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Now or Never

Now or Never

5.0 773
by Nick Carter

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With the popularity of boy bands waning once again (think New Kids on the Block) and his younger brother Aaron's career soaring, Nick Carter -- the youngest and arguably the most marketable member of the Backstreet Boys -- has taken flight and gone solo. In BSB,


With the popularity of boy bands waning once again (think New Kids on the Block) and his younger brother Aaron's career soaring, Nick Carter -- the youngest and arguably the most marketable member of the Backstreet Boys -- has taken flight and gone solo. In BSB, Carter's more timid vocals were often overshadowed by Brian Littrell's earnest, country-tinged crooning and A. J. McClean's flamboyant vocals. But on his urgently titled, rockin' debut, Now or Never, Carter sounds surprisingly convincing as a frontman. With a carefree pop-rock sound, Carter charms fans throughout the 12-track disc, most notably on the guitar-driven lead single "Help Me," the Bryan Adams-reminiscent ballad "Do I Have to Cry for You," and the Bon Jovi–esque "Miss America." On the latter track, Carter cleverly serenades his dream girl with smooth lyrics such as, "In the land of the free/Make a prisoner of me/Close my eyes and you're all that I see." Only time will tell, but like his 'N Sync counterpart, Justin Timberlake -- who also released his first solo disc, Justified, in late 2002 -- Carter's boy band–less future looks bright. After all, it's Now or Never.

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Nick Carter   Primary Artist,Background Vocals
Martin Brammer   Background Vocals
Gary Clark   Bass,Guitar,Keyboards,Background Vocals
Geoff Dugmore   Drums
Paul Gendler   Guitar
Fridrik Karlsson   Guitar
Steve Pearce   Bass
Max Martin   Background Vocals
Esbjörn Öhrwall   Guitar
Steve Mac   Keyboards
Steve Harvey   Percussion
Josè Carlos Schwartz   Bass,Background Vocals
Adam Phillips   Electric Guitar
Alison Clark   Background Vocals
Per Aldeheim   Guitar
Michelle John Douglas   Background Vocals
Wayne Hector   Background Vocals
Chris Laws   Drums
Daniel Pursey   Percussion
Peter Kahm   Bass
Rickard Evensand   Drums
Peter Kvint   Guitar
Steve Lee   Acoustic Guitar,Background Vocals

Technical Credits

Martin Brammer   Programming,Producer,Engineer,Pro-Tools
Gary Clark   Programming,Producer,Engineer,Pro-Tools
Matthew Gerrard   Arranger,Programming,Producer,Engineer,Vocal Arrangements,Instrumentation
Andrew Scarth   Engineer
Mark Taylor   Producer,Engineer
Michael Tucker   Engineer
Dave Arch   String Arrangements
Sank   Engineer
Max Martin   Producer,Engineer,Vocal Engineer
Jackie Murphy   Art Direction
Cesar Ramirez   Assistant Vocal Engineer
Steve Mac   Arranger,Producer
Nick Carter   Illustrations
Josè Carlos Schwartz   Producer,Engineer
Per Aldeheim   Producer,Engineer,Guitar Engineer
Pablo Munguia   Vocal Engineer
Elisa Garcia   Art Direction
Rami   Producer,Engineer
Chris Laws   Engineer
Brian Kierulf   Engineer
Matrix   Arranger,Producer,Engineer
Matt Tryggestad   Vocal Arrangements

