Odd Couples: What Were They Thinking?

Odd Couples: What Were They Thinking?

Odd Couples: What Were They Thinking? is a successor of sorts to the Golden Throats series of the '90s, compilations perfect for letting bemused hipsters laugh at the gyrations of various vocalists and performers coming to terms with (or enthusiastically jumping onboard) the Age of Aquarius. The big


Odd Couples: What Were They Thinking? is a successor of sorts to the Golden Throats series of the '90s, compilations perfect for letting bemused hipsters laugh at the gyrations of various vocalists and performers coming to terms with (or enthusiastically jumping onboard) the Age of Aquarius. The big difference is that few of the performers here were slumming, or even embarrassed by the results of their rather odd combinations. Tennessee Ernie Ford was one of the kings of unlikely duets, and he's represented well here with the Dinning Sisters, Helen O'Connell, Kay Starr, and Ella Mae Morse all taking turns. (The compilers actually missed a great opportunity: Ford's duet with Betty Hutton on "This Must Be the Place" is a hilarious, uproarious performance.) The other major difference is that -- unlike hearing William Shatner perform "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" -- most of these don't prompt the question, "What were they thinking?" With a few major exceptions, these aritsts, whether country or R&B or blues or jazz, blended well, and many of the teamings are joyful and exciting (file the following under that heading: Red Foley with Cecil Gant, Rosemary Clooney with George Morgan, even Lotte Lenya and Louis Armstrong on "Mack the Knife"). The worst offender, and the only real contender for a future Golden Throats volume, is Italian basso Ezio Pinza's collaboration with the Sons of the Pioneers on "The Little Ol' State of Texas," a song which has never (and will never) lend itself well to an opera singer. If Bear Family had called this Intriguing Couples instead of Odd Couples, most listeners never would've batted an eye. Of course, for those expecting a Golden Throats-type of collection, they'll find music more passable than laughable.

