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Ocean Detectives: Solving the Mysteries of the Sea

Ocean Detectives: Solving the Mysteries of the Sea

by Mary M. Cerullo, Mary Cerullo

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Editorial Reviews

Children's Literature - Joan Carris
Beginning with stimulating explanations of "scientific inquiry," and "indicator species," the author shows how marine scientists actually work. Four current ecological puzzles--the vanishing fishes off our northeast coast, the dying coral reefs, the perils decimating penguin populations, and the tragic decline of our own west coast salmon are the mysteries they are solving. Cerullo offers readers fine scholarship throughout, the right amount of text--well illustrated with photos--and a useful index and glossary. This is another example of the terrific factual literature being produced for today's youth--and everyone else!
Belying its subtitle, this volume is more about unsolved mysteries than about those that have been solved. The first chapter contains an excellent explanation of scientific inquiry and how it is used to solve problems pertaining to the ocean. The mysteries, or unsolved problems, are varied and are logically presented, offering evidence of the problem, suspected causes, lines of investigation, research methods used to collect data, and possible solutions. In each case, background information needed to understand the scope of the problem is presented in a concise, easy-to-follow manner.

With the presentation of the first mystery, it appears that the book will be yet another piece of fiction predicting death due to human-induced global warming. Thankfully, this fear is not realized: The author wisely states, "You can't really understand how global warming is going to affect fisheries and other marine populations until you understand how the whole system works." The explanation of these mysteries is aided by the many colorful photographs and illustrations that adorn every page of the text. It is unfortunate, however, that Georges Bank is not correctly located on the world map that is included to give a global perspective to the selected problems.

Although rather limited in scope, with only four situations described in the narrative, this book does give the reader an excellent overview with regard to the many variables that must be considered in solving problems having to do with our planet's oceans. (a Turnstone Ocean Explorer Book.) Recommended, Grades 5-12, General Audience. REVIEWER: Jane H. Evans (Mid Valley Secondary Center)

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Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Publication date:
Turnstone Ocean Explorer Series
Product dimensions:
8.38(w) x 9.99(h) x 0.23(d)
Age Range:
10 - 14 Years

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