Number Five

Number Five

by Colin Hawkins, Jacqui Hawkins

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Children's Literature - Children's Literature
Number Five is a Numberlie. She lives at Five Number Lane in Numbertown. She has five of everything. She likes to be the best. One day she sees a notice of a race and decides to enter. She falls down during the race and Number One wins. She is so disappointed she didn't win, she goes fishing to make herself feel better. While she is fishing, Number Four falls into the water and Number Five saves him. Now she gets the recognition she wants as the best, when put to the test. The artwork is fun and cartoony, but the story is clumsy and unimaginative. However, there are many opportunities to practice counting. Part of a series of ten books. 2000, Dorling Kindersley, Ages 4 to 6, $3.25. Reviewer: Kristin Harris—Children's Literature

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DK Publishing, Inc.
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Numberlies Series
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6.92(w) x 6.70(h) x 0.19(d)
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3 - 8 Years

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