The Oath (Dismas Hardy Series #8)

The Oath (Dismas Hardy Series #8)

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by John Lescroart

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"When the head of San Francisco's largest HMO dies in his own hospital, no one doubts it is anything but the result of massive injuries inflicted by a random hit-and-run car accident. But the autopsy soon tells a different story - an overdose of potassium killed him, and the attending physician, Eric Kensing, becomes the prime suspect in a high-profile homicide." "Abe… See more details below


"When the head of San Francisco's largest HMO dies in his own hospital, no one doubts it is anything but the result of massive injuries inflicted by a random hit-and-run car accident. But the autopsy soon tells a different story - an overdose of potassium killed him, and the attending physician, Eric Kensing, becomes the prime suspect in a high-profile homicide." "Abe Glitsky, though hindered by the inept bunglings of two politically appointed cops assigned to the investigation, quickly sets his sights on Kensing. Desperate and in need of an attorney, Kensing turns to Dismas Hardy for his defense. But as the pressure mounts to indict Kensing, Hardy goes on the offensive, believing that the murder had little to do with his client, and everything to do with business. Hardy knows that all is not well with the HMO, and makes a terrifying discovery: too many patients have been dying, many of them victims of murder - and it looks like it is the hospital that is killing them." His own marriage tested and his family strained as he struggles to save his client, Hardy must uncover a twisting conspiracy of avarice and violence that takes the lives it is sworn to save.

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Editorial Reviews

San Jose Mercury News
Typical Lescroart, which is to say excellent stuff.
USA Today
A spine-tingling legal thriller.
Publishers Weekly
With their reputation for rolling up hefty profits while doling out penny-pinching care, HMOs have emerged as a favorite villain of crime writers. Lescroart gets in his licks with this scalpel-sharp thriller, the ninth in the Dismas Hardy line. This time around, the San Francisco attorney finds himself representing Dr. Eric Kensing, who stands accused of murdering his boss, Tim Markham, the CEO of the Parnassus Medical Group, a struggling HMO providing health services to all the city's employees. An autopsy shows that Markham, hospitalized in critical condition following a hit-and-run, died not of his injuries but of a potassium overdose. It doesn't look good for Kensing. Not only was he the doctor on duty, but he had plenty of motive; his wife was having an affair with Markham. As police investigators, led once again by Lt. Abe Glitsky, home in on Kensing, the case veers in another direction. The police discover that Markham is actually the 12th person to have been killed recently while under Parnassus's care. And Kensing can't be blamed for all of them. The investigation leads police and Hardy to a multitude of suspects, most connected to Parnassus's zeal for ruthless cost cutting. Burdened at times by Hardy's musings and a few awkwardly placed clues, Lescroart's latest featuring the cunning, self-effacing attorney and dedicated family man is still a skillfully researched and executed piece of work. The author wisely steers clear of taking cheap shots at the HMO industry, yet manages to direct a sharp beam into some of its darker crevices. Fans of the popular series should know that there are no courtroom scenes, unusual for the trial-prone Hardy, but Lescroart manages to squeeze inalmost every member of his usual large and always entertaining cast. Copyright 2001 Cahners Business Information.
Library Journal
This intriguing novel delves into greed and violence in a medical setting. When the chief executive officer of San Francisco's largest HMO dies in his own hospital, presumably the result of injuries he received in a hit-and-run car accident, an autopsy reveals a lethal quantity of potassium. His physician, Eric Kensing, is suspected of the murder and seeks legal counsel from Dismas Hardy, who has a record of clearing clients in high-profile murder cases. Meanwhile, experienced homicide lieutenant Abe Glitsky gathers evidence showing that the HMO is troubled financially. Witnesses say several patients have died, and Hardy and Glitsky take a costly risk to ascertain the identity of the killer. Like legal thriller master John Grisham, Lescroart (Nothing but the Truth) appeals to a massive readership with his fast-paced, complicated plots. Highly recommended for popular fiction collections. Jetta Culpepper, Murray State Univ. Libs., KY Copyright 2001 Cahners Business Information.
Kirkus Reviews
Skeletons leap from a San Francisco HMO's closet after its CEO is struck by a hit-and-run driver and dies in his company's own hospital: Lescroart's latest look at the sociology of murder. Before you start cheering the ironic aptness of Tim Markham's death, consider some of the complications. The unidentified jogger was so badly injured at the accident scene that the ambulance driver considered taking him to County Hospital lest Parnassus Health's cost-conscious Portola Hospital stabilize him and then ship him over to County anyway. Shortly after Markham checks out, his wife Carla, their three teenagers, and the family dog are shot to death in a transparently phony murder-suicide. Since Markham had been sleeping with Ann Kensing, her husband Eric, a Parnassus staff physician, leaps to the top of Lt. Abe Glitsky's suspect list. And when Glitsky's best friend Dismas Hardy, the lawyer Eric's retained to dispel the gathering clouds of suspicion, hears that Markham was murdered as well by a lethal injection of potassium, he starts seriously digging into Parnassus' finances. The results would gratify the most fervid HMO-basher. Parnassus, who insures the city's municipal employees, had just stuck the mayor's office with a whopping $13 million bill for additional services rendered over the past two years-a bill the city is sharply disputing, though it can't afford to sue Parnassus out of business. Now there are whispers of kickbacks for listing less-than-effective generic substitute drugs in the corporation's formulary, pending malpractice actions over a string of deaths in Portola's Intensive Care Unit, and the distinct possibility that a dozen of those deaths, maybe more, involved care-givingmore baleful than careless. A depressingly thorough tour of managed-care malfeasance that's a whistleblower's pipe dream-though the skullduggery is so complete, so densely imagined, and so lacking in drama that Hardy and Glitsky (The Hearing) come up short on both mystery and suspense.
From the Publisher
“Lescroart’s medical murder mystery hits ER intensity...A terrific crime story.”—People

“Reading enjoyment…continues to come mainly from the chemistry between his winning odd couple—the freewheeling Hardy and the irascible, by-the-book Glitsky.”—Los Angeles Times

“Skillfully researched and executed….The reliably excellent Lescroart carries on, delivering yet another winner.”—Publishers Weekly“[A] master yarn spinner...a stellar novel.”—Booklist“Hardy and Glitsky are like good wine, improving with time.”—The Orlando Sentinel“Lescroat skillfully balances his story, blending the action of the plot with the satisfying details of Hardy's and Glitsky's personal lives. The minutiae of marriages, children, and domestic routines not only round out the characters but provide a smart counterpoint to the cops-and-lawyer stuff. And unlike so many other authors, Lescroart handles social commentary with a deft touch.”—The Cleveland Plain Dealer


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Dismas Hardy Series, #8
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