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Nutrition and Fitness: Lifestyle Choices for Wellness

Nutrition and Fitness: Lifestyle Choices for Wellness

by Dorothy F. West

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ISBN-10: 1566375118

ISBN-13: 9781566375115

Pub. Date: 09/28/2000

Publisher: Goodheart-Willcox Publisher

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Goodheart-Willcox Publisher
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8.53(w) x 10.98(h) x 0.50(d)

Table of Contents

Part 1Food Habits: A Lifestyle Choice
Chapter 1Making Wellness a Lifestyle10
What Is Wellness?10
Aspects of Wellness12
Factors That Affect Wellness15
Nutrition and Wellness20
Chapter 2Factors Affecting Food Choices26
Food Is a Reflection of Culture26
Social Influences on Food Choices29
Emotions Affect Food Choices33
The Influence of Agriculture, Technology, Economics, and Politics36
Nutrition Knowledge Affects Food Choices39
Chapter 3How Nutrients Become You43
Food, Nutrients, and Energy43
The Process of Digestion46
Absorption of Nutrients50
Factors Affecting Digestion and Absorption51
Digestive Disorders53
Chapter 4Nutrition Guidelines58
Tools for Planning a Healthful Diet59
Using Food Recommendations and Guidelines67
Part 2The Health Effects of Energy Nutrients
Chapter 5Carbohydrates: The Preferred Body Fuel74
Types of Carbohydrates74
The Functions of Carbohydrates77
How Your Body Uses Carbohydrates80
Meeting Your Carbohydrate Needs80
Health Questions Related to Carbohydrates84
Chapter 6Fats: A Concentrated Energy Source91
What Are Lipids?92
Functions of Lipids94
Lipids in the Body95
Fats and Heart Health96
Fats and Cancer103
Limiting Fats and Cholesterol in Your Diet104
Chapter 7Proteins: The Body's Building Blocks110
What Is Protein?111
Protein in the Body112
Food Sources of Protein114
How Much Protein Do You Need?118
The Risks of Too Little or Too Much Protein120
Part 3The Work of Noncaloric Nutrients
Chapter 8Vitamins: Drivers of Cell Processes126
What Are Vitamins?126
The Fat-Soluble Vitamins at Work130
The Water-Soluble Vitamins at Work135
Nonvitamins and Other Nonnutrients143
Are Vitamin Supplements Needed?144
Preserving Vitamins in Food145
Chapter 9Minerals: Regulators of Body Functions150
How Minerals Are Classified150
The Macrominerals at Work152
The Microminerals at Work162
Minerals and Healthful Food Choices168
Chapter 10Water: The Forgotten Nutrient172
The Vital Functions of Water173
Keeping Fluids in Balance175
Part 4Nutrition Management: A Lifelong Activity
Chapter 11Nutrition for All Ages184
Changing Nutritional Needs184
Pregnancy and Lactation186
Infancy and Toddlerhood193
Chapter 12The Energy Balancing Act211
Energy Input212
Energy Output213
Energy Imbalance217
Determining Healthy Weight219
Chapter 13Healthy Weight Management225
Healthy People Need a Healthy Weight225
Factors Affecting Your Weight Status226
Losing Excess Body Fat228
Gaining Weight238
Chapter 14Eating Disorders243
Characteristics of Eating Disorders243
Probable Causes of Eating Disorders246
What Help Is Available?248
Part 5Other Aspects of Wellness
Chapter 15Staying Physically Active: A Way of Life256
Goals for Physical Activity256
The Benefits of Physical Activity258
What Is Total Fitness?259
Exercise and Heart Health263
Keys to a Successful Exercise Program265
Planning an Exercise Program270
Chapter 16Eating for Sports Performance274
The Energy Needs of an Athlete274
Weight Concerns of Athletes281
Harmful Performance Aids283
Chapter 17Maintaining Positive Social and Mental Health287
Basic Human Needs288
What Is Social Health?289
Promoting Positive Social Health290
What Is Mental Health?295
Promoting Positive Mental Health297
Making Positive Life Changes300
Seeking Help for Social and Mental Health Problems303
Chapter 18Stress and Wellness306
Stress Is Part of Life306
Effects of Stress on Health309
Managing Stress313
Preventing Stress316
Chapter 19The Use and Abuse of Drugs322
Drugs as Medicine322
Drug Misuse and Abuse327
Drugs and Athletes339
Getting Help for a Substance Abuse Problem339
Part 6Making Informed Choices
Chapter 20Keeping Food Safe344
Common Food Contaminants344
Outwitting the Food Contaminators347
When Foodborne Illness Happens353
People and Public Food Safety355
Chapter 21Meal Management360
Planning for Appeal361
Planning for Nutrition362
Controlling Food Costs365
Saving Time366
Meals Away from Home369
Chapter 22Making Wise Consumer Choices374
Where to Shop for Food375
Factors That Affect Consumer Food Choices377
Using Food Labels382
Being a Consumer of Fitness Products and Services388
Your Consumer Rights392
Chapter 23Food and Fitness Trends396
Food Preferences396
Food Science Trends402
Fitness Trends409
Chapter 24Nutrition and Health: A Global Concern415
The Hunger Problem415
Working Toward National Solutions424
Working Toward Global Solutions427
What Can One Person Do?434
Chapter 25A Career for You in Nutrition and Fitness439
Nutrition and Fitness Professionals439
Certification and License Requirements446
Making a Positive Career Choice448
Career Preparation450
Finding the Job You Want455
Appendix ACanada's Food Guide to Healthy Eating465
Appendix BRecommended Nutrient Intakes466
Appendix CNutritive Values of Foods469

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