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Now or Never 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 772 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Nick Carter has certainly proven himself with his new album, Now or Never. While he hasn't completely given up his pop persona, he has made giant steps toward shaking loose some of the traditional approaches like with that of the Backstreet Boys. This album is more edgy... more honest... more Nick. You don't have to like the Backstreet Boys to like this album because even the love-struck ballads resemble more Bryan Adams' style than any other. Given a little more experience, Nick is definitely on his way to making a powerful impact into the history of music.
Guest More than 1 year ago
It's eirther now or never to get your copy of Nick Carter's first CD. This CD has such great songs. If you don't get it you will be missing out on so much of Nick Carter. I really recamend that everyone should get his first CD Now or Never.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I have been a fan of Nick's ever since he first joined BSB and have loved him more than any other artist. Nick is an incredible singer and songwriter and his first solo record proves that. The album really hits home and shows that Nick truly cares about his singing and his fans. I believe that Nick has a great future as a solo performer, but hope that he continues with BSB. I am really proud of Nick and what he has accomplished with his life and I wish him all the best. Nick, thanks for making the album---you're the best!!! Love you!!!!!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Nick Carter's new cd "Now or Never" has got to be one of the best CD's I've bought in a long time. It has a very diverse range of songs, such as a more rock tone, to a slower tone, and even a little mix of the 70's type beat. It's very un-bsb like, which is good. It's letting Nick do his thing, which is very awesome. Even people who dislike the boy band theme will enjoy some part of this song. Its a very grown up- yet fun album. IT's not a typical pop cd. I think that even if i wasn't a fan, or if I hadn't known anything about Nick (ya know, living under a rock...) and I had gotten this cd, I'd be very stunned that THIS guy IS in a BOY BAND. I'm loving this cd 100% and I'd reccommend it to anyone who likes anytype of pop or poppy rock.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Get this cd! If you don't buy another one the rest of the year, you HAVE to get this one! Nick's vocals are unbelieveable! Now waiting for another one from him!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Nick Carter rocks on his debut CD, Now or Never. From the upbeat rock of Help Me, Girls in the USA, and My Confession to the ballads of Do I Have to Cry for You and Heart Without a Home, Mr. Carter has shown the promise he has as a solo artist.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I love Nick's new CD!! It's totally different from when he was with the Backstreet Boys. I love BSB but I love Nick even more. I'm supportive for anything he does!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I love Nick Carter's new album Now or Never. It has a bit of a rock edge but you can also hear some of that Backstreet boys sound in there. I love the music and Nick also sounds great.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I love Nick's new album! Everyone should buy it! With one listen you will see that Nick isn't just a "boy band clone" he really does have true talent! And the fact that he wrote a lot on the album should tell you a lot! So, just go buy it because you wanna know why everyone else is saying that it's great.... hmmmm, could that be because it is great!?!?!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Now Or Never is an incredible CD that you will listen to over and over again. Although there is a lot of rock influence on it, you will find many other genres on it such as pop and even a little bit of reggae like in the song "Girls In The USA". He sounds amazingly just like Bryan Adams in the ballad "Do I Have To Cry For You". Nick did an amazing job with this CD and fans of all ages will enjoy it.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I have been a huge BSB fan sence Quit Breaking My heart was 1st played on the radio. Hearing Nick all by himself is wondrerful. I can't wait for more!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Usually, when we think of a debut album we imagine an artist who is trying to find their place in the world; an album who might not tell us a lot about the artist, but rather be a commercial attempt to make itself a big hit. This, however, is not the case when we listen to Nick Carter's solo debut album entitled "Now or Never." A well known singer already, Nick Carter has earned his fame as being the youngest, teen heartthrob member of the ever famous vocal harmony group, the Backstreet Boys. Taking a break from his fellow group mates, Carter decided to explore his own artistic mind by compiling his thoughts and releasing his own album. There has never been a debut album that led us deep into the world of an artist such as this one. The first track off the album is ever familiar "Help Me." This lightly mixed rock song with a hint of pop was the first single off this album. It beautifully opens the door into the world that is Nick Carter, one that is set far from the traditional Backstreet Boys' sound. This new Carter sound is continued with the next track entitle "My Confession." Co-written by Carter himself, he expresses a confusing relationship in which he confesses his true love and feelings What appears to be another simple, light rock/ pop combination is brilliantly sprinkled with well used vocal effects, overdubs, and reverbs. Carter continues to express his creativity with the following song entitle "I Stand For You." In this song, Carter writes rebellious lyrics accompanied by a strong guitar based rock music. Once again, Carter manages to enhance simple songs with effects that make each and every song seem different. Just when you thought you had his style figured out, Carter throws us a musical curve ball. Beginning with a soft, simple piano, Carter writes and sings about the heartaches of love in "Do I Have To Cry For You." We begin to understand his influences, being that this song is reminiscent of the Bryan Adams and Journey sound Carter was brought up by. In this powerful ballad, we feel the emotional stress that occurs in a relationship, brilliantly portrayed in the hurtful tone we hear in his voice. We then quickly segway from serious and sentimental to uplifting and fun with "Girls in the USA." In this reggae and rock mix with a hint of metal, the fun side of carter is explored. The heavy drum beat and edgy bass allows Carter to sing about "his