, adapted to be mer people. Because of Noah's age when he died in the Bible that also left things open for me to incorporate Noah in the book as well. Thus 'The Ark of Humanity' was born. Since then I have been inspired by other things and have gone on to write Eden Legacy and Lazarus, Man. Eden Legacy is another Fantasy work and Lazarus, Man is the story of Lazarus of Bethany, told through tale and tribulation. I've joined forces with other authors as a member of Breakwater Harbor Books and am enthusiastic about the worlds and stories to come! My family is my most treasured achievement. I don't just choose to write. Writing is a part of me.

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NovaForge 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Arnon001 More than 1 year ago
Intense, fast paced, well-crafted Sci-Fi fun. NovaForge is such an excellent read. This is the first book I've read by Scott J. Toney and as the first chapter drew me in immediately the rest of the book did not disappoint. The depth of NovaForge’s characters is fantastic and Toney does a great job of using just the right amount of description and world building to fully immerse us in this well plotted novel. As I read I was reminded of another of my favorite authors, Tad Williams. Tad writes mostly Fantasy and not Science Fiction, but the qualities of his and Toney’s work are at the same level and I will be excited to purchase NovaForge’s sequel, NovaSiege, when it is released next year. If you are a fan of Science Fiction or Fantasy, then this is the perfect read for you.
IvanAmberlake More than 1 year ago
Great read! If you are looking for a highly captivating read, you may stop here and try out NovaForge by Scott Toney. It’s Book 1 of the Nova Trilogy, set in the distant future on Solaris, a planet that suffers a fall of a meteor that brings dead souls with it and scatters them all over the planet to scar people’s bodies and enslave their minds. And there’s one man, Samuel, who has the power to manipulate the souls. Julieth, Riad, Ivanus, and Bayne are the only ones who can stop Samuel. I was very impressed by the novel on many levels. First, the world-building. Scott Toney has done a great job inventing a new world with creatures you’ve never read about. The author paints vivid pictures of the world where the story takes place and of the monsters this world is teeming with. Well done! Second, the pace of the novel. You’ll never get bored reading NovaForge. From the opening scene you get right into the action that’s going to make your heart thump wildly. There are parts where the main characters are given a break from action, and these parts give us a chance to get to know the characters better. NovaForge is a well-structured, captivating novel with twists and turns. It ends that made me want for more. I look forward to reading Book 2 of the series.