Odd Nerdrum: Paintings

Odd Nerdrum: Paintings

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by Jan-Erik Ebbestad Hansen, Odd Nerdrum

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Donald Kuspit
Again and again, Odd Nerdrum paints isolated figures -- figures ensconced in their isolation, one might say. That is, they accept it as their fate, never questioning it because they know no alternative to it....They in fact need isolation: it is only in stark isolation that they can know their true catastrophic self, that is, experience the catastrophe that has befallen their true self.

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Guest More than 1 year ago
I have had the good fortune to be exposed to many of Nerdrum's masterpieces while living in Norway for the past three years. Odd Nerdrum's paintings take my breath away. His nude figures are not to be compared for he has captured the light and tone of their flesh masterfully. His textiles bring to mind the works of Rembrandt. This is an excellent book for art lovers and students who want to capture the essence of the human body, its form, emotion,and state. Nerdrum has a great need to stir up all of Norway with his radical and contraversial art. Now that I am living in the states I am able to keep Nerdrum's work near me with this beautiful book signed by the artist himself. I now live a few miles from Nerdrum's 'Five Persons Around A Water Hole'(1992) which hangs in the New Orleans Museum of Art. As they say in Norway, 'This book is SPECIAL.' I know you will enjoy it.