Nuggets: Original Artyfacts from the First Psychedelic Era 1965-1968 [Box Set]

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All Music Guide - Richie Unterberger
Compiled by rock critic and future Patti Smith Group guitarist Lenny Kaye, 1972's Nuggets was the anthology responsible for reviving interest in mid-'60s American garage rock. After the proliferation of specialized volumes with the Nuggets title by reissue label Rhino, this four-CD box set is intended as the ideal summation/expansion of the Nuggets concept. The first CD reproduces, track-by-track, the original 27-song Nuggets, while the other three CDs add what may be considered 91 bonus tracks, from the biggest-selling garage hits "Louie Louie," "Wooly Bully" to some cuts that only devout '60s specialists will know. All important permutations of the mid-'60s garage ...
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Editorial Reviews

All Music Guide - Richie Unterberger
Compiled by rock critic and future Patti Smith Group guitarist Lenny Kaye, 1972's Nuggets was the anthology responsible for reviving interest in mid-'60s American garage rock. After the proliferation of specialized volumes with the Nuggets title by reissue label Rhino, this four-CD box set is intended as the ideal summation/expansion of the Nuggets concept. The first CD reproduces, track-by-track, the original 27-song Nuggets, while the other three CDs add what may be considered 91 bonus tracks, from the biggest-selling garage hits "Louie Louie," "Wooly Bully" to some cuts that only devout '60s specialists will know. All important permutations of the mid-'60s garage style are present: primitive fuzz, folk-rock, horn rock, psychedelic dementia, protest rock, etc. Major heroes the Music Machine, the Seeds, the Shadows of Knight, the Electric Prunes, the Standells, the Sonics, the Chocolate Watch Band, and many others are all represented, often by more than one song. If it's possible to give a five-star rating with reservations, it's tempting to do so here. No one could have possibly satisfied all rabid garage collectors with a mere 118 songs, but that's not really the point here; the object was to provide a wide-ranging box set of '60s garage rock that would entertain, represent the considerable span of garage styles, and be massive -- yet affordable -- for the committed rock fan who nonetheless doesn't want everything. Rhino has succeeded, while also presenting the songs in the best possible quality in mono, whether from the master tapes or best existing copies. With a 100-page booklet of new liner notes Kaye's original annotation is also included, it is the best investment possible for those who thirst for more '60s garage rock than is available on the best single-volume compilations, with a track selection geared toward cream-of-the-crop quality and variety rather than narrow collector prejudices.
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  • Release Date: 9/15/1998
  • Label: Rhino
  • UPC: 081227546625
  • Catalog Number: 75466


Disc 1
  1. 1 I Had Too Much to Dream (Last Night) - The Electric Prunes (2:59)
  2. 2 Dirty Water - The Standells (2:48)
  3. 3 Night Time - The Strangeloves (2:32)
  4. 4 Lies - The Knickerbockers (2:44)
  5. 5 Respect - The Vagrants (2:15)
  6. 6 A Public Execution - Mouse & the Traps (2:49)
  7. 7 No Time Like the Right Time - The Blues Project (2:47)