girls" in a non demeaning way that is sure to get your foot taping and head banging. Known for their work in previous Backstreet Boys' albums, Max Martin and Rami team up to write "I Got You." With the help of a steady dance beat, Carter sings about his gratitude for having a mutual relationship of love. These very touching lyrics can make anyone be thankful for the love their relationship gives. Without even looking at the credits, any true fan would know that Carter had something to do with the composition of "Is It Saturday Yet?" This is by far the most fun song in the whole album. Filled with fun phrases such as "My Nintendo's on the floor," "I was raised by the television," and "Aaron Carter was my brother," assures us that Carter had a great part in the making of this song. This track has a lot going on, yet it is brilliantly produced so that it's not overdone. Reverd and overdubs are used to make it sound as if multiple people are singing, yet also to differentiate between verse, bridge, and chorus. By far, a truly brilliant track. We then see a change of theme into the sensual part of this album. First we see Martin and Rami team up yet again, this time with Par Aldheim to bring us "Blow Your Mind." In this song we have Carter signing about the pros and cons of having a materialistic girlfriend. Accompanied with an 80s based techno like dance beat, we are sure to find ourselves wanting to dance. A nice us
Guest More than 1 year ago
Now or Never is better than I could've imagined. I knew it was going to be good but not THIS good. Nick wrote almost half of the songs on the album. This is one of the best CDs i've ever heard. GO BUY NOW OR NEVER BY NICK CARTER!!!!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This album rocks!! Its gonna be shootin' off the charts!! This is like grammy award material. Nick did a super great job on it. Everyone needs to buy it.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Backstreet Boys the biggest pop band of this time have shaken girls all around the world with their love songs, Now its time for Nick Carter a Backstreet Boy to break off his shell and show us a different side of him. Nick Carter's new album "Now or Never" shows just what amazing talent this 22 year old rock star has. This album has a pop sound with a mix of rock and techno. A new fling in pop music. Stilling wowing the girls of the world but with a different a definitely better flavor!!! You can get up and dance or just listen to the soft rock love songs this album has all of it.
Guest More than 1 year ago
...behind the rest of the Backstreet Boys was an incredible rock artist just dying to get out. Nick leads the album with an acoustic flair, lending credit to the 80's- the generation he and his many of his fans grew up in. His voice was much noted with the boys, but until now, we have not had the opportunity to see how far he can go with lead vocals. Nick's new band has a rich sound that spans genres and satisfies listeners from all over. The album offers variety---and every flavor is good. From acoustic rock like "Help Me", to punk sounding "I Just Want To Take You Home", to playful "Is It Saturday Yet", to 80's driven heart-pumping "Blow Your Mind", to sexy and provocative "Miss America" and even remembering his roots with backstreet-like ballad "Do I Have To Cry For You", both lyrically and musically, this album deserves all 5 stars and beyond.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Nick Carter sounds amzimg in this album.I especially love I stand for you ause it think is truly describes Nick as a real person. For example, Nick says "I'm gonna run forever, say whatever take a chance in what i belive in I'm gonna have a tatoo, I'm gonna have an attitude......"
Guest More than 1 year ago
Nick Carter's new solo debut "Now or Never" will let you know that it indeed is his time to shine NOW. The youngest member of the widely popular and successful group 'The Backstreet Boys' tests his writing skills with surprisingly rocking hits like "My Confession" and "I Stand For You." The beautiful tracks "Do I have to cry for you" and "Heart Without a Home" definitely have a Bryan Adams feel to it that I'm sure you will enjoy. Nick's love of early 80's rock show best on "Blow Your Mind" and "Girls in the USA" And the catchy choruses on "Help Me" and "Is it saturday yet" will without a doubt be stuck in your head Overall it's a great CD it has a little bit of everything so you can enjoy it whether you're into pop, rock, or punk. Make sure you pick up your copy.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I absolutly love this album!!! Nick's totally flipping over from the BSB stuff that we're all used to, and is taking a new direction which is totally awesome. There are so many rockish songs on this album that non-bsb fans would enjoy it. Nick is an amazing singer, and was giving an amazing talent. He really shows it in this album
Guest More than 1 year ago
This album is just amazing from beginning to end. This cd shows what an amazing talent Nick Carter has. If u want to hear a good album that u wont get tired of buy this one!!!!!!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I LOVED this album!! Nick did an awsome job!! I am supporting him all the way!! If you had any doubt about buying this album-don't!! This is the best!! Everyone go buy it!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I bought my copy of his cd this afternoon. I just love every song on it. I love the fact that he wrote a couple songs. I think he is a great singer. I hope everyone goes out and buys a copy of his new solo cd.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Well after listening to it how many times already I can say I'm not tired of it yet!! I love the beats...which some of them I haven't heard in a while or haven't heard all together!! It had to grow on me at first cuz I didn't really know the lyrics yet but once I did the songs got all the more better!! My favorite songs are "Help Me", "Is It Saturday Yet", and "I Just Wanna Take You Home"!! I must say it is wierd to hear Nick without the rest of the group but he did an excellent job on this album and I gotta give him props!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Ok if you are reading this then you must be interested in Nick Carter. So I will tell you if you dont buy this cd you are missing out on one incredible cd. Nick shows what he can do musically on this cd, he has more rock vibe and some have compared him to Bryan Adams and Bon Jovi on the cd, but it doesnt matter what they say...this boy can ROCK! He also showed what he can do with a pen and paper co-writing 5 of the 12 songs on the cd. So GO AND GET IT TODAY!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
wow, this was great. A change from the backstreet boys style. Definetly a harder sound, more mature.