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Ocean Pulse: A Critical Diagnosis / Edition 1

Ocean Pulse: A Critical Diagnosis / Edition 1

by John T. Tanacredi, Sylvia A. Earle, John Loret, J. Loret

ISBN-10: 0306458004

ISBN-13: 9780306458002

Pub. Date: 05/31/1998

Publisher: Springer US

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Springer US
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7.01(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.02(d)

Table of Contents

Aquaculture of the World Oceans-Is the Future at Our Doorstep? Fish as a Foodstuff-a Catch 22: IS Aquaculture a Solution? R.B. Abel. Underwater Technology Applications to Ocean Exploration: The Impact of Armed Forces on the Development of Marine Technology: A Look Back-A Look Ahead; D.R. Chandler. Precise Target Strength Pattern Measurement in an Indoor Tank; K. Sawada, et al. Advances in the Practical Application of underwater Technology: A Comparison of the Lost Hydrogen Bomb 91966) and TWA Flight 800 (1996) Search and Recovery Operations and Technologies; W.C. Phoel. Human Diving Technology: From Ocean Exploitation to Marine Science; M. Okamoto. New Biotechnological Applications to Fisheries' Aquaculture: The Current Status of Brain-Pituitary-Gonad Axis Physiology in Fishes and its Manipulation During Controlled Reproduction; M.P. Schreibman, L. Magliulo-Cepriano. Underwater Archaeological Applications and Advances: Marine Archaeology on the White Sea; N.A. Demidenko, I.V. Divakov. Conclusion: Ocean Beats Out Space, Four to One!; G.C. Ray. 9 Additional Articles. Index.

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