Numerical Models in Geomechanics: Proceedings of the 7th International Symposium, NUMOG VII, Graz, Austria, 1-3 September 1999

Numerical Models in Geomechanics: Proceedings of the 7th International Symposium, NUMOG VII, Graz, Austria, 1-3 September 1999

by G.N. Pande

ISBN-10: 9058090957

ISBN-13: 9789058090959

Pub. Date: 01/01/1999

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

In this volume a number of developments on a variety of topics have been reported. These topics include: partially saturated soil; instabilities in soil behaviour; environmental geomechanics; parallel computing; and applications to tunnels, embankments, slopes, foundations and anchors.  See more details below


In this volume a number of developments on a variety of topics have been reported. These topics include: partially saturated soil; instabilities in soil behaviour; environmental geomechanics; parallel computing; and applications to tunnels, embankments, slopes, foundations and anchors.

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Table of Contents

A constitutive model for poroelastic damage in porous brittle materials3
Unsaturated soil modelling with special emphasis on undrained conditions9
An elastoplastic-viscoplastic model for soils15
Modeling of anisotropic elastoplastic damage in shale rocks21
On rate-sensitive behaviour of anisotropic soils27
Anisotropic hardening model for normally consolidated soft clays33
A consistent framework with embedded microstructural considerations for stress-dilatancy behaviour of sands41
On a simple critical state model for sand47
Hypoplastic description of the interface behaviour53
Micromechanical investigation of the visco-plastic behaviour of granular materials59
Numerical identification of anisotropic rock parameters using uniaxial compression test65
A generic stress surface introduced in the customised octahedral plane71
On mechanical and thermal nano-behaviour of a clay mineral77
Plane strain instabilities in soil: Application to slopes stability85
Effects of shear banding on three-dimensional failure conditions for soils91
Adaptive mesh modelling of localization in a cohesion-softening soil97
Embedded discontinuity approaches for shear band analysis103
On the necessity of stochastic material descriptions in the computational analysis of soils109
Capturing shear band propagation caused by tunnel excavation using an anisotropic softening model for tensile and frictional failure115
Effect of initial anisotropy on shear banding in granular materials121
Shearing of a narrow granular layer with polar quantities127
Numerical study of polar effects in shear zones133
Finite element algorithm for non-symmetric problems141
Parallel finite element analysis147
Numerical wave dispersion considering linear and higher order finite elements153
Time-integration of a viscous constitutive equation in finite element modelling by using super-stable Rosenbrock methods159
A new approach for inverse analysis165
Taylor expansion-based integration of a thermoviscoplastic constitutive law171
Implicit integration scheme for CJS model177
Robust modeling of cyclic soil behaviour using a subloading model183
Performance of different stress-point algorithms for the integration of hypoplastic constitutive equations for geomaterials189
A finite element method for local second gradient model using Lagrange multipliers195
Load stepping schemes and unbalanced force norms in geotechnical analysis201
Use of iterative methods for the solution of three-dimensional soil-structure interaction problems209
Limit analysis in geotechnics using the finite element method and mathematical programming215
Some remarks on application of response surface method in reliability computations221
An analysis of the stress fields induced by mining with application of parallel high performance computing229
Application of a coupled thermal-hydraulic-mechanical model for unsaturated soil237
Numerical model of miscible grout propagation in deformable saturated porous media243
Transient BIE and fundamental solutions of dynamic poroelasticity249
A note on modelling of coupled flow-deformation in unsaturated soils255
Induced damage modelling of unsaturated drying deformable materials263
Thermal simulation of low energy pipeline located in cold climates269
BEM analysis of seismic wave amplification in Caracas275
Plasticity-induced coupling effects on the overall soil behaviour281
Seismic analysis of piles and pile groups in liquefiable sand287
Reinforced slopes subjected to seismic loads293
Critical response of a granular railway track under high train velocities297
THM and reactive transport coupling in unsaturated porous media303
Three-dimensional FE analysis to determine the settlements due to the combined excavation of a ventilation shaft and a cut-and-cover tunnel in Boston311
Longitudinal bending moments in the tube of a bored tunnel317
Memory-efficient 3D FE-analysis in geomechanics using a planewise model323
Numerical modelling of tunnel installation procedures329
On the impact of the soil model in the numerical analysis of tunnelling335
Numerical modelling to tunnel excavation in soils using the Multilaminate Model341
The buckling failure of tunnels induced by high horizontal stress in jointed rocks347
Visualisation of simulation results for geotechnical problems353
Design of the Bolu Tunnels - Numerical analysis of tunnels in highly squeezing ground359
Strategy for dimensioning shallow NATM-tunnels367
Direct estimation of initial stresses of the ground around a tunnel373
Sensitivity study of a thermo-mechanical creep model in underground repositories379
Three-dimensional modeling of the planned Wellenberg repository site in Switzerland385
Predictions of hydro-mechanical disturbances around tunnels based on different constitutive models391
Three-dimensional analysis of the interaction between tunneling and pile foundations397
Prediction of ground movements and damage to adjacent structures due to tunneling using an expert system403
Micromechanical back-analysis of laboratory tests on rock411
Finite element analyses of model piles in calibration chamber419
Elasto-plastic modelling of bucket foundations425
Elasto-plastic liquefaction analysis of offshore foundations431
Modelling of pile foundations subjected to cyclic lateral loading437
Load settlement behavior of large diameter bored piles in over-consolidated clay443
Numerical simulation and model tests of reinforced foundation under uplift loading451
Identification of modulus of subgrade reaction for a pile foundation457
Advanced bearing capacity computation of a footing on sand using a kinematic hardening clastoplastic model463
Numerical analysis of the influence of build-up of pore-pressure on the behaviour of micropiles subjected to lateral loading469
Numerical and experimental investigation of suction anchor design aspects475
Three dimensional stability analysis of plate anchors in clay481
Drag anchor fluke-soil interaction in clays489
Analyses and large scale testing of plate anchors495
Plate-penetrometer penetration into NC soil using H-adaptive FE method501
On the bearing capacity and the serviceability of piled rafts507
Initial stress state and numerical modelling: Application to foundations on a slope515
Pore pressures for stability analysis of embankment on soft clay521
Collapse due to static liquefaction analyzed using large deformation elasto-visco-plastic dynamics527
Inverse grading in granular flows535
3D FE-analysis of the stability of slope reinforced with piles541
Three-dimensional finite element analysis of slope stability, geometric and parametric studies547
On the use of the F.E. M. for assessing the stability of cuts and fills553
In situ measurement of lateral pressure in a landslide and its use in numerical modelling561
Modelling of consolidation in soft soils569
Calculation of soil displacements due to retaining wall construction573
Application of an anisotropic hardening model for undrained response of saturated clay581
On rehabilitation of hydraulic structures subjected to alkali-aggregate reaction589
Ice-induced loads on hydraulic structures595
Numerical modelling of the injections of cement mixes in granular soils601
Dynamic analysis of rockfall restraining structures609
Modelling biodegradation and hydraulic effects in waste refuse615
A study on soil compaction due to agricultural traffic: Computational results and field data621
Numerical modelling of the compaction behaviour of crushed rock salt627
Modeling the stress fields in a Frustum Confining Vessel633
Lower bound limit analysis of unreinforced masonry shear walls639
Finite element analysis of pressuremeter tests using critical state soil models645
Influence of the form of the plastic potential on the evaluation of ground subsidence651
On the use of neuronets for simulating the stress-strain behavior of soils657
Elasto-plastic analysis of composite material using a macro level yield function663
Numerical modeling on the deformation in railway foundation - A case study669
Author index675

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