Now Make We Merthe: Medieval English Lyrics & Carols

Now Make We Merthe: Medieval English Lyrics & Carols

by Mike Morrow

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  1. Perspice Christicola (tune sumer is icumen in)
  2. Foweles in the Frith
  3. Edi Beo Thu, Hevene Queene, carol (English)
  4. Sainte Marie Virgine Moder
  5. Miri it is while sumer ilast, estampie
  6. Gabriel Fram Heven-King
  7. Stond wel moder
  8. Nowell, Nowell
  9. Deo Gracias Anglia; Owr King Went Forth
  10. Pray for Us, Thou Prince of Pes
  11. Go Hert, Hurt With Adversitee
  12. This Day Day Dawes
  13. A Maske (from the Fitzwilliam Virginal Book)
  14. Lux hodie...Orientis partibus
  15. Resonaten Laudibus
  16. In hoc anni circulo
  17. Verbum Patris Hodie, for chorus
  18. Lullay, lullow: I saw a swete semely syght, christmas carol for 2 voice
  19. Fulget Hodie de l'Espine
  20. The borys hede
  21. Verbum patris humanatur (conduit)
  22. Conditor Fut le Non-Pareil
  23. Nowell, nowell: Dieu vous garde
  24. Riu, riu, chiu!, carol (Spanish)
  25. Saltavan Ninfe
  26. Est-ce Mars, almande

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Mike Morrow   Primary Artist
Simon Preston   Organ
Desmond Dupre   Bass Viol
Gerald English   Tenor (Vocal)
John Frost   Baritone (Vocal)
Geoffrey Shaw   Bass (Vocal),Baritone (Vocal)
John Sothcott   Recorder
Robert Spencer   Bandora
Bernard Thomas   Recorder,Crumhorn
John Whitworth   Counter Tenor (Vocal)
Francis Grubb   Recorder
Michael Oxenham   Krummhorn
Ian Partridge   Tenor (Vocal)
Osian Ellis   Harp,Voices
Robert Tear   Tenor (Vocal)
London Gabrieli Brass Ensemble   Ensemble
Tess Miller   Crumhorn
David Munrow   Shawm
Stephen Borton   Treble
Michael Dobson   Oboe
Don Smithers   Recorder,Crumhorn
Michael Morrow   Conductor
James MacGillivray   Heckelphone
Joan Rimmer   Psaltery
Christopher Wellington   Chamber Ensemble
Paul Copcutt   Treble
Christopher Keyte   Bass (Vocal)
Owen Grundy   Bass (Vocal)
Grayston Burgess   Counter Tenor (Vocal)
John Buttrey   Tenor (Vocal)
Purcell Consort of Voices   Choir, Chorus
Christopher Taylor   Recorder
Michael Flemming   Choir Master

Technical Credits

Giles Farnaby   Composer
Orazio Vecchi   Composer
Stanley Goodall   Engineer
Osian Ellis   Contributor
Richard Smert   Composer
Traditional   Composer
Anonymous Composer   Composer
Don Smithers   Director
Michael Bremner   Producer
Grayston Burgess   Director

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