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Bear Family Germany

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Eddy Arnold   Vocals
Chet Atkins   Guitar
Red Foley   Vocals
Tennessee Ernie Ford   Vocals
Don Gibson   Guitar,Leader,Vocals
George Morgan   Guitar,Vocals
Rosemary Clooney   Vocals
Perry Como   Vocals
Ella Mae Morse   Vocals
Dinah Shore   Vocals
Kay Starr   Vocals
Barrett Deems   Drums
Edmond Hall   Clarinet
Klink   Saxophone
Warren Smith   Trombone
Marvin Ash   Piano
Mel Davis   Trumpet
George Van Eps   Guitar
Helen O'Connell   Vocals
Lotte Lenya   Vocals
Cecil Gant   Piano
Noel Boggs   Steel Guitar
Ken Curtis   Vocals
Cliffie Stone   Bass,Leader
Billy Strange   Guitar
Speedy West   Steel Guitar
Molly Bee   Vocals
Trummy Young   Trombone
George Duvivier   Bass
Robert Alexander   Trombone
Louis Armstrong   Leader,Vocals
Mitchell Ayres   Leader
Owen Bradley   Piano
Sid Cooper   Saxophone
Harold Feldman   Saxophone
Harry Glickman   Violin
Roy Harte   Drums
Hugo Winterhalter   Leader
Billy Kyle   Piano
Thomas Mitchell   Trombone
Ernie Newton   Bass
David Novales   Violin
Abraham Richman   Saxophone
Bobby Rosengarden   Drums
John Rossi   French Horn
Sol Schlinger   Saxophone
Lucien Schmit   Cello
Arvell Shaw   Bass
Sylvan Shulman   Violin
Lou Singer   Drums
Sister Rosetta Tharpe   Vocals
Larry Breen   Bass
Jerry Byrd   Steel Guitar
Farris Coursey   Drums
Felix Orlewitz   Violin
Darol Rice   Clarinet
Jack Shook   Guitar
Lois Winter   Choir, Chorus
Lillian Clark   Choir, Chorus
Maurice Hershaft   Violin
Bernard Kaufman   Saxophone
Howard Kay   Violin
Seymour Miroff   Violin
Henry Ross   Saxophone
Dinning Sisters   Vocals
Tommy Doss   Vocals
Evelyn Knight   Vocals
Roberta Lee   Vocals
Natalicio Moreyra Lima   Guitar,Leader
Lloyd Perryman   Vocals
Paul Sells   Organ
Elise Bretton   Choir, Chorus
Dottie Dillard   Choir, Chorus
Marvin H. Hughes   Piano,Leader
Alcyone Beasley   Choir, Chorus
Ivy J. "Jimmy" Bryant   Guitar
Hilbert C. Decker   Guitar
John W. Greubel   Drums
William Edward "Billy" Liebert   Piano
Samuel Persoff   Viola
Eugene Steck   Choir, Chorus
Maurice Wilk   Violin
Evelyn Wilson   Choir, Chorus
Donald Slayman   Fiddle
"Papa" John Gordy   Piano
Dewey Bergman   Leader
Milton Curtis "Muddy" Berry   Drums
Fontane Sisters   Vocals
Jack Brown   Choir, Chorus
James O. "Jimmy" Wyble   Electric Guitar
Roland L. Lane   Guitar
Hugh Farr   Fiddle
Karl Farr   Guitar
Richard Farrell Morris   Marimbas
Peggy Powers   Choir, Chorus
Martin Lake   Cello
Junior Huskey   Bass
Donald S. Davis   Steel Guitar
Arthur Marotti   Drums
Robert Spiro   Choir, Chorus
George Brown   Viola
Arthur Berv   French Horn
Maurice Golodner   Violin
John Guarniori   Piano
Clifford Leeman   Drums
Walden Wilber   French Horn
Thomas Grady Martin   Guitar
Carl Severinson   Trumpet
Ben Gill   Fiddle,Leader
Sam Hollingsworth   Bass
Milton Prinz   Cello
Marilyn Palmer   Choir, Chorus
Irving Finkstein   Violin
David Vogel   Choir, Chorus
Edward M. "Eddie" Kirk   Guitar
Monty Matthews   Choir, Chorus
Juan Esquivel   Piano,Leader
Hank "Sugarfoot" Crawford   Electric Guitar
James Nottingham   Trumpet
Beasley Singers   Choir, Chorus
Murrey M. "Buddy" Harman   Drums
Anthony Mottola   Guitar
William D. "Buddy" Killen   Bass
Mathias Santiesteben   Saxophone
Cecil Bailey   Choir, Chorus
Bernard Glow   Trumpet
Antenor Lima   Guitar
Ernie Ardie   Guitar
Derry Duane   Choir, Chorus
Curloy Holt   Choir, Chorus
Ed Lindstrom   Choir, Chorus
Lee Erwin   Piano
Urban Green   Trombone

Technical Credits

Marc Blitzstein   Composer
George Gershwin   Composer
Kurt Weill   Composer
Tennessee Ernie Ford   Composer
Larry Wilcox   Arranger
Anita Kerr   Composer
Tommy Edwards   Composer
Bertolt Brecht   Composer
Buddy Ebsen   Composer
Johnnie Wright   Composer
Joe Allison   Composer
Chester B. Atkins   Producer
George Avakian   Producer
Owen Bradley   Composer
Sammy Cahn   Composer
Herman Diaz   Producer
Colin Escott   Illustrations
Ernest J. Ford   Composer
Ira Gershwin   Composer
Bonnie Lake   Composer
Don Law   Producer
Billy Vera   Liner Notes
Hank Williams   Composer
Tex Owens   Composer
Jack Anglin   Composer
Marvin Hughes   Composer
Stephen H. Sholes   Producer
Bob Nolan   Composer
Michael Ochs   Illustrations
R.A. Andreas   Illustrations
Richard Weize   Reissue Producer
Earl Brent   Composer
Vic McAlpin   Composer
Jack Toombs   Composer
John Sellards   Artwork,Photo Restoration
Dave Franklin   Composer
Andreas Merck   Photo Scanning
Beasley Smith   Composer
Paul Cohen   Producer
Charles R. Grean   Producer

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