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Now Here Is Nowhere

Now Here Is Nowhere

3.8 8
by Secret Machines
It's been said that in space, no one can hear you scream. But if any sound does make it into the far reaches of the solar system, it'll probably be the astral-projecting power-drone emitted by this Big Apple–based trio. Pundits have compared the Secret Machines to Pink Floyd -- an influence that, while evident in the "Us and Them"–


It's been said that in space, no one can hear you scream. But if any sound does make it into the far reaches of the solar system, it'll probably be the astral-projecting power-drone emitted by this Big Apple–based trio. Pundits have compared the Secret Machines to Pink Floyd -- an influence that, while evident in the "Us and Them"–styled "Pharaoh's Daughter," is really only a small part of the story. The strutting "Nowhere Again" skews decidedly more pelvic than pensive, particularly when Josh Garza's drums power through the mix. The nine-minute "First Wave Intact," on the other hand, is a from-the-neck-up tour de force that, with its pulsing bass and dizzying ebbs and flows, would make a nice addition to any planetarium laser show. That tune's lumbering pace plays to the band's strength as moodscapers, an asset that's squandered on more jittery tracks like "Sad and Lonely." The lava-like spread of sonic ooze that dominates Now Here Is Nowhere indicates that the Machines are well aware of that, and -- as in the case of kindred spirits the Flaming Lips -- it should be fascinating to see where they materialize next.

Editorial Reviews

All Music Guide - Tim Sendra
The Secret Machines aren't breaking any new ground on their debut full-length album, Now Here Is Nowhere; instead, they mix up elements of the last 35 years of rock history like the driving rhythms of '70s German rock, the sprawling guitar textures of late-'60s and '70s British psych, pounding drums lifted off of Led Zeppelin II, the expansive textures of arena-friendly '80s groups like U2 and Echo & the Bunnymen, and the aching indie rock vocals of the '90s -- basically the same template as the Flaming Lips circa 1993, early Mercury Rev, the Verve, or mid-period Ride. In fact, some of the songs are so indebted to their influences ("Sad and Lonely" is pure Led Zep from the kick of Josh Garza's drums to Ben Curtis' very Plant-like vocal, "The Leaves Are Gone" is pure Flaming Lips with Curtis' open-hearted and breaking vocal sounding like Wayne Coyne with pitch, and "Nowhere Again" is a dead ringer for a track on Mercury Rev's See You on the Other Side album) that it takes a healthy dose of suspended judgment to let the songs sink in and begin to work their magic. It is worth the effort, too, because there is some magic to be had here. What makes the record good is the level of dedication the bandmembers throw into their work, the lovely walls of sound they build on each track, and most of all the sense of untrammeled joy they infuse their music with. Tracks like the sprawling opener "First Wave Intact," the drifting "Pharaoh's Daughter," "The Leaves Are Gone," and the poignant ballad "You Are Chains" are the work of a band in love with sound, both volume and texture, and a band with the melodic sense to make their atmospheres more than just pretty sounds. By the end of the last track, the epic "Now Here Is Nowhere," the Secret Machines have proven themselves as worthy heirs to the indie rock tradition that the Lips and the Rev established so well. Now Here Is Nowhere isn't on par with either of those band's best work, but it is a promising beginning and -- more importantly -- an intriguing and exciting listen.
Rolling Stone - Christian Hoard
Secret Machines have managed to combine electronic textures with the old-school stuff they so clearly love.
Entertainment Weekly - David Browne
Now Here Is Nowhere is solitaire rock for a new era, in which shutting out the world isn't just a luxury but sometimes a necessity. (A-)

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Reprise / Wea


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Now Here Is Nowhere 3.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is a positive exchange for the mass produced sound that floods the radio waves. Secret Machines is a fresh band with a great sound that collaborates elements of modern and classical rock.
Guest More than 1 year ago
im a metal fan, im a progressive rock fan, i like all rock, and this album has to be perfect, lullaby after lullaby of beauty and pure music. Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin fans rejoice, this prooves modern music doesn't suck
Guest More than 1 year ago
This cd rocked! Anyone who thinks so otherwise is crazy! They bring back pshychedelic sounds. The best psychedelic band since Pink Floyd! Songs 1-7 were incredible! As a rock lover, I'm telling you, BUY THIS CD! If you like things that take you to other worlds through sounds, you would be perfect for it.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Everything on this album is painfully predictable and does nothing more than rip off its more innovative predessesors. More interesting bands in the new art rock revival can easily be found.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This CD was bsd! The only good song was "Nowhere Again" and the rest was just boring. What a terrible CD. I can't believe I spent $15 on this junk. Don't get it.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I was hoping for a good fresh young band to come out soon,and whoppie!they came! And come they did,like an explosion on a still hot night. I got to watch them perform on The Late Show with David Letterman on TV,I was thrilled,and somewhaet in awe. I find thier music relaxing,not widing me up in a tight ball like some music will do. It's hard to find good music when your 15-years-old.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is the strong rock ablum I have heard since the It Still Moves of My Morning Jacket. And this CD has pace from beginning to end. I do agree that they rip on a lot of other artists, but I feel they a talent enough to do what they want. Who cares if you feel that it is predictable if they know how to rock. Never to leave my stack on favorites.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This CD is THE BEST CD EVER!!! I showed it to my dad, and he loves them. He said they reminded him of Pink Floyd (sp?) and Led Zeppelin. I wouldn't exactly compare them to anything, though. They are new and are bringing back ART ROCK!!!! Don't listen to the people who gave it 1 star. They must be mentally retarded. Get this CD and be amazed. My friend is a fan also. His favorite track is ''Sad & Lonely''. Mine is ''The Road Leads Where It's Led''. And my dad's is ''Nowhere Again''. This the best CD ever.