Oh What a Feeling, Vol. 3

Oh What a Feeling, Vol. 3


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Emd Int'l


Disc 1

  1. Closer to the Heart  -  Rush
  2. Hey You
  3. Dreamboat Annie  -  Heart
  4. Sweet City Woman
  5. My Own Way to Rock
  6. Hot Child in the City
  7. Pretty Lady  -  Lighthouse
  8. Hand Me Down World  -  Guess Who
  9. Seasons in the Sun
  10. Under My Thumb
  11. One Day I Walk
  12. Farmer's Song
  13. Sometimes When We Touch  - Dan Hill
  14. Last Song  -  Edward Bear
  15. Which Way You Goin' Billy?
  16. Snowbird
  17. (You're) Having My Baby  - Paul Anka
  18. From New York to L.A.

Disc 2

  1. How You Remind Me
  2. On Thing
  3. Wasting My Time  -  Default
  4. Innocent
  5. Perfect
  6. Pieces  -  Sum 41
  7. Try Honest  -  Billy Talent
  8. If It Feels Good Do It  -  Sloan
  9. Wicked and Weird  - Buck 65
  10. Cause = Time
  11. Nothing Could Come Between Us
  12. Jealous of Your Cigarette
  13. Pulmonary Archery
  14. Load Me Up
  15. Brother Down
  16. American Psycho
  17. Gatekeeper  -  Feist
  18. Bobcaygeon

Disc 3

  1. Complicated
  2. Hero
  3. Pinch Me
  4. Crabbuckit  -  k-os
  5. I'm Like a Bird
  6. Can't Stop
  7. Bad Boy  - Keshia Chanté
  8. Le Ciel Est à Moi  - Marie-Élaine Thibert
  9. Take a Message
  10. Lady Venom
  11. Black Black Heart  - David Usher
  12. Hurts to Love You
  13. Je Ferais Tout
  14. Take Me Away
  15. Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk
  16. Everybody's Got a Story
  17. Forever and for Always
  18. Open Road

Disc 4

  1. World on Fire
  2. A New Day Has Come
  3. Never