Oh Carol: The Complete Recordings 1956-1966

Oh Carol: The Complete Recordings 1956-1966

by Neil Sedaka

Neil Sedaka never gets the respect that he deserves because he's a man out of time. His heyday was in the early '60s, when rock & roll was in recession and before the Beatles came across the Atlantic and changed everything, and in a way, he epitomized the era -- he wasn't rock & roll, he was informed by it, but he was at his heart a pop…  See more details below


Neil Sedaka never gets the respect that he deserves because he's a man out of time. His heyday was in the early '60s, when rock & roll was in recession and before the Beatles came across the Atlantic and changed everything, and in a way, he epitomized the era -- he wasn't rock & roll, he was informed by it, but he was at his heart a pop tunesmith, and his best songs, whether performed by him or not, were in the Tin Pan Alley tradition but given a contemporary polish to appeal to the kids. This means some of his recordings are inextricably tied to their era, but he was such a savvy songwriter that the best of his work -- such as "Oh Carol," "Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen," "Calendar Girl," and "Breaking Up Is Hard to Do," which is his greatest song -- has stood the test of the time, while still standing as the sound of the early '60s. That doesn't necessarily mean that his work lends itself to the exhaustive Bear Family box set treatment, though. Pop was his medium, whether it was 45s or individual songs, and when they're collected as a body of work as they are on Bear Family's eight-disc Oh Carol: The Complete Recordings 1956-1966, the result is a little exhausting. There are two problems: the first is that his non-hit material is simply not as strong as his hits, but that's not the big problem -- no, the big problem is that half of this set is dedicated to non-English recordings, which is solely the province of archivists and completists. Those listeners will surely enjoy this set since, after all, it is produced with the same love and care as any Bear Family set, and it does contain the complete recordings of Sedaka at his peak. If they know what they're getting into, Oh Carol is worth the investment, but most listeners will find that concise single-disc hits collections will give them what they need.

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Disc 1

  1. While I Dream
  2. I Love My Baby
  3. Don't Go
  4. Come Back Joe
  5. Snowtime
  6. Laura Lee
  7. Ring a Rockin'
  8. Fly Don't Fly on Me
  9. Oh Delilah
  10. Neil's Twist
  11. The Diary
  12. No Vacancy /No Vacancy
  13. All I Need Is You
  14. The Diary
  15. You're Knockin' Me Out
  16. As Long as I Live
  17. I Go Ape
  18. Moon of Gold
  19. I Ain't Hurtin' No More
  20. I Belong to You
  21. You Gotta Learn Your Rhythm and Blues
  22. Crying My Heart Out for You
  23. Another Sleepless Night
  24. Fallin'
  25. Stupid Cupid
  26. I Waited Too Long
  27. Without Your Love
  28. Going Home to Mary Lou

Disc 2

  1. Oh Carol
  2. Carole King: Oh Neil
  3. One Way Ticket (To the Blues)
  4. The Girl for Me
  5. What Am I Gonna Do
  6. Run Samson Run
  7. Stairway to Heaven
  8. You Mean Everything to Me
  9. I Must Be Dreaming
  10. Walk With Me
  11. Forty Winks Away
  12. Forty Winks Away
  13. Look to the Rainbow
  14. Bess, You Is My Woman Now
  15. Circulate
  16. We Kiss in a Shadow
  17. Everything Happens to Me
  18. Smile
  19. I Found My World in You
  20. Angel Eyes
  21. All the Way
  22. Nothing Ever Changes My Love for You
  23. A Felicidade
  24. You Took Advantage of Me
  25. Calender Girl
  26. The Same Old Fool

Disc 3

  1. Little Devil
  2. Another Day, Another Heartache
  3. This Endless Night
  4. Your Heart Has Changed Its Mind
  5. Sweet Little You
  6. Don't Lead Me On
  7. Happy Birthday, Sweet Sixteen
  8. King of Clowns
  9. Breaking Up Is Hard to Do
  10. All the Words in the World
  11. Next Door to an Angel
  12. Bad Girl
  13. Look Inside Your Heart
  14. Waiting for Never
  15. Let's Go Steady Again
  16. Alice in Wonderland
  17. The Dreamer
  18. Too Late
  19. Bad Girl
  20. Wait 'Til You See Me Baby
  21. The Closest Thing to Heaven
  22. Fly Me to the Moon (In Other Words)
  23. You'll Never Know
  24. Without Your Love
  25. Because of You
  26. Without a Song
  27. I'll Be Seeing You

