Numerology for Your Family

Numerology for Your Family

by RoseMaree Templeton

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How parents can use numerology to better understand their children

Whether a parent is new to numerology or just ready to take the next step and begin applying it to their own family, this simple and informative self-help book, combining numerology with astrology, will teach them how to use the energies and


How parents can use numerology to better understand their children

Whether a parent is new to numerology or just ready to take the next step and begin applying it to their own family, this simple and informative self-help book, combining numerology with astrology, will teach them how to use the energies and vibrations of numbers to better understand their children. Parents learn about the inner natures of their children and some of the reasons for the differences between them. The laws of numerology are used as a guide to the general tendencies or characteristics of each individual, and the implications of the major life events they experience. This unique concept in parenting does not require prior knowledge of numerology, and is extremely simple and easy to follow. Sections are included on pre-birth, allowing expectant parents to use numerology to choose the right name for their baby.

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Numerology for Your Family

By RoseMaree Templeton

Rockpool Publishing Pty Ltd

Copyright © 2009 RoseMaree Templeton
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-921295-89-8



'I have often admired the mystical way of Pythagoras and the secret magic of the numbers'.


A favourite preoccupation of parents-to-be is the discussion of possible names for the baby. Some parents already know, during the pregnancy, whether the little one will be a boy or a girl, while for others there remains that added element of wondering right up until the moment of birth. Either way, there are usually lists of possible names jotted down, discussed, discarded, re-included and debated.

Choosing a name for your precious baby is so important that many parents feel they need to have the decision settled well before the birth. For anyone who understands numerology, though, there are good reasons to wait until after the baby's exact date of birth is known before finally deciding on a name or names.

The numbers of the day, month and year on which a baby is born can be placed on a numerological birth chart that clearly shows which number vibrations are well represented and which are missing for the child. The chart below left shows the position of each number. So a baby born 16/9/2010 will have a birth chart like the one below right.

Each letter of the alphabet also resonates to a particular number vibration (see table in section Calculating the numbers of a name), so the ideal aim is to choose a first name that harmonises with and helps to balance the baby's birth chart.

The number combinations on a person's chart influence the energies under which that person operates throughout their life. So it is important to have the first name (the one the child will be called every day) compatible with the baby's birth date energies. Life is likely to run more smoothly for those who are surrounded and supported by positive energy vibrations.

Remember, too, that sound is a vibration and that the child needs to feel happy when it hears and speaks its own name. Every time a person's name is used it sets up vibrations which are either positive or negative.

Sound of any kind has a tremendous impact on the human nervous system and every time a name is used it sets up wavelengths or vibrations that either soothe or irritate. A name has an effect on the whole psyche, impacting inwardly when the child hears their name and outwardly when the child says their own name — a double whammy, whether it is positive or negative.


The following table shows the number associated with each letter of our alphabet.

A few simple guidelines can help demystify the process of working out combined birth and name charts, making it easier for parents to settle on a name.

In general, avoid names whose letters resonate to multiple occurrences of the same letter. One occurrence of any number is acceptable. Two of the same number can be acceptable. Three 1s are also acceptable; but three or more occurrences of any other number in a name chart gives the name a difficult, sometimes adverse, energy vibration. So, an ideal name should have:

• No more than three 1s (A, J, S)

• No more than two 2s (B, K, T) (all children born after 1999 will have at least one 2 in their birth chart, so adding too many in the name can cause difficulties)

• No more than two 3s (C, L, U)

• No more than two 4s (D, M, V) (if possible, use only one 4)

• No more than two 5s (E, N, W)

• No more than two 6s (F, O, X)

• No more than one 7 (G, P, Y) (if possible, do without a 7 on the name chart if there is already a 7 on the birth chart)

• No more than two 8s (H, Q, Z)

• No more than two 9s (I, R)


The aim of this exercise is to draw up the baby's numerological birth chart, assess its vibrational strengths and weaknesses, and balance it by choosing a complementary name.

When the birth chart is strong (with at least one number in almost every square) it is best to balance it with letters that do not add too many multiples of a particular number. On the other hand, when the birth chart has few numbers in it, it can be strengthened with letters that fill any empty spaces. (It is not absolutely necessary to fill all the squares on the combined birth+name chart.)

On a large sheet of paper (at least A4 size), write your baby's date of birth, for example, 2/7/2010. Beneath this, draw an empty chart, then write your baby's birthday numbers in this chart.

Study the chart and make a note of any missing numbers (in this case 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9), using letters that resonate with those numbers to choose possible names for your baby. Draw some more empty charts on the page with the birth chart and try out different names that give different numbers. Then choose a name you like that best balances and complements the birth chart — harmony is the key.

