Occupy!: Scenes from Occupied America

Occupy!: Scenes from Occupied America

by Carla Blumenkranz

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The first book to explore the Occupy movement in depth, with reportage and analysis.See more details below


The first book to explore the Occupy movement in depth, with reportage and analysis.

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly
Composed of brief vignettes written by numerous contributors, as well as editors Taylor and Gessen, this volume offers a street level take on Occupy movements across the country. Manissa Maharawal recounts the difficulties in arguing for a change of wording concerning racial inequality in the "Declaration of the Occupation of Wall Street"-"to stand in front of a white man and explain privilege to him...It hurts. It makes you tired...Sometimes it is exhilarating. Every single time it is hard." L.A Kauffman explains the method of "consensus decision-making" in the General Assemblies, noting that it has been used by activists since the 1970s and practiced by the Quaker Society of Friends for over 300 years. Mark Greif provides a brief history of drum circles and their contentious role in communal living situations; Alex Vitale describes the relationship between police and protesters; and Sunaura Taylor checks in from Occupy Oakland to discuss the challenges of protesting in a wheelchair. Writers from Occupy Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Boston are included as well. The book also features illustrations, photos, and inspiring remarks made at Occupy protests by philosophers Slavoj ?i?ek and Judith Butler, and political activist Angela Davis. This insightful and accessible book is perfect for readers who want to know more about the movement from those involved. Photos and illus.
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From the Publisher
Occupy! abounds with insights on how the occupiers have dealt with internal challenges to their experiment in direct democracy.”—Andrew Ross, Guardian

“Both analytical and full of vivid experience ... These blog-style pieces are interspersed with more substantive writings, which are the true strength of the collection ... but most interesting are those by lesser-known writers who bring us vivid historical analyses of various aspects of the occupations.”—Michael Sayeau, Observer

“Unlike most quickie publications, the book is gorgeous, a testament to beautiful book design ... the essays are thoughtful pieces of first-person reportage. [A] clear-eyed and sober examination of the dream world that we created this fall, along with a few brief, tentative explorations of what it will become in the future. It’s also an excellent proof-of-concept for speedily published book-length journalism that does work blogs and newspapers simply can’t do. This is not some dashed-off smear of a money-making scheme; I recommend it heartily.”—Paul Constant, The Stranger

“A heart warming anthology of the voices involved in this surprising grass roots movement.”—Robert Birnbaum, Our Man in Boston

Occupy!, an anthology from the occasional Occupy Gazette published by n+1, includes ... a lovely piece on the difficulties of organising an occupation’s laundry, which works as a handy metaphor for some of the movement’s larger challenges.”—The Economist

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