Disc 4

  1. Sunny
  2. It Hurts to Be in Love
  3. She'll Never Be You
  4. Let the People Talk
  5. I Hope He Breaks Your Heart
  6. In the Chapel With You
  7. Another Day, Another Heartache
  8. The World Through a Tear
  9. High on a Mountain (Deep in a Valley)
  10. Pictures from the Past
  11. The Answer to My Prayer
  12. Blue Boy
  13. Nobody But You
  14. We Hide from the Sun
  15. Sleeping Beauty
  16. The Answer Lies Within
  17. Grown-Up Games
  18. We Can Make It If We Try
  19. Cellophane Disguise
  20. Cold Girl
  21. Pray for Love
  22. Hallelujah I Love Her So
  23. Israeli Medley: Shalom Aleichem/Artza Aleinu/Tzena, Tzena, Tzena
  24. My Yiddishe Momme
  25. Scapriatcciello

Disc 5

  1. Es Dificil Decir Adios
  2. No Me Mientas Más
  3. Pasaje de Ida
  4. Chica de Calendario
  5. Serás Todo Para Mi
  6. Recuerdos de Ipacaraí
  7. Rey de los Payasos
  8. Feliz Cumpleaños, Dulces Dieciséis
  9. Diablito
  10. Con un Beso
  11. Soy el Amor
  12. Mi Madre Querida
  13. Mi Vecinita (Cerca de un Ángel)
  14. María Elena
  15. Alicia (En el País de las Maravillas)
  16. Mi Dicha Lejana
  17. Bésame Otra Vaz (Volvamos a Ser Novios)
  18. Más (Te Guardaré en el Corazón) (Ti Guarderó Nel Cuore)
  19. Chica Mala
  20. Divina Ilusión
  21. Iré Por Tí (La Terza Luna)
  22. Creo Estar Soñando
  23. El Reloj
  24. El Soñador
  25. Cumbia de la Primavera
  26. Qué Suerte
  27. Manuela
  28. Lunita Consejera
  29. Ilero Por Ti Porque No Estas, Ilero Por Ti Porque Te Vas
  30. Entre Montañ, Nas Cruzando Valles

Disc 6

  1. Esagerata
  2. Un Giorno Inutile
  3. Finche' 'Vivro
  4. L' Ultimo Appuntamento
  5. A 16 Anni Tu Vuoi Amare
  6. Tu Non lo Sai
  7. I Tuoi Capricci
  8. La Terza Luna
  9. Il Cielo Ti Ha Creata Par Me
  10. Quando Sorridi Cosi
  11. Il Re Dei Pagliacci
  12. Adesso No
  13. Non Cercare Un' Altra Bocca
  14. Se C' E' un Paradiso
  15. Darei 10 Anni
  16. La Notte E' Fatta Per Amare
  17. La Luna a Fiori
  18. Non Basta Mai
  19. Ricordati Ancora
  20. Sara' Sara'
  21. Matto
  22. Mai Sara' Come Te
  23. Che Non Farei
  24. Viene la Notte
  25. I Primi Giorni
  26. E la Vita Continua
  27. La Forza del Destino

Disc 7

  1. Canrando Con le Lacrime Agli Occhi
  2. I' Te Vurria Vasa
  3. Tu Musica Divina
  4. Si, Amore (All the Way)
  5. Na Sera 'E Maggio
  6. Ricordando
  7. Arcobaleno (Over the Rainbow)
  8. Estrellita
  9. L' Ultima Foglia
  10. Sorridi
  11. Questa Notte Sapro'
  12. Lettera Bruciata
  13. Un' Ora Sola Ti Vorrei
  14. L' Amore E' Una Cosa Meravigliosa
  15. Crazy Daisy
  16. Heute Sind Es Träume
  17. Candy (Mädchen Aus Germany)
  18. Wenn Ich in Dein Fenster Seh'
  19. Nur Einm Bild Von Dir
  20. So Wie Mein Baby
  21. Die Mean Everything to Me
  22. Oh Carol (Hebrew)
  23. You Mean Everything to Me (Hebrew)
  24. Namida No Komichi (Japanese)
  25. High on a Mountain (Japanese)

