Nutrition in Pediatrics / Edition 2

Nutrition in Pediatrics / Edition 2

by W. Allan Walker

ISBN-10: 1550090267

ISBN-13: 9781550090260

Pub. Date: 01/01/1996

Publisher: B. C. Decker Incorporated

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B. C. Decker Incorporated
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Older Edition
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Table of Contents

Ch. 1Pediatric Nutrition: A Distinct Subspecialty?3
Ch. 2Clinical Assessment of Nutritional Status7
Ch. 3Laboratory Assessment of Nutritional Status29
Ch. 4Body Composition and Growth44
Ch. 5Energy Metabolism and Requirements in Disease63
Ch. 6Macronutrient Requirements for Growth81
Ch. 7Trace Elements in Human Nutrition91
Ch. 8Vitamins115
Ch. 9The Prudent Diet: Preventive Nutrition136
Ch. 10Community Nutrition and Its Impact on Children145
Ch. 11Protein-Energy Malnutrition in the Hospitalized Pediatric Patient162
Ch. 12Energy Requirements and Nutritional Assessment in Developmental Disabilities169
Ch. 13Energy and Substrate Regulation in Obesity181
Ch. 14Malnutrition and Brain Development196
Ch. 15Nutrition and Gene Expression213
Ch. 16Digestive-Absorptive Functions in Fetuses, Infants, and Children233
Ch. 17Nutrition and the Humoral Regulation of Growth248
Ch. 18Immunophysiology and Nutrition of the Gut272
Ch. 19Malnutrition and Host Defense295
Ch. 20Intestinal Adaptation308
Ch. 21Drug Therapy and the Role of Nutrition320
Ch. 22Nutrition and the Behavior of Children335
Ch. 23Nutrition During Pregnancy351
Ch. 24Nutrition and Development of the Fetus: Carbohydrate and Lipid Metabolism364
Ch. 25Placental Function and Control of Nutrition in Utero379
Ch. 26The Low-Birth-Weight Infant392
Ch. 27The Term Infant413
Ch. 28Weaning: Pathophysiology, Practice, and Policy423
Ch. 29Human Milk: Nutritional Properties436
Ch. 30Protective Properties of Human Milk449
Ch. 31Approach to Breast-Feeding458
Ch. 32Inborn Errors of Fasting Adaptation477
Ch. 33Persistent Renal Disease493
Ch. 34Inflammatory Bowel Disease516
Ch. 35Nutritional Aspects of Pediatric HIV Infection534
Ch. 36Cystic Fibrosis551
Ch. 37Acute and Chronic Liver Disease565
Ch. 38Cancer572
Ch. 39Diabetes Mellitus583
Ch. 40Acute Diarrhea594
Ch. 41Chronic Diarrhea603
Ch. 42Short Bowel Syndrome609
Ch. 43Hyperlipidemia619
Ch. 44Pancreatic Disease632
Ch. 45Carbohydrate Absorption and Malabsorption642
Ch. 46Nutritional Anemias660
Ch. 47Nutritional Aspects of Pediatric Dental-Oral Health Problems678
Ch. 48Nutritional Problems in Adolescence691
Ch. 49Failure to Thrive: Malnutrition in the Pediatric Outpatient Setting705
Ch. 50Obesity in Childhood and Adolescence716
Ch. 51Standard and Specialized Enteric Feeding Practices in Nutrition727
Ch. 52Parenteral Nutrition734
Ch. 53Home Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition747
Ch. 54Special Diets761
App. 1Nutritional Assessment793
App. 2Nutritional Requirements825
App. 3Enteral Products831

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