Nutrition in Clinical Practice / Edition 1

Nutrition in Clinical Practice / Edition 1

by David L. Katz, Katz

ISBN-10: 0683306383

ISBN-13: 9780683306385

Pub. Date: 10/28/2000

Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

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Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
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Older Edition
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Table of Contents

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1Clinically Relevant Carbohydrate Metabolism5
2Clinically Relevant Fat Metabolism9
3Clinically Relevant Protein Metabolism16
4Overview of Clinically Relevant Micronutrient Metabolism21
5Diet, Obesity, and Weight Regulation37
6Diet, Atherosclerosis, and Ischemic Heart Disease63
7Diet and Hypertension77
8Diet and Hemostasis83
9Diet and Peripheral and Cerebrovascular Disease87
10Diet, Diabetes Mellitus, and Insulin Resistance92
11Diet and Renal Disease104
12Diet and Cancer114
13Diet and Osteoporosis127
14Diet and Obstructive Airway Disease136
15Diet and Immunity141
16Diet and Wound Healing147
17Food Allergy and Intolerance150
18Diet and Rheumatologic Disease155
19Diet and Neurologic Conditions160
20Diet, Dyspepsia, and Peptic Ulcer Disease164
21Diet and Liver Disease167
22Diet and Common Gastrointestinal Disorders171
23Eating Disorders182
24Malnutrition and Cachexia187
25Diet, Pregnancy, and Lactation197
26Diet and the Menstrual Cycle206
27Diet and Early Development: Pediatric Nutrition211
28Diet and Adolescence220
29Diet and Senescence225
30Diet and Athletic Performance233
31Endocrine Effects of Diet: Phytoestrogens239
32Diet, Sleep-Wake Cycles, and Mood243
33Diet and Cognitive Function248
34Diet and Vision253
35Diet and Dentition256
36Hunger, Appetite, Taste, and Satiety260
37Vegetarianism, Veganism, and Macrobiotic Diets268
38Macronutrient Food Substitutes272
39Evolutionary Biology, Culture and Determinants of Human Behavior279
40Dietary Recommendations for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention291
41Dietary Counseling in Clinical Practice299
Nutrition Formulas of Clinical Interest335
Growth and Body Weight Assessment Tables336
Dietary Intake Assessment in the U.S. Population341
Dietary Intake Assessment Instruments342
Nutrient/Nutriceutical Reference Tables: Intake Range and Dietary Sources344
Nutrient Composition of Foods396
Diet-Drug Interactions397
Nutrient Remedies for Common Conditions: Patient Resources398
Print and Web-based Resource Materials for Professionals399
Print and Web-based Resource Materials for Patients400

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