Nursing Diagnosis: Application to Clinical Practice / Edition 14

Nursing Diagnosis: Application to Clinical Practice / Edition 14

by Lynda Juall Carpenito

ISBN-10: 1608311090

ISBN-13: 9781608311095

Pub. Date: 07/02/2012

Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

Now in its 14th edition, this respected resource offers definitive guidance on key elements of nursing diagnosis, its role in the nursing process, and its application to clinical practice. Section 1 thoroughly explains the role of nursing diagnosis in the nursing process and in care planning. Section 2 offers a comprehensive A-to-Z guide to

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Now in its 14th edition, this respected resource offers definitive guidance on key elements of nursing diagnosis, its role in the nursing process, and its application to clinical practice. Section 1 thoroughly explains the role of nursing diagnosis in the nursing process and in care planning. Section 2 offers a comprehensive A-to-Z guide to current nursing diagnoses, including the most recent diagnoses approved by NANDA International. Section 3 focuses on collaborative problems. 

Nursing Interventions Classifications (NIC) and Nursing Outcomes Classifications (NOC) are listed for every NANDA-I diagnosis. Key features such as Author's Notes and Errors in Diagnostic Statements help the nurse to understand the concept behind the diagnosis, differentiate one diagnosis from another, and avoid diagnostic errors.

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Table of Contents

Sect. 1Nursing Diagnosis in the Nursing Process1
1Development of Nursing Diagnosis4
2Types and Components of Nursing Diagnoses8
3Nursing Diagnosis: What It Is, What It Is Not17
4Nursing Diagnoses: Assessment and Diagnosis26
5Planning Care With Nursing Diagnosis38
6Nursing Diagnoses: Issues and Controversies68
Sect. 2Manual of Nursing Diagnoses77
Activity Intolerance80
Decreased Intracranial Adaptive Capacity95
Impaired Adjustment96
Death Anxiety109
Risk for Imbalanced Body Temperature111
Ineffective Thermoregulation120
Bowel Incontinence123
Effective Breast-feeding126
Ineffective Breast-feeding127
Interrupted Breast-feeding133
Decreased Cardiac Output134
Caregiver Role Strain136
Risk for Caregiver Role Strain143
Impaired Comfort146
Acute Pain153
Chronic Pain165
Impaired Communication172
Impaired Verbal Communication185
Acute Confusion188
Chronic Confusion196
Perceived Constipation211
Ineffective Coping213
Defensive Coping223
Ineffective Denial226
Disabled Family Coping233
Compromised Family Coping249
Readiness for Enhanced Family Coping250
Ineffective Community Coping250
Readiness for Enhanced Community Coping255
Decisional Conflict260
Disuse Syndrome272
Deficient Diversional Activity280
Risk for Dysreflexia290
Energy Field Disturbance290
Impaired Environmental Interpretation Syndrome293
Family Processes, Interrupted295
Family Processes, Dysfunctional: Alcoholism304
Deficient Fluid Volume324
Excess Fluid Volume332
Risk for Imbalanced Fluid Volume338
Grieving, Anticipatory347
Grieving, Dysfunctional351
Growth and Development, Delayed354
Development, Risk for Delayed362
Growth, Risk for Disproportionate363
Adult Failure to Thrive363
Ineffective Health Maintenance366
Health-Seeking Behaviors385
Impaired Home Maintenance391
Infant Behavior, Disorganized405
Infant Behavior, Risk for Disorganized412
Infant Behavior, Readiness for Enhanced Organized413
Infection, Risk for416
Infection Transmission, Risk for425
Injury, Risk for432
Risk for Aspiration450
Risk for Falls454
Risk for Poisoning455
Risk for Suffocation456
Risk for Trauma456
Injury, Risk for Perioperative Positioning456
Deficient Knowledge461
Latex Allergy Response463
Latex Allergy Response, Risk for465
Loneliness, Risk for466
Therapeutic Regimen Management, Effective: Individual471
Therapeutic Regimen Management, Ineffective474
Therapeutic Regimen Management, Ineffective: Family481
Therapeutic Regimen Management, Ineffective: Community482
Mobility, Impaired Physical487
Impaired Bed Mobility494
Impaired Walking495
Impaired Wheelchair Mobility496
Impaired Wheelchair Transfer Ability497
Nutrition, Imbalanced: Less Than Body Requirements505
Altered Dentition520
Impaired Swallowing520
Ineffective Infant Feeding Pattern525
Nutrition, Imbalanced: More Than Body Requirements530
Nutrition, Imbalanced: Potential, for More Than Body Requirements533
Parenting, Impaired534
Parent-Infant Attachment, Risk for Impaired539
Parental Role Conflict544
Peripheral Neurovascular Dysfunction, Risk for551
Post-Trauma Syndrome557
Post-Trauma Syndrome, Risk for562
Rape Trauma Syndrome562
Protection, Ineffective578
Tissue Integrity, Impaired579
Skin Integrity, Impaired586
Oral Mucous Membrane, Impaired592
Relocation Stress [Syndrome]601
Respiratory Function, Risk for Ineffective612
Dysfunctional Ventilatory Weaning Response623
Dysfunctional Ventilatory Weaning Responses, Risk for629
Ineffective Airway Clearance632
Ineffective Breathing Patterns634
Impaired Gas Exchange636
Impaired Spontaneous Ventilation637
Role Performance, Ineffective638
Self-Care Deficit Syndrome639
Feeding Self-Care Deficit645
Bathing/Hygiene Self-Care Deficit647
Dressing/Grooming Self-Care Deficit649
Toileting Self-Care Deficit652
Instrumental Self-Care Deficit654
Self-Concept, Disturbed657
Body Image, Disturbed666
Personal Identity, Disturbed671
Self-Esteem, Disturbed671
Chronic Low Self-Esteem673
Situational Low Self-Esteem676
Situational Low Self-Esteem, Risk for679
Risk for Self-Harm680
Risk for Self-Abuse692
Risk for Self-Mutilation694
Risk for Suicide695
Disturbed Sensory Perception700
Sexuality Patterns, Ineffective706
Sexual Dysfunction722
Disturbed Sleep Pattern723
Sleep Deprivation730
Social Interaction, Impaired731
Social Isolation739
Sorrow, Chronic740
Spiritual Distress743
Spiritual Distress, Risk for759
Spiritual Well-Being, Readiness for Enhanced760
Risk for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome761
Surgical Recovery, Delayed763
Thought Processes, Disturbed764
Memory, Impaired775
Tissue Perfusion, Ineffective (Specify: Renal, Cerebral, Cardiopulmonary, Gastrointestinal)779
Tissue Perfusion, Ineffective Peripheral780
Unilateral Neglect786
Urinary Elimination, Impaired791
Maturational Enuresis797
Functional Incontinence800
Reflex Incontinence804
Stress Incontinence806
Total Incontinence809
Urge Incontinence812
Urinary Retention815
Violence, Risk for818
Sect. 3Manual of Collaborative Problems831
Potential Complication: Cardiac/Vascular834
Potential Complication: Respiratory846
Potential Complication: Metabolic/Immune/Hematopoietic853
Potential Complication: Renal/Urinary877
Potential Complication: Neurologic/Sensory885
Potential Complication: Gastrointestinal/Hepatic/Biliary895
Potential Complication: Muscular/Skeletal903
Potential Complication: Reproductive907
Potential Complication: Medication Therapy Adverse Effects916
App. AList of NIC Interventions and NOC Outcomes939
App. BNursing Diagnoses Grouped Under Functional Health Patterns947
App. CHealth-Promotion/Wellness Diagnoses951

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