  8. 8 Oh Yeah - Shadows of Knight (2:49)
  9. 9 Pushin' Too Hard - The Seeds (2:37)
  10. 10 Moulty - The Barbarians (2:34)
  11. 11 Don't Look Back - The Remains (2:43)
  12. 12 An Invitation to Cry - The Magicians (2:57)
  13. 13 Liar, Liar - The Castaways (1:54)
  14. 14 You're Gonna Miss Me - The 13th Floor Elevators (2:29)
  15. 15 Psychotic Reaction - The Count Five (3:07)
  16. 16 Hey Joe - The Leaves (2:51)
  17. 17 Romeo and Juliet - Michael & the Messengers (2:00)
  18. 18 Sugar and Spice - The Cryan' Shames (2:30)
  19. 19 Baby Please Don't Go - The Amboy Dukes (5:39)
  20. 20 Tobacco Road - Blues Magoos (4:42)
  21. 21 Let's Talk About Girls - The Chocolate Watchband (2:43)
  22. 22 Sit Down, I Think I Love You - The Mojo Men (2:23)
  23. 23 Run, Run, Run - Third Rail (1:55)
  24. 24 My World Fell Down - Sagittarius (3:50)
  25. 25 Open My Eyes - The Nazz (2:45)
  26. 26 Farmer John - The Premiers (2:27)
  27. 27 It's-A-Happening - Magic Mushrooms (2:47)
Disc 2
  1. 1 Talk Talk - The Music Machine (1:59)
  2. 2 Last Time Around - The Del-Vetts (2:42)
  3. 3 Nobody But Me - The Human Beinz (2:19)
  4. 4 Journey to Tyme - Kenny & the Kasuals (2:36)
  5. 5 No Friend of Mine - The Sparkles (2:26)
  6. 6 Outside Chance - The Turtles (2:04)
  7. 7 Action Woman - The Litter (2:33)
  8. 8 Spazz - The Elastik Band (2:46)
  9. 9 Sweet Young Thing - The Chocolate Watchband (2:59)
  10. 10 Incense and Peppermints - Strawberry Alarm Clock (2:50)
  11. 11 I Ain't No Miracle Worker - The Brogues (2:49)
  12. 12 Seven & Seven Is - Love (2:25)
  13. 13 Time Won't Let Me - The Outsiders (2:50)
  14. 14 Going All the Way - The Squires (2:22)
  15. 15 I'm Gonna Make You Mine - Shadows of Knight (2:33)
  16. 16 The Trip - Kim Fowley (2:03)
  17. 17 Can't Seem to Make You Mine - The Seeds (2:36)
  18. 18 Why Do I Cry - The Remains (2:50)
  19. 19 Laugh, Laugh - The Beau Brummels (2:54)
  20. 20 The Little Black Egg - The Nightcrawlers (2:45)
  21. 21 I Wonder - The Gants (2:15)
  22. 22 I See the Light - The Five Americans (2:09)
  23. 23 Who Do You Love - Woolies (2:04)
  24. 24 Double Shot (Of My Baby's Love) - The Swingin' Medallions (2:17)
  25. 25 Live - The Merry-Go-Round (2:37)
  26. 26 Steppin' Out - Paul Revere & the Raiders (2:13)
  27. 27 Diddy Wah Diddy - Captain Beefheart & the Magic Band (2:29)
  28. 28 Strychnine - The Sonics (2:12)
  29. 29 Little Girl - The Syndicate of Sound (2:29)
  30. 30 (We Ain't Got) Nothin' Yet - Blues Magoos (2:18)
  31. 31 Shape of Things to Come - Max Frost & the Troopers (1:54)
Disc 3
  1. 1 Let It Out (Let It All Hang Out) - Hombres (2:10)
  2. 2 Fight Fire - The Golliwogs (2:34)
  3. 3 At the River's Edge - New Colony Six (2:39)
  4. 4 Jack of Diamonds - The Daily Flash (2:38)
  5. 5 Follow Me - Lyme & Cybelle (2:30)
  6. 6 It's Cold Outside - The Choir (2:51)
  7. 7 Beg, Borrow and Steal - Rare Breed (2:32)
  8. 8 She's About a Mover - The Sir Douglas Quintet (2:25)
  9. 9 Little Bit O'Soul - Music Explosion (2:22)
  10. 10 Put the Clock Back on the Wall - The E-Types (2:24)
  11. 11 Falling Sugar - The Palace Guard (2:10)
  12. 12 Run Run Run - The Gestures (2:18)
  13. 13 I Need You - The Rationals (2:16)
  14. 14 Knock, Knock - The Humane Society (2:58)
  15. 15 Primitive - Groupies (3:51)
  16. 16 Psycho - The Sonics (2:17)
  17. 17 So What!! - The Lyrics (2:50)