In the early part of the 21st century several numbers will be missing from the birth chart because there are zeros in the birth date. In the case of a baby born on 22/2/2002, for example, there are only 2s in the birth chart, leaving eight empty squares and six empty arrows (see chapter 2). For this baby, almost all the letters of the alphabet are available for use in the name. It would be wise, however, to avoid B, K and T altogether as they resonate with 2.

Here are some examples showing positive and less positive naming options, and how they combine with various birth charts.


A baby born on 4/6/2009 has a birth chart that looks like this:


In this birth chart, 1, 3, 5, 7 and 8 are missing. Let's look at name charts for two girl's names that fill all or some of these empty squares.

The combined chart for Chloe has only two blank squares, and no numbers repeated too many times. It is balanced, harmonious and strong.

Aleda's combined chart is equally strong but offers the arrow of the planner as well as the two 1s of clear communication and self expression.

Either name would serve this baby well.

Now let's look at name charts for two boy's names. Once again, the numbers to look for are 1, 3, 5, 7 and 8.

What a beautifully balanced chart!

Another great name for a boy born on 4/6/2009.


A baby born on 8/9/2009 will have a birth chart that looks like this:


In this birth chart, the numbers 1, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 are missing. Now let's look at name charts for two girls' names that fill all or some of these empty squares.

Melody has strong, balanced vibrational support, which would remain quite strong if she were to be known as Mel:

Spelling Gemma with a G rather than a J gives this little girl a stronger, more balanced combined chart.

Now let's look at name charts for two boys' names. Once again, the numbers to look for are 1, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7.

This little boy would be well supported by his name so long as it was never shortened to Al, thereby removing the 5 from his combined chart and leaving him with the challenging arrow of frustration (no 4, 5, 6).

Jackson's strong balanced combined chart would lose a lot of its strength if he were to be known as Jack. Losing a 1 would not be a problem, but losing the 5 and 6 give him the arrow of frustration (no 4, 5, 6).

The parents of this baby boy might do well to consider naming him Jon or John, for example, which would ensure that 5 and 6 stayed on his combined chart.


A baby born on 5/1/2010 will have a birth chart that looks like this:


In this birth chart, the numbers 3, 4, 6, 7, 8 and 9 are missing. Let's look at name charts for two girls' names that fill all or some of these empty squares.

Once again, a strong, reasonably well balanced combined chart. Have a look at what would happen if this little girl was regularly known as Ali.

Not too bad.

Roxy is a name to keep on the list of possibilities.

Now let's look at name charts for two boys' names. Once again, the numbers to look for are 3, 4, 6, 7, 8 and 9.

Roman would be a well balanced name for this baby boy.

Spelled Dillon or Dylan, the numbers still work for this name, although Dylan shifts the vibrational emphasis from the arrow of intellect (3, 6, 9) to the arrow of practicality (1, 4, 7).

These examples offer some numerological insight into why children born on the same day, even within the same family (as is the case with multiple births like twins or triplets), can display such different characteristics. The vibration of a name makes a difference.

Add to this the fact that each child comes into the world with its own individuality — its own unique blend of gene pool, soul, events at the moment of birth, and many other factors — and it is clear that numerology is only part of the picture, a useful guide. Each individual makes his or her own choices in life, has their own likes and dislikes. Even if multiple birth siblings appear to have the same kind of life path, there will be differences. Ultimately, each of us is unique.


The destiny number represents a person's place in the world, and it is calculated by adding the numbers of all the letters in the full name a baby is given at birth. While it has a less powerful impact than the baby's first name, you might like to take it into consideration before you settle on a final decision. Along with the important first name, all your baby's names, including the surname or family name and the middle name or names, contribute to his or her destiny number.


First, calculate the value of each name separately. The first name represents personal attitude and feeling; the second name represents the reservoir from which power can be drawn; and the third or surname brings with it family characteristics.

Here is an example:

M A R Y E L L E N J O N E S 4 1 9 7 5 3 3 5 5 1 6 5 5 1 21     21
18 3 + 3 +     9
= 15 = 6

By adding the digits that represent the letters in each name, then reducing each sum to a single digit, we find the number vibration for each of the names. Adding these together and reducing the sum to a single digit (10, 11 and 22 are not reduced) we arrive at the individual's destiny number.

Mary Ellen Jones's destiny number is 6.

Her personal attitude and feeling resonate to 3; the reservoir from which she draws her power also resonates to 3; and her family characteristics resonate to the vibration of 9 (see the section on ruling numbers, for a deeper understanding of each of these vibrations).


Allied to, but broader and more sweeping in scope and scale than your baby's ruling number, the baby's destiny number offers a vision of their potential, should they choose to follow their most harmonious purpose and path in life.


