Objects of All Sorts: A Philosophical Grammar

Objects of All Sorts: A Philosophical Grammar

by Vincent Descombes

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Descombes here presents a penetrating criticism of many of the principal movements of contemporary Continental philosophy, taking as its standpoint philosophical grammar. By this he means neither the grammar of a particular language nor the general science of linguistics, but rather the presuppositions that underlie particular ways of speaking. This type of investigation will be familiar to readers of Anscombe and Dummett, not to mention Frege and Wittgenstein, all of whom have influenced Descombes. He pursues it in a highly original way, however, arguing forcefully that structuralism and phenomenology make dubious assumptions about language that reflect their inattention to philosophical grammar. A rewarding book. David Gordon, Social Philosophy & Policy Ctr., Bowling Green State Univ., Ohio

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