Nutation and the Earth's Rotation / Edition 1

Nutation and the Earth's Rotation / Edition 1

by E.P. Fedorov

ISBN-10: 9027711135

ISBN-13: 9789027711137

Pub. Date: 05/31/1980

Publisher: Springer Netherlands

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Springer Netherlands
Publication date:
International Astronomical Union Symposia Series, #78
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6.52(w) x 9.34(h) x 1.00(d)

Table of Contents

Session I.- The Specification of Nutation in the IAU System of Astronomical Constants (Review Paper).- Some Difficulties in the Theory of Nutation.- Reduction of the Past ILS Data in a Uniform System.- For a Clear Terminology in the Polar Motion Investigations.- Discussion.- Session II.- Nutation and the Oppolzer’s Terms.- On the Effect of the Scale Value on the Principal Nutation Terms Derived from the ILS Data.- Nutation Terms Derived from the z- and the—-Term of the IPMS System.- Fortnightly Nutation from the ILS Data.- Short-Period Nutation from Observation with the Pulkovo Polar Tube.- Short-Period Terms in Time and Latitude Observations Made with the Herstmonceux Photographic Zenith Tube.- Nearly Diurnal Free Polar Motion Derived from Astronomical Latitude and Time Observations (Review Paper).- Nutation and Nearly Diurnal Latitude Variations from the Data of Bright Zenith Star Observations in Poltava from 1950 to 1977.- Spectrum of Latitude Variations in the Frequency Range 1.4–2.2 cpy and a Search for Nearly Diurnal Free Polar Motion.- Elimination de Certains Effets dans les Observations à l’Astrolabe: Application à l’Évaluation de Corrections aux Termes Principaux de la Nutation.- Corrections to Some Terms of Nutation Deduced from the Paris Astrolabe Observations.- Recherche de Termes de Nutation dans l’Analyse des Observations de Latitude Effectuées à Paris.- A Determination of the Principal Term of Nutation.- Spectral Analysis of Latitude Observations at Gorky and Determination of the Semi-Annual Term of Nutation.- On the Adoption of Empirical Corrections to Woolard’s Nutation Theory.- Discussion.- Session III.- Expected Use of Lunar Range Data to Determine Modified Nutation Terms.- The Determination of Absolute Phase of a Long Baseline Interferometer and its Application to the Precise Measurement of the Constant of Nutation.- The Earth’s Constitution and the Nutations (Review Paper).- On the Nature of the Nonhydrostatic Quadrupole Excess Moment of the Earth.- On the Equation of Precession and Nutation of the Dynamically Unbalanced Earth (Abstract).- On the Ellipsoidal Distribution of Density in the Earth’s Interior (Abstract).- Discussion.- Session IV.- A Review of the Different Liquid Core Models Used for the Computation of the Dynamical Effects on Nutations and Earth Tides.- A Simple Theory on Dynamical Effects of Stratified Fluid Core Upon Nutational Motion of the Earth.- Gravitational, Inertial and Toroidal Oscillations of the Outer Core and Their Related Free Wobbles.- The Period of the Chandler Wobble.- A Normal Mode Study of Wobble and Nutation.- Local Effects on Earth Tide Observations.- On the Electro-Magnetic Coupling between the Core and the Mantle of the Earth.- On Random Excitation and Damping of the Polar Motion.- Variations of Differences of Latitudes and of Mean Latitudes of Stations Located in the Vicinity of a Common Meridian.- Discussion.- Session V.- Earth Tide Components and Forced Nutations (Review Paper).- Forced Nutation and Irregularity of the Rotation of the Earth.- The Love Numbers of the Anelastic Earth.- Global Plate Tectonics and the Secular Motion of the Pole.- Discussion.- Session VI.- Report of General Discussions at IAU Symposium No. 78 on Nutation and the Earth’s Rotation.- Resolutions.

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