This baby's role in life will be one of peacemaker. Goodwill towards others is the energy and attitude that powers success for them. They are one of life's 'trouble-shooters' and will be called upon constantly to pour oil on troubled waters. They have a mission to fulfil, not only for the sake of success but also to achieve their own peace and happiness.

Partnerships are important to them. No matter how independent they are, co-operation is essential to their success. Sharing is a means to their own attainment. They have the ability to influence people, but are sensitive and should appreciate how others feel. Their understanding and persuasive manner gives them the ability to encourage and comfort people.


They have a creative destiny and are required to be optimists. Their mission is to help people realise the magic power of cheerfulness and inspiration. Many people have lost the joy of living and it is the duty of number 3 destiny people to arouse the imagination and spirits of others, and to help them laugh again. This may not always be easy but it is a part of their path. They fare best if they mix with people who have a constructive philosophy when things go wrong.


This baby's destiny is to play the role of the manager and organiser. They are builders and it is their mission to make things permanent and lasting. They must make dreams practical and bring all imagination down to earth. Life will not allow these people to take things easy and they may encounter problems until they become proficient in establishing systems, order, form and regulation in their personal and (later) business affairs. Establishing an acceptance of responsibility makes the path smoother for these people.


This baby's mission offers many changes and experiences and represents freedom and progress. 'Freedom' does not necessitate breaking with convention or being rebellious. These people can use their capacity for freedom to become lawmakers, exercising charity and tolerance. They will find opportunity through people.

Number 5 destiny people usually have too many projects going at the same time, which can scatter their energy/forces. Once they realise this, they often moderate their behaviour a little.


This baby's destiny is one of service and comforting those who are weak and unhappy. Duty will follow them inside and outside the home, but their happiness will depend on the good they do for others. They should not confuse duty with sacrifice. Their driving forces are truth and justice, and the role of teacher is part of their destiny. When they give to others, they find themselves surrounded by love and comfort.


This baby's destiny is that of teacher. Number 7 destiny number people never stop searching for knowledge and their life is usually interesting. They are able to discover hidden truths and make unusual associations. It is their destiny to counsel and advise, which means they can sometimes feel alone; the path of an educator is not always easy. It will be through their sharing of acquired knowledge and wisdom that they earn recognition.

These people need to guard against excessive emotion or sentiment, as others are guided by their tolerance. They will be loved and respected for what they attain.


8 is a karmic number and indicates a 'dynamic destiny'. This child's life might not always be easy but they will have the right to position and money. They should remember that a quest for money only will not bring success. Their goal is to combine and balance material and spiritual laws, putting the law of cause and effect into operation, before any lasting reward can be achieved.


This is the pathway of the humanitarian and all that is charitable and beautiful. Their opportunities are many and a full return is achieved, but they must give love, tolerance, compassion, understanding and generosity to others. One of their greatest lessons is to offer forgiveness to all and to always use their power for the good of humanity. They should look for the beautiful — not the sorrowful — in life so that they can be true to their destiny of love and service to others.


This brings leadership through the individual's own initiative and independence. Their life is destined to be interesting, with many odd and strange experiences. Success will come through their ability to stand on their own feet. Life will never let them down if they use their power constructively.


The destiny pathway for these people can encompass the full cycle of experiences. The number 11 has the number 2 destiny — peacemaker and trouble-shooter — intensified. 11 is often referred to as the spiritual messenger.

The number 22 has the number 4 destiny — manager, organiser, builder — intensified. 22 is often called the spiritual master in form, and these people should learn to balance the spiritual with the practical.


This information is worth considering before you settle on your baby's first name.

The first letter of a first name gives the clue to the positive character of the name — 'The heart of the master is where we enter'. In other words, the entrance into a person's name (the letter it begins with) is an open door to mastery in the manner specified by that letter.

The last letter of the name indicates the vibration that person will have achieved when they have lived all the experiences that name can bring to them.

It is believed that Pythagoras, a philosopher and mathematician, in the latter stage of his life changed his name after many initiations and was called Yarancharya. He chose a name starting with the letter Y, which he considered very mystical, and although Y vibrates to the number 7 (which can indicate sacrifice), it is also a physical number, meaning 'the teacher'. Yarancharya ends with A which relates to the earth number 1, opening all doors of knowledge.

Here is another example: the name Howard (used as a first name).

The first letter, H, vibrates to the number 8 which means this person is likely to approach life independently, to be comfortable in the corporate or business arenas, and to have a focus on money-making.

The last letter, D, resonating to 4, indicates that even when Howard has learned all that the 8 vibration has to teach him, he will still be a no-nonsense practical kind of person, and one who has achieved stability in his life.


Excerpted from Numerology for Your Family by RoseMaree Templeton. Copyright © 2009 RoseMaree Templeton. Excerpted by permission of Rockpool Publishing Pty Ltd.
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