  18. 18 You Must Be a Witch - The Lollipop Shoppe (2:49)
  19. 19 A Question of Temperature - The Balloon Farm (2:40)
  20. 20 Maid of Sugar-Maid of Spice - Mouse & the Traps (2:39)
  21. 21 You Ain't Tuff - The Uniques (2:21)
  22. 22 Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White - The Standells (2:38)
  23. 23 She's My Baby - The Mojo Men (3:02)
  24. 24 Story of My Life - Unrelated Segments (2:44)
  25. 25 I'm Five Years Ahead of My Time - The Third Bardo (2:16)
  26. 26 Mirror of My Mind - We the People (2:45)
  27. 27 Bad Little Woman - Shadows of Knight (2:39)
  28. 28 Double Yellow Line - The Music Machine (2:13)
  29. 29 Optical Sound - The Human Expression (2:37)
  30. 30 Journey to the Center of the Mind - The Amboy Dukes (3:34)
Disc 4
  1. 1 Are You Gonna Be There (At the Love-In) - The Chocolate Watchband (2:27)
  2. 2 Too Many People - The Leaves (2:46)
  3. 3 (Would I Still Be) Her Big Man - The Brigands (2:16)
  4. 4 Are You a Boy or Are You a Girl - The Barbarians (2:21)
  5. 5 Wooly Bully - Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs (2:45)
  6. 6 I Want Candy - The Strangeloves (2:21)
  7. 7 Louie, Louie - The Kingsmen (2:20)
  8. 8 One Track Mind - The Knickerbockers (2:37)
  9. 9 Out of Our Tree - The Wailers (3:32)
  10. 10 I Think I'm Down - The Harbinger Complex (2:28)
  11. 11 What Am I Going Do - The Dovers (2:41)
  12. 12 Codine - The Charlatans (2:25)
  13. 13 Johnny Was a Good Boy - The Mystery Trend (2:38)
  14. 14 Stop-Get a Ticket - The Clefs of Lavender Hill (2:28)
  15. 15 Complication - The Monks (2:24)
  16. 16 The Witch - The Sonics (2:40)
  17. 17 Get Me to the World on Time - The Electric Prunes (2:33)
  18. 18 Mr. Pharmacist - The Other Half (2:34)
  19. 19 Open up Your Door - Richard & the Young Lions (2:45)
  20. 20 Just Like Me - Paul Revere & the Raiders (2:24)
  21. 21 You Burn Me up and Down - We the People (2:22)
  22. 22 I Live in the Springtime - The Lemon Drops (3:00)
  23. 23 Mindrocker - Fenwyck (2:54)
  24. 24 Hold Me Now - The Rumors (2:29)
  25. 25 Love's Gone Bad - The Underdogs (2:29)
  26. 26 Why Pick on Me - The Standells (2:46)
  27. 27 Bad Girl - Zakary Thaks (2:10)
  28. 28 Blackout of Gretely - The Gonn (4:36)
  29. 29 Voices Green and Purple - Bees (1:35)
  30. 30 Blues' Theme - Davie Allan & The Arrows (2:09)
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Album Credits

Performance Credits
Glen Campbell Vocals
Ron Elliott Guitar, Vocals
Tom Hamilton Bass
Barry & the Remains Track Performer
The Beau Brummels Track Performer
The Blues Project Track Performer
The Chocolate Watchband Track Performer
Roky Erickson Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals
The Five Americans Track Performer
John Fogerty Guitar, Vocals
The Kingsmen Track Performer
Al Kooper Organ, Vocals, Ondioline
The Litter Track Performer
Love Track Performer
The Nazz Track Performer
Ted Nugent Guitar
Robbie Robertson Guitar
Todd Rundgren Guitar, Vocals
Doug Sahm Guitar, Vocals
Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs Track Performer
The Seeds Track Performer
The Sir Douglas Quintet Track Performer
The Sonics Track Performer
The Standells Track Performer
The Turtles Track Performer
The Elegants Vocals, Group
Davie Allan Guitar, Track Performer
Sky Saxon Bass, Vocals, Track Performer
Joe Stampley Organ, Vocals
Michael Allen Guitar