Disc 8

  1. Without Your Love
  2. Walk With Me
  3. The Diary
  4. You Mean Everything to Me
  5. Time Marches On
  6. Where the Boys Are
  7. What Am I Gonna Do
  8. One Way Ticket (To the Blues)
  9. Happy Birthday, Sweet Sixteen
  10. Calender Girl
  11. Little Devil
  12. Oh! Carol
  13. I Go Ape
  14. No Vacancy
  15. Oh Carol
  16. Sunny
  17. She'll Never Be You
  18. Sleeping Beauty
  19. Forty Winks Away
  20. Without a Song
  21. My Best Friend Barbara
  22. TV Show
  23. The Canvas Sky
  24. The Waterbug
  25. The Jellyfish Song
  26. Party Song
  27. Instant Love
  28. It Happened Again
  29. Station Breaks
  30. Message to His Japanese Fans
  31. The Christmas Greeting
  32. New Years Greeting

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Neil Sedaka   Primary Artist,Piano,Vocals
Carole King   Vocals
Phil Bodner   Saxophone,Woodwind
Urbie Green   Trombone
Mundell Lowe   Guitar
Bucky Pizzarelli   Guitar
Jerome Richardson   Saxophone,Baritone Saxophone
Bernie Leighton   Piano,Harpsichord
Hal McKusick   Saxophone
Frank Rehak   Trombone
Ernie Royal   Trumpet
Harry Breuer   Percussion
Harold Lieberman   Trumpet
Mickey Baker   Guitar
Alan Lorber   Conductor,Leader
Trade Martin   Guitar
David Nadien   Violin
Jimmy Wisner   Leader
George Duvivier   Bass
Wayne Andre   Trombone
Stan Applebaum   Leader
Don Arnone   Guitar
Seymour Barab   Cello
Everett Barksdale   Guitar
Wilbur Bascomb   Trumpet
Richard Berg   Horn
Albert Berry   Choir, Chorus
Maurice Bialkin   Violin
Maurice Brown   Cello
Norman Burnett   Choir, Chorus
Kenny Burrell   Guitar
Francine Caroll   Choir, Chorus
Casamenti   Guitar
Mac Ceppos   Violin
Burt Collins   Trumpet,Flugelhorn
George Devens   Percussion,Bass Drums,Marimbas,Tambourine,Vibes
Sal DiTroia   Guitar
Richard Dickler   Viola
Harry Duvall   Choir, Chorus
Arnold Eidus   Violin
Harvey Estrin   Saxophone
Sticks Evans   Drums
Panama Francis   Drums
Eric Gale   Guitar
Vincent Bell   Guitar,Steel Guitar,Bazouki
Paul Gershman   Violin
Harry Glickman   Violin
Leroy Glover   Piano
Bernie Glow   Trumpet
Gorgoni   Guitar
Emanuel Green   Violin
Paul Griffin   Piano
Joseph Grimaldi   Clarinet,Flute,Saxophone,Baritone Saxophone,Soprano Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Sol Gubin   Drums
Louis Haber   Violin
Harry Lookofsky   Violin
Ernie Hayes   Organ,Piano
Julius Held   Violin,Conductor
Milt Hinton   Bass
Dick Hixson   Trombone
Isadore Zir   Violin
Theodore Israel   Violin,Viola
Marilyn Jackson   Choir, Chorus
Jack Jennings   Percussion
Dorothy Jones   Choir, Chorus
Arthur Kaplan   Clarinet,Flute,Bass Clarinet,Saxophone,Baritone Saxophone
Harry Katzman   Violin
Jack Keller   Piano
Harold Kohon   Violin
Leo Kruczek   Violin
Charles Libove   Violin
Warren Luckey   Saxophone
Carl Lynch   Guitar
Charles Macey   Banjo,Guitar
Irvin "Marky" Markowitz   Trumpet
Art Marotti   Percussion
Barbara Massey   Choir, Chorus
Charles McCracken   Cello
