Now Dance 2001, Vol. 2

Now Dance 2001, Vol. 2


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Emi Import


Disc 1

  1. I Wanna Be U  -  Chocolate Puma
  2. Touch Me  - Cass Fox
  3. I Put a Spell on You  -  Sonique
  4. Played-A-Live (The Bongo Song)  -  Safri Duo
  5. Everytime You Need Me  - Maria Rubia
  6. Dream to Me  -  Dario G
  7. Can't Fight the Moonlight  - LeAnn Rimes
  8. Whole Again  -  Atomic Kitten
  9. Feels So Good  - Melanie B.
  10. Stronger  - Britney Spears
  11. Shape of My Heart  -  Backstreet Boys
  12. Paradise  -  Kaci
  13. Please Stay  - Kylie Minogue
  14. Celebrate Our Love  -  Alice Deejay
  15. On the Radio  - Martine McCutcheon
  16. All I Do  - Bryan Chambers
  17. Everything You Need  -  Madison Avenue
  18. Bel Amour  -  Bel Amour
  19. I Can Cast a Spell  -  Cloudburst
  20. Needin' U II  - Juliet Roberts
  21. Tracey in My Room  -  Soul Vision
  22. My Desire  -  Amira

Disc 2

  1. Clint Eastwood  -  Gorillaz
  2. Free at Last  -  Simon
  3. Spaced Invader  -  Hatiras
  4. Camels  -  Santos
  5. Chase the Sun  -  Planet Funk
  6. Fly Away  - Vincent de Moor
  7. The Vision  - DJ Arabesque
  8. Operation Blade  -  Public Domain
  9. Storm  -  Storm
  10. Music Is Moving  -  Cortina
  11. Blood Is Pumpin'  -  Voodoo & Serano
  12. Feel the Beat  -  Darude
  13. Flesh  - Jan Johnston
  14. Synaesthesia (Fly Away)  - Sheryl Deane
  15. Fields of Love  -  ATB
  16. Loving You  -  Marc Et Claude
  17. Ghosts  -  10th Planet
  18. Komodo (Save a Soul)  - Mauro Picotto
  19. The Sound of: Oh Yeah  -  Tomba Vira
  20. Postive Education  -  Slam & Helix
  21. Mine to Give  -  Photek
  22. Rose Rouge  - St. Germain

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Kylie Minogue   Track Performer
Betty Wright   Background Vocals
Sharon Bryant   Track Performer
Robert Owens   Vocals
Claes Pearce   Vocals
Margaret Reynolds   Background Vocals
Juliet Roberts   Track Performer
Jan Johnston   Track Performer
Photek   Track Performer
LeAnn Rimes   Track Performer
10th Planet   Track Performer
Backstreet Boys   Track Performer
Evo   Vocals
Marc Et Claude   Track Performer
Sydney   Vocals
Tomba Vira   Track Performer
Gerideau   Background Vocals
Mauro Picotto   Track Performer
Britney Spears   Track Performer
ATB   Track Performer
Brian Chambers   Vocals
Atomic Kitten   Track Performer
Alice Deejay   Track Performer
Clepto-Maniacs   Track Performer
Cloudburst   Track Performer
Fragma   Track Performer
Thrillseekers   Track Performer
Soul Vision   Track Performer
Martine McCutcheon   Track Performer
Darude   Track Performer
Amira Rasheed   Vocals
Bel Amour   Track Performer
Chocolate Puma   Track Performer
Maria Rubia   Track Performer
Bryan Chambers   Track Performer
Planet Funk   Track Performer

Technical Credits

Kylie Minogue   Composer
Whirlwind   Producer,Remixing
David Morales   Producer
Gianfranco Bortolotti   Executive Producer
Jimmy Jam   Producer
Terry Lewis   Producer
John Poppo   Arranger
Peter Pritchard   Producer
John Themis   Composer
Ben Watt   Producer,Engineer
Marc Pomeroy   Arranger,Producer
Orde Meikle   Producer
Geoff Gibbons   Producer
Engine   Producer
Brian Tappert   Arranger,Producer
Dobre   Arranger,Producer
Max Martin   Composer
Gez Dewar   Producer
Tom Girling   Producer
Ludovic Navarre   Arranger,Producer
Graeme Pleeth   Arranger,Producer,Adaptation
Graham Stack   Producer,Remixing
Vincent de Moor   Producer,Remixing
Simon Pearson   Producer
Mario Piu   Producer
Sandy Rivera   Producer
DJ Voodoo   Producer
Ashley Abram   Concept
Trancy Spacer   Producer
Spacy Trancer   Producer
C.J. Stone   Producer
Jason Cox   Producer
Ben Keen   Producer
Julian Gallagher   Composer
Jaakko "JS16" Salovaara   Arranger
Cloak   Producer
N. Hale   Producer
S. McMillian   Producer
Danski   Producer
DJ Delmundo   Producer
Madison Avenue   Producer
Santos   Arranger,Producer
Hatiras   Producer
R Ferri   Arranger
Pronti   Producer
D.J. Zki   Arranger,Producer
Rami   Composer
M. Piperno   Arranger
Ville Virtanen   Arranger
Kalmani   Producer
Gorillaz   Composer,Producer
Safri Duo   Arranger,Producer
Simon Belofsky   Arranger,Producer,Adaptation
Steve Helstrip   Arranger,Producer
Mario Fargetta   Composer
Paul Spencer   Arranger,Producer
Richard "Biff" Stannard   Composer

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