The Barbarians Track Performer
Blues Magoos Track Performer
Sean Bonniwell Guitar, Vocals
The Charlatans Track Performer
Doug Clifford Drums
The Count Five Track Performer
The Cryan' Shames Track Performer
Rick Danko Bass
The Electric Prunes Track Performer
Kim Fowley Vocals, Track Performer
Ron Gardner Saxophone, Vocals
The Golliwogs Track Performer
Bugs Henderson Guitar
Randy Holden Guitar
Hombres Track Performer
The Human Beinz Track Performer
Bruce Johnston Bass, Background Vocals
Kenny & the Kasuals Track Performer
The Knickerbockers Track Performer
The Leaves Track Performer
The Lollipop Shoppe Track Performer
Mike Love Drums
Jimmy Lynch Guitar
Terry Melcher Bass, Background Vocals
Augie Meyers Organ
Ron Nagle Vocals, Clavinet
New Colony Six Track Performer
The Other Half Track Performer
The Rationals Track Performer
Emitt Rhodes Guitar, Drums, Vocals
Shadows of Knight Track Performer
The Strangeloves Track Performer
Third Rail Track Performer
The Uniques Track Performer
Mike Wilhelm Guitar, Vocals
Tom Fogerty Guitar, Vocals
Dick Dodd Drums, Vocals
Groupies Track Performer
Kent Morrill Organ, Vocals
The Premiers Track Performer
Jerry & Fenwick Raye Vocals
The Swingin' Medallions Track Performer
Woolies Track Performer
Jerry Smith Guitar
The Syndicate of Sound Track Performer
The Vagrants Track Performer
The 13th Floor Elevators Track Performer
Jim Foster Guitar
The Lemon Drops Track Performer
The Music Machine Track Performer
David Rice Guitar
The Wailers Track Performer
Dan Wheetman Guitar, Vocals
Ting Markulin Guitar
Strawberry Alarm Clock Track Performer
The Amboy Dukes Track Performer
Rick Andridge Drums
Robert Antoni Organ, Vocals
Mike Appel Band
Greg Arama Bass
Bobby Arlin Guitar
Bob Atkins Bass
Don Atkins Guitar
Bob Baldori Guitar, Vocals
Jeff Baldori Bass, Vocals
Hal Blaine Drums
John Barbata Drums
Jack Barber Bass
Don Baskin Vocals
John Beck Harmonica, Vocals
Captain Beefheart Track Performer
The Bees Track Performer
Drew Bennett Bass
Bruce Benson Guitar, Vocals
David Blackley Drums
Paul Blakeley Drums
Carroll Bledsoe Trumpet
Roy Blumenfeld Drums
Jim Bonfanti Drums
Garry Bonner Guitar, Vocals
Ed Bowen Guitar
Robin "Hood" Brians Piano
Billy Briggs Electric Piano, Vocals
Larry Brown Bass, Drums
Wally Bryson Guitar, Vocals
George Bunnell Bass
Gary Burger Guitar, Vocals
Ron Buzzell Guitar
Tom "Zippy" Caplan Guitar
Sonny Casella Guitar, Vocals
The Castaways Track Performer
Jerry Causi Bass, Vocals
John Charles Bass, Vocals
Larry Clark Organ, Vocals
Fred Cole Vocals
Mike Conley Vocals
Dennis Conroy Drums
Stu Cook Bass
Bill Cooper Bass
Steve Correll Guitar, Vocals
Denny Craswell Drums
B.B. Cunningham Jr. Organ, Vocals
Paul Curcio Guitar
Geoffrey Daking Drums
Chip Damiani Drums
Kenny Daniels Vocals
Gus Dewey Guitar, Vocals
Jim Doares Guitar
Tom Doody Vocals
John Duckworth Drums
Gary Duncan Guitar
Johnny Durrill Organ, Vocals
John Echols Guitar
Ron Edgar Drums
Kenn Ellner Harmonica, Vocals
Greg Elmore Drums
Mike Esposito Guitar
Norm Ezell Guitar, Vocals
Jim Fairs Guitar
Steve Farmer Guitar
Bob Feldman Vocals
Bill Figg Drums
Bill Flores Bass
Lucky Floyd Drums, Vocals
Ken Forssi Bass
Brent Forston Organ
Randy Fouts Organ
Lee Freeman Guitar, Vocals
Gerry Gabel Organ, Vocals
Don Gallucci Organ
Mike Geraci Saxophone
Sonny Geraci Vocals
Ron Gilbert Bass, Vocals
Jerry Goldstein Vocals
Alan Gordon Drums, Vocals
