Offenbach: Orpheus in the Underworld (Highlights)

Offenbach: Orpheus in the Underworld (Highlights)

by English National Opera

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  1. Prelude
  2. Hello, I'm Public Opinion
  3. Eurydice is all a-flutter
  4. So that's the game
  5. I feel a cool intoxication
  6. We, the watchdog of the people
  7. Tzing!, tzing!, tzing!, tzing!
  8. A night on the town
  9. Remember what you did to Leda
  10. Look out, look out, move over there!
  11. He is coming, oh, how boring
  12. Oh, oh, look at that look he's giving me
  13. Though I was king of all Beotia
  14. We can tell she's in Hell
  15. My little spies uncover
  16. There you are, you look so neat
  17. It's strange, but a touch seemed to wake...
  18. Do not look back or all will be lost
  19. ...He is the only god
  20. Infernal gallop (Can-Can)

Album Credits

Performance Credits

English National Opera   Primary Artist
Fiona Kimm   Vocals
Sally Burgess   Vocals
Emile Belcourt   Vocals
Bonaventura Bottone   Vocals
Mark Elder   Conductor
Edward Byles   Vocals
Stuart Kale   Vocals
English National Opera Chorus   Choir, Chorus
Shilagh Squires   Vocals
English National Opera Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Cathryn Pope   Vocals
Lillian Watson   Vocals
Simon Masterton-Smith   Vocals

Technical Credits

David Flower   Engineer
Anthea Pender   Cover Design
James Mallinson   Producer
Henrietta Bredin   Liner Notes
Heather Kenmure   Cover Design
Ludovic Halévy   Text
John A. Yap   Executive Producer
Michael Sheady   Engineer

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