Nuclear Meltdowns

Nuclear Meltdowns

by Peter Benoit

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Children's Literature - Lois Rubin Gross
The "True Books" series is a reliable nonfiction set of books suitable for students researching topics for school reports as well as those seeking a survey introduction to a wide range of true topics. The reading level is approximately third grade, but some of the vocabulary is challenging. The backmatter of each book in the series contains a glossary of the most important terms, a list of book resources which are somewhat current (here, the range is 2002 to 2010). A list of websites that expand on the topics is provided, as well as a list of places to visit. I doubt that many children will be visiting Chernobyl as suggested, but a visit to the Chernobyl website might be insightful for interested readers. Different than most series, "True Books" do not contain boilerplate information. The text is original and, while written at an appropriate interest level, is comprehensive of the topic. In this case, the book precedes the information on nuclear disasters with the history of the discovery of nuclear fission and the mechanics of how a reactor works. There are many illustrations, both photographs of existing reactors and historical photos of nuclear disasters. There are also good cutaways that show the internal workings of nuclear plants. The three disasters focused on here are Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, and Fukishima. The information is strictly factual, lacking the feeling of worldwide anxiety that accompanied each of these events. Subjects from the secrecy surrounding Chernobyl to the resulting radioactive illness that followed the Russian meltdown are explained in calm, nonjudgmental language. If your collection has other books in the series, you will want to add this volume, especially as discussions of alternate fuel sources become more important in curriculum discussions. Reviewer: Lois Rubin Gross

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Scholastic Library Publishing
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A True Book
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6.90(w) x 8.10(h) x 0.20(d)
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7 - 9 Years

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