Al Gorgoni Conductor
Richard Gottehrer Vocals
Ray Graffia Vocals
Jim Grant Bass, Guitar, Vocals
Jerry Handley Bass
Doug Hastings Guitar
Levon Helm Drums
Dan Hicks Drums, Vocals
Daryl Hooper Electric Piano, Vocals
Robbie House Vocals
Garth Hudson Organ
Allan "Jake" Jacobs Guitar, Vocals
Chick James Drums
Roger Johnston Drums, Vocals
Danny Kalb Guitar
Jim Kane Bass
Gary Kato Guitar, Vocals
Steve Katz Guitar, Vocals
Carol Kaye Bass
Howard Kaylan Vocals
Craig Kemp Organ, Guitar
Wally Kemp Bass
Ed King Guitar
Tom King Guitar, Saxophone
Larry Knechtel Keyboards
Andy Kulberg Bass
Gary Lane Bass
Joel Larson Drums
Arthur Lee Vocals, Track Performer
Drake Levin Guitar, Vocals
Joey Levine Vocals
Lee Lightfoot Bass
Rob Lind Saxophone, Vocals
Mark Lindsay Vocals
Rick Lober Organ
Gary Lovetro Bass
Bryan MacLean Guitar
Richard Manuel Piano
Patrick Maroshek Bass
Jim Marriott Drums
Jerry Masters Bass
Pat McBride Harmonica, Vocals
John McElrath Vocals
Jerry McGeorge Guitar
Ron Meagher Bass
Dale Menten Guitar, Vocals
John Michalski Guitar
Vern Miller Bass, Vocals
Douglas Moon Guitar
Thom Mooney Drums
Scott Morgan Guitar, Vocals
Frank Morin Maracas, Vocals
Declan Mulligan Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals
Ken Murray Drums
Tom Murray Drums
Music Explosion Track Performer
Al Nichol Guitar, Electric Piano
Gary P. Nunn Guitar
Keith Olsen Bass
Richard Olsen Bass, Vocals
David Palmer Drums
Andy Parypa Bass, Vocals
Larry Parypa Guitar, Vocals
John Perez Drums
Jim Perkins Bass
Jimmy Pettit Guitar
Alban Pfisterer Drums
Jim Pilster Tambourine
Jim Pons Bass, Vocals
Dave Purple Bass
Mike Rabon Guitar, Vocals
Paul Revere & the Raiders Track Performer
Doug Rhodes Organ
Dan Rinaldi Guitar
Preston Ritter Drums
Paul Roach Organ
Tim Rockson Drums
Warren Rogers Bass
Gerry Roslie Piano, Vocals
Tommy Ruger Drums
Domingo "Sam" Samudio Organ, Vocals
Jan Savage Guitar, Vocals
Ralph Scala Organ, Vocals
Tom Schiffour Drums
Randy Seol Drums, Vocals
John Sharkey Guitar
Eddie Shaw Bass
Dave Smalley Guitar, Vocals
Jerry Smith Guitar
Bob Bennett Drums
Andy Solomon Organ
Weasel Spagnola Guitar, Vocals
Alex St. Clair Guitar
David Stanley Bass
Ray Stinnett Guitar
Tommy Talton Guitar, Vocals
Larry Tamblyn Organ, Vocals
Richard Tepp Vocals
Peppy Thielheim Guitar, Vocals
Benny Thurman Bass
John Townley Bass, Vocals
Terry Trabandt Bass, Vocals
Mark Tulin Bass, Keyboards
Gary Usher Background Vocals
Sal Valentino Vocals
Tony Valentino Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals
Don Van Vliet Harmonica, Vocals
Gerry VanKollenburg Guitar
Carson VanOsten Bass, Vocals
Phil "Fang" Volk Bass, Vocals
Mark Volman Vocals
Denny Waite Vocals
Dave Webster Drums
Mark Weitz Organ, Vocals
Jody Wence Keyboards, Vocals
Leslie West Guitar
Bill White Bass
Bill Whittington Bass
David "Hawk" Wolinski Bass
Stacy Sutherland Guitar
The Mojo Men Track Performer
Mouse & the Traps Track Performer
Zakary Thaks Track Performer
The Human Expression Track Performer
The Gonn Group
We the People Track Performer
The Daily Flash Track Performer
Jeremy Storch Organ
George Delgado Guitar, Vocals
Tommy Hall Vocals, Electric Jug
Joe Kelley Guitar
James Lowe Autoharp, Vocals
Don MacAllister Bass, Vocals
Butch Gibson Saxophone
Bob Gonzalez Bass
Dan Klawon Guitar
Jamie Lyons Percussion, Vocals
Victor Moulton Drums, Vocals
Jerry Patterson Drums
Larry Ray Guitar
Robert Lee Reiner Guitar