Jimmy Nottingham   Trumpet
George Ockner   Violin
Gene Orloff   Violin
Frank Owens   Piano
Romeo Penque   Saxophone,Baritone Saxophone
Charlie Persip   Drums
Raoul Poliakin   Violin
Max Pollikoff   Violin
Benjamin Powell   Trombone
Carl Pruitt   Bass
Walter Raim   Guitar
Samuel Rand   Violin
George Ricci   Violin,Cello
Albertine Robinson   Choir, Chorus
Richard Romoff   Bass
Margaret Ross   Choir, Chorus
David Sackson   Violin,Viola
Buddy Saltzman   Drums
Murray Sandry   Viola
Russell Savkas   Bass,Electric Bass
Julius Schachter   Violin
Lucien Schmit   Cello
James Sedlar   Trumpet
Harvey Shapiro   Cello
Garry Sherman   Leader,Piccolo,Saxophone
Sylvan Shulman   Violin
Melvin Smith   Choir, Chorus
Todd Sommer   Percussion,Vibes
Irving Spice   Violin
Louis Stone   Violin
Morris Stonzek   Cello
Lloyd Trotman   Bass
Joseph B. Wilder   Trumpet
Toni Wine   Choir, Chorus
Eugene Bianco   Harp
Hank Medress   Vocals
Mel Tax   Flute,Bassoon,Baritone Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone,Orchestra Bells
Julius Brand   Violin
Doles Dickens   Bass
Robert Gregg   Drums
Emily Houston   Choir, Chorus
Willard Suyker   Bass,Guitar,Electric Guitar
Stanley Webb   Saxophone
Jerry Graff   Choir, Chorus
William Slapin   Saxophone
Lois Winter   Choir, Chorus
Lillian Clark   Choir, Chorus
Milton Schlesinger   Percussion
George Hilliard   Choir, Chorus
Danny Jordan   Choir, Chorus
Trudy Marlin   Choir, Chorus
Paul Winter Consort   Violin
William Jackson & Scottish Orchestra of Music   Percussion
Andrew Ackers   Piano
Elise Bretton   Choir, Chorus
Wallace Richardson   Guitar,12-string Guitar
Richman   Horn
Gerald Sanfino   Saxophone
Lammar Wright   Trumpet
Gene Steck   Choir, Chorus
Malcolm Dodds   Choir, Chorus
Alan Sokoloff   Choir, Chorus
Maurice Wilk   Violin
Miriam Workman   Choir, Chorus
William Rodriguez   Percussion
Joseph Macho   Electric Bass
James Maxwell   Trumpet
Albert Lucas   Bass
Arthur Butler   Organ,Percussion,Piano,Harpsichord,Triangle,Vibes
Jack Brown   Choir, Chorus
Jim Dahl   Trombone
Tommy Wynn   Choir, Chorus
Audrey Marsh   Choir, Chorus
Gordon "Whitey" Mitchell   Bass
Robert Harter   Choir, Chorus
David Mankowitz   Viola
Sylvan Schulman   Violin
Robert M. Rosengarden   Drums
Delia Warrick   Choir, Chorus
Alexander Caiola   Guitar
Joseph Haber   Violin
Arthur S. Ryerson   Guitar
David A. Vogel   Choir, Chorus
Peggy Powers   Choir, Chorus
John "Don" Abney   Piano
Jack Best   Choir, Chorus
Robert Block   Guitar
Ronnie Dante   Choir, Chorus
Bertell Dache   Choir, Chorus
Joyce DeYoung   Choir, Chorus
Eugene Duane   Choir, Chorus
Jerry Dunce   Choir, Chorus
Irving Faberman   Jew's Harp
Fima Fieldman   Violin
James Foglesong   Choir, Chorus
Joseph L. Gaber   Violin
Charles Ganian   Oud
David Guilet   Violin
Gary Chester Gurcillio   Drums
Gary Chester Gurciullo   Percussion
Frank Heyward Henry   Saxophone
Robert Eric Carlson   Choir, Chorus
Keith Booth   Choir, Chorus

