Now Dance '98

Now Dance '98


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Emi Import


Disc 1

  1. Music Sounds Better With You
  2. Together Again
  3. Feel It
  4. Bamboogie
  5. You Ain't See Nothin' Yet
  6. Gangster Tripping
  7. Girlfriend
  8. Life Is a Flower
  9. Sex on the Beach
  10. Lady Marmalade
  11. More Than a Woman
  12. One for Sorrow
  13. Here's Where the Story Ends
  14. Crush
  15. Because We Want To
  16. Stop
  17. On the Top of the World
  18. Burnin'
  19. Teardrops
  20. The Music I Like
  21. Timerider

Disc 2

  1. Mysterious Times
  2. I Can't Help Myself
  3. Beachball
  4. Cafe del Mar
  5. Would You...?
  6. The Rockafeller Shank
  7. Brimful of Asha
  8. It's Like That
  9. Sounds of the Wickedness
  10. I Got 5 on It
  11. Sexy Cinderella
  12. I Want U
  13. Everybody Dance
  14. Keep on Dancin'
  15. 1998
  16. Let Me Show You
  17. Storm
  18. Music Sounds Better With You
  19. [Untitled Track] @@Marc Et Claude
  20. Disco Cop
  21. Up and Down

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Janet Jackson   Vocals
Bus Stop   Track Performer
Randy Bachman   Track Performer
Ace of Base   Track Performer
Barbara Tucker   Track Performer
Rosie Gaines   Track Performer
Georgia Jones   Track Performer
Andrew Livingstone   Keyboards
Run-D.M.C.   Track Performer
Storm   Track Performer
Stuart Zender   Bass
Luniz   Track Performer
Cornershop   Track Performer
All Saints   Track Performer
Spice Girls   Track Performer
Tina Cousins   Track Performer
DJ Quicksilver   Track Performer
Lovestation   Track Performer
Nalin & Kane   Track Performer
Jennifer Paige   Track Performer
T-Spoon   Track Performer
Tzant   Track Performer
Binary Finary   Track Performer
Vengaboys   Track Performer
Marcus Thomas   Rap
Baby Bumps   Track Performer
Blue Adonis   Track Performer
Diva Surprise   Track Performer
Tamperer   Track Performer
Benjamin Diamond   Vocals
Andrea Kanta   Vocals
Shondell Mims   Vocals
Shelley Nelson   Track Performer

Technical Credits

Janet Jackson   Producer,Executive Producer
D'Influence   Producer,Remixing
Per Adebratt   Producer
John Benson   Producer
Cutfather   Producer,Remixing
Neville Henry   Producer
Jimmy Jam   Producer
Terry Lewis   Producer
Andrew Livingstone   Executive Producer,Concept
Bob Power   Producer
R. Simmons   Producer
Tone Capone   Producer
Fatboy Slim   Producer
Jason Nevins   Producer,Remixing
DJ Pierre   Producer
Thomas Bangalter   Producer
Sash!   Producer
Tall Paul   Producer,Remixing
Paul M.   Producer
Serge Ramaekers   Producer,Engineer
Tjinder Singh   Composer
Camisra   Producer
Ashley Abram   Concept
Tokapi   Producer
David Lowe   Producer
Marc Romboy   Producer
Dominic Sas   Producer,Engineer
Trancy Spacer   Producer
Shalamon Baskin   Producer
Karen Gibbs   Producer
Tommy Ekman   Producer
Julian Napolitano   Producer
Danski   Producer
Andry Nalin   Producer
Harry Kane   Producer
Topham   Producer
Twigg   Producer
Johnny Douglas   Producer
Christian Heilburg   Composer

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