Bill Rinehart Bass, Vocals
Pat Robinson Guitar
Philip Ruiz Tenor Saxophone
Burton "Butch" Stahl Bass
Joe Urzua Baritone Saxophone
John Ike Walton Drums
Ronnie "Mouse" Weiss Guitar, Vocals
Chuck Portz Bass
Jim Tucker Guitar
The E-Types Track Performer
Beau Charles Guitar, Vocals
N.D. Smart II Drums
Mike Smith Drums
Lynn Easton Drums
Jack Ely Guitar, Vocals
Danny Monigold Bass
Bob Nordby Bass
Reggie Shaffer Drums
Don Shephard Guitar, Vocals
Bob Wence Guitar, Vocals
Jim Alaimo Bass, Vocals
Neil Anderson Guitar
The Balloon Farm Track Performer
The Brogues Track Performer
Jack Burchall Bass
Rick Campbell Organ
The Clefs of Lavender Hill Track Performer
Chuck Conlon Bass, Vocals
Dennis DeCarr Drums
Roger Deatheridge Drums
Jim Donna Organ
John Drake Vocals
The Elastik Band Track Performer
Bob Folschow Guitar, Vocals
Bob Good Guitar
The Harbinger Complex Track Performer
Roy Hensley Bass, Vocals
Jim Lauer Guitar, Vocals
Tule Livingston Vocals
Lyme & Cybelle Track Performer
Mert Madsen Bass
Magic Mushrooms Track Performer
Don Metchick Organ, Keyboards
Mike Mitchell Guitar
Buck Ormsby Bass
The Palace Guard Track Performer
Larry Perez Guitar, Vocals
Buddy Randell Saxophone, Vocals
Kris Resnick Vocals
Stormy Rice Vocals
Dave Roland Drums
Robbie Rouse Vocals
Barry Tashian Guitar, Vocals
The Underdogs Track Performer
Unrelated Segments Track Performer
Leslie Weinstein Guitar
Sylvan Wells Guitar
Bobby Smith Bass
Max Frost & the Troopers Track Performer
Rare Breed Track Performer
Danny Garcia Bass
John Petersen Drums
Ben Turner Organ, Vocals
Bob Thompson Conductor
Joe Morris Drums
Paul Geddes Guitar
Gary Weiss Drums
John Lopez Guitar, Vocals
David Aguilar Harmonica, Vocals
Jorge Alaniz Bass
Coventry Fairchild Guitar, Vocals
Travis Fairchild Guitar, Vocals
Bassett Hand Conductor
Stan Moore Drums
Jeff Westen Guitar
Larry Weinstein Bass, Vocals
Dave Whitehouse Bass, Vocals
Craig Moore Bass, Speech/Speaker/Speaking Part, screams, Spoken Word
The Mystery Trend Track Performer
Larry Scher Bass
Bill Schnetzler Drums
Richy Seslowe Guitar
Bobby Sims Guitar
Danny Smola Vocals
Jim Sohn Vocals
Bobby Stampley Bass
Gary Stepp Guitar
Pete Stinson Guitar
Ron Stults Vocals
Mike Tatman Drums
John Torok Guitar
Barry VanEngelen Bass
Evan VanGuard Trumpet
Louis Vhalakes Guitar
The Victors Guitar
Ralph "Russ" Viot Guitar
Bruce Waterston Drums
Pete Thomason Guitar, Vocal Harmony
Sean Tolby Guitar, Vocals
Al Austin Guitar
Too Many People Track Performer
Gordon McLaren Bass
Michael Ferguson Keyboards
The Rumors Group
David Cortopassi Band
Paul Revere Organ, Vocals
Richard & the Young Lions Track Performer
Gary Andrijasevich Drums
Larry Bennett Bass
Bob Cuff Guitar, Vocals
Jan Errico Drums, Vocals
Jerry Howell Organ
Steve Lalor Guitar, Vocals
Mark Loomis Guitar, Vocals
John Luby Drums, Vocals
Jeff Nowlen Harmonica, Vocals
Mel Pachuta Bass
Ed Rodrigues Guitar
The Lyrics Track Performer
Chris Gerniottis Vocals
Jimmy Walker Drums, Vocals
Dave Day Vocals, Electric Banjo
Jeff Brand Bass
Ricky Erickson Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals
Wayne Proctor Guitar, Vocals
Jim Quarles Vocals
Martin Eshleman Guitar
Armand Poulin Drums
Vince Montgomery Bass
Johnny Sanders Guitar
Sid Herring Guitar, Vocals
Chris Gaylord Harmonica, Vocals
Michael & the Messengers Track Performer
Jeff Monn Guitar, Vocals
David Martin Bass
Ken Williams Guitar
Bob Alaniz Keyboards