Technical Credits

George Gershwin   Composer
Neil Sedaka   Composer,Vocal Overdubs
Ray Charles   Composer
Vinícius de Moraes   Composer
Matt Dennis   Composer
Johnny Beecher   Illustrations
Vincent Youmans   Composer
Harold Arlen   Composer
Richard Rodgers   Composer
Peter Allen   Composer
Carole Bayer Sager   Composer
Gerry Goffin   Composer
Alan Lorber   Arranger
Barry Mann   Composer
Brian Gari   Liner Notes
Roberto Cantoral   Composer
Palito Ortega   Composer
Luis Bacalov   Composer
Jerome Kern   Composer
Stan Applebaum   Arranger
Roger Atkins   Composer
George Avakian   Producer
Bob Bollard   Producer
Sammy Cahn   Composer
Charlie Chaplin   Composer
Frédéric Chopin   Composer
Sammy Fain   Composer
Charles Fox   Composer
Ira Gershwin   Composer
Mack Gordon   Composer
Howard Greenfield   Composer
Oscar Hammerstein   Composer
Arthur Hammerstein   Composer
Otto Harbach   Composer
E.Y. "Yip" Harburg   Composer
Lorenz Hart   Composer
Antonio Carlos Jobim   Composer
Irving Kahal   Composer
Jack Keller   Composer
Don Kirshner   Producer
Burton Lane   Composer
Sandy Linzer   Composer
Francesci Migliacci   Composer
Nevins   Producer
Riz Ortolani   Composer
Denny Randell   Composer
Joe Rene   Producer
Carlo Rossi   Composer
James Van Heusen   Composer
Harry Warren   Composer
Paul Webster   Composer
Jack Yellen   Composer
Jerry Keller   Composer
Sergio Bardotti   Composer
John Turner   Composer
Manuel Ponce   Composer
Chico Novarro   Composer
R.A. Andreas   Illustrations
Richard Weize   Reissue Producer,Illustrations,Tape Research
Morty Craft   Producer
DuBose Heyward   Composer
E. Quezada   Composer
Holger Von Bargen   Art Direction
Bruno Zambrini   Composer
Annebelle Thompson   Composer
Michael A. Turner   Illustrations
Tom Adair   Composer
Edward Eliscu   Composer
Lorenzo Barcelata   Composer
Earl Brent   Composer
Marvin Fisher   Composer
Helen Miller   Composer
Lew Pollack   Composer
Adolfo Salas   Composer
Jack Segal   Composer
Vittoria Mascheroni   Composer
Alberto Testa   Composer
Dudley Wilkinson   Composer
Ferdinando Albano   Composer
Alfredo Brachi   Composer
Sylvester Bradford   Composer
Hans Bradtke   Composer
Giovanni D'Anzi   Composer
Eduardo DeCapua   Composer
Richard Everitt   Composer
Pacifico Vento   Composer
Ben Molar   Composer
Paul (Buggie) ?   Composer
Wolfgang Taubenauer   Artwork
Werner O. Richter   Composer
Traditional   Composer
Larry Kolber   Composer
Richard Grossman   Composer
Christopher Allen   Composer
Heinz Alisch   Composer
Armando Trovajoli   Composer
Ido Ofir   Composer
Billy Rose   Composer
Edgar Nomen   Composer
Stefan Wriedt   Reissue Producer,Illustrations,Tape Comparison
Luca Palleschi   Composer
J. Ortiz Pino   Composer
Hank Hunter   Composer
Horst Fuchs   Producer
Enrico Polito   Composer
Kurt Hertha   Composer
Mario Panzeri   Composer
Umberto Bertini   Composer
Demetrio Ortiz   Composer
Vincenzo Russo   Composer
Ronnie Grassman   Composer
Gianni Meccia   Composer
Maria Rosa Conz   Composer
Matteo Leo Chiosso   Composer
Joel McKible   Composer
Carlo Pes   Composer
Gino Ingrosso   Composer
Ronnie Grossman   Composer
Bart Howard   Composer
Geoffrey Parsons   Composer
Giuseppe Previde Massara   Composer

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