Nutrition Policy in Public Health / Edition 1

Nutrition Policy in Public Health / Edition 1

by Felix Bronner

ISBN-10: 0826196608

ISBN-13: 9780826196606

Pub. Date: 01/28/1997

Publisher: Springer Publishing Company

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Table of Contents

IGeneral Aspects of Nutrition Policy
1Nutrition Policy in Public Health: Rationale and Approaches
2Behavior and Food Intake: What Constitutes Effective Policy?
3Food-Borne Health Risks: Food Additives, Pesticides, and Microbes
4Legal Aspects of Food Protection
5Food: Production, Processing, Distribution, and Consumption
IINutrition-Related Conditions and Diseases: Policies and Approaches
6Intervention Strategies for Undernutrition
7The Obesity Epidemic: Nutrition Policy and Public Health Imperatives
8Coronary Heart Disease and Public Health Nutrition
9Nutrition in the Etiology, Prevention, Control, and Treatment of Cancer
11Dental Caries Prevention
12Selected Disease Entities: AIDS, Alcoholism, Diabetes Mellitus Lead and Lead Poisoning, Neural Tube Defects, Nutritional Anemias
IIINutrition Policies and Approaches Targeted at Populations at Risk
13Pregnant Mothers and Their Young Children - The WIC Program
14Issues in Development of a Nutrition Policy for Preschool and School-Aged Children
15Nutrition Policy for the Elderly
IVNutrition Policy Perspective
16Opportunities and Challenges of New Nutrition Environments: International Experiences and Implications for U.S. Policymaking
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Subject Index

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