Rick Moser Bass
Rory Mack Guitar, Vocals
Andy Angellotti Drums
Ray Mills Guitar
Tony Roumell Guitar
Chris Lena Guitar, Vocals
Bruce Ginsberg Drums
Ricky Goldclang Guitar
Damian Kelly Bass
Jim Hockstaff Vocals
George Hunter Autoharp, Vocals
Billy Garcia Guitar
Pete Sabatino Vocals
Rex Garrett Guitar
Violet Santangelo Vocals
Johnny Beaudoin Vocals
Bobby Smith Bass
Bill Moss Bass
Dave Beaudoin Vocals
Don Beaudoin Guitar, Vocals
Wayne Beckner Vocals
John "Dick" Belley Guitar, Vocals
Bobby Bortez Drums
Mike Bouyea Drums, Vocals
Randy Boyte Organ
Denny Braswell Drums
Ed Burkey Guitar
Ron Chaney Bass
Gary Clarke Bass
Bruce Clawson Guitar
Brent Colvin Drums
Bobby Cortez Drums
Paul Cosenza Drums
Jack DeCarolis Organ
George Delagado Guitar, Vocals
Norman "Cooker" Desrosiers Guitar
Jim Dorares Guitar
David Duff Bass, Vocals
Bob Felderman Vocals
Lee Ferguson Drums
Tom Fini Guitar
Tom Flanigan Guitar, Vocals
John Folcik Bass
Ron Gagnon Bass
Don "Levi" Garrett Drums
Tim Granada Guitar, Vocals
Rex Gregory Bass, Vocals
Bob Halley Conductor
Ronnie Harkai Drums
Peter Hendleman Guitar
Jared Hendler Keyboards
Don Henny Band
Louie Holt Guitar
Rob Hoyle Guitar
Johnny Hunter Drums
Steve Kayz Guitar, Vocals
Jon Keliehor Drums
Russell Kerger Band
Tom Klugherz Bass
Keith Knighter Drums
Rusty Kurig Band
Richard Majewski Bass
Gary McEwen Guitar
Chuck McLung Guitar
Ed Mikelick Drums
Woody Minnick Guitar
Roger Monsouri Drums
Michael Morgan Drums
Fred Moss Drums
Chris Mumford Vocals
Richard Nesta Guitar
Gary Neves Drums
Ronnie Peters Tambourine, Vocals
Jim Petit Guitar
Norman Prinsky Drums
Tom "Ambrose" Ray Drums
Jim Redding Drums
Bill Rhinehart Guitar
Kurt Robinson Organ
Ron Rotarius Guitar
Bob Freedman Musician
Mark Greenberg Musician
Gerry Stone Guitar
Don Bennett Vocals
Jeff Morris Guitar, Vocals
Craig "Butch" Atkinson Drums
Ron English Drums
Dave Burke Bass
Mark Landon Guitar
John "Sean" Byrne Guitar, Vocals
Charles Webber Trumpet
Steve Caldwell Saxophone
Max Frost Track Performer
Technical Credits
Gary Stewart Art Direction
Lincoln Mayorga Arranger
The Nazz Arranger, Producer
Ted Nugent Composer
Van Dyke Parks Arranger
Todd Rundgren Composer
Don Ralke Arranger
Sky Saxon Composer, Producer
Tony Carey Producer
Kim Fowley Producer
David Gates Producer
Dale Hawkins Producer
Terry Melcher Producer
Teddy Randazzo Arranger, Producer
John Hunter Composer
Mike Appel Contributor
Bobby Arlin Arranger
Jimmy Bowen Producer
Robin "Hood" Brians Producer
David Brigati Producer
Hugh Brown Art Direction
Larry Brown Producer
Dave Burgess Producer
Gordon Bynum Producer
Sonny Casella Producer
Ed Cobb Producer
Ted Cooper Producer
B.B. Cunningham Jr. Composer
Mike Curb Producer
Richard Delvy Producer
Steve Farmer Composer
Michael Friedman Producer
Jill Gibson Producer
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Doug Hastings Arranger
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Dan Hersch Remastering
Jac Holzman Producer, Liner Notes
Bones Howe Producer
Bill Inglot Engineer, Liner Notes, Remastering, Audio Production
Erik Jacobsen Producer
Jerry Kasenetz Producer
Jeff Katz Producer
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Stan Kesler Producer
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Arthur Lee Composer
Mark Lee Producer
Joey Levine Composer
Larry Marks Producer
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Huey P. Meaux Producer
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Clarence Paul Producer
Gary Peterson Annotation
Art Polhemus Producer
Normann Gregg H. Ratner Producer
Don Rose Producer
Paul Rose Producer
Jerry Schoenbaum Producer
Bob Shad Producer
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Frank Slay Producer
Dallas Smith Arranger, Producer
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Sylvester "Sly Stone" Stewart Producer
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Steven Palmer Producer
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Jack Burchall Contributor
Tony Moon Producer
Kris Resnick Composer, Producer
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Alexis de Azevedo Producer
Bassett Hand Arranger
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Tom Willsie Contributor
The Mystery Trend Arranger
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Daniel Goldmark Editorial Research
The Rumors Producer
Warren Kendrick Producer
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Abe Gurvin Illustrations
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Fred Randall Contributor
Jack Salyers Producer
Bob Freedman Contributor
Mark Greenberg Contributor
Randy Steirling Producer
Arthur Resnick Composer
Scott Williams Contributor
Jay Saks Contributor
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  • Posted October 1, 2010

    Rhino's triumph

    This box set rocks! Remastering the original double LP into a single disc package would have been enough cause for celebration but Rhino does an excellent job creating 3 more discs that match the historical importance, invigorating sound, and interesting format of the first. Each disc contains well known tunes mixed in with not-so-well-known tunes and tunes very few have ever heard before (I'm sure some will know most of the tunes while some will be at a lost to find more than 3 songs they have heard before.) This format makes for a great listening experience. As soon as this listener started to become a little disinterseted in hearing another "unknown" song a more familiar or "hit" song entered the mix and kept the flow and energy of each disc right at the top. What a pleasurable change to hear songs from unknown bands that were trying to sound like the Beatles, the Stones, and Dylan during the heyday of the Beatles, the Stones, and Dylan rather than hearing their monumental influence on popular music years and even decades later. One more time: this box set rocks!

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  • Anonymous

    Posted October 1, 2010

    Nuggets Brings Punk/Garage Sound Back to Life

    I caught most of these cuts on a Chicago station and the show was hosted by Bob Stroud. After hearing the real popular songs that were recorded by local Chi-town rock bands and a few popular national acts, I ran out a got the box set. The coolest thing is that there was an entire world of garage/punk bands during this era that we here in Chicago, didn't get to hear. Therefore, we were not familiar with the songs that they recorded. This was a great find. I have driven my kids nuts with the music. Each time that I play it, I like the sounds more and more. I recommend this box set to the avid fan from that era. Enjoy!

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Sort by: Showing all of 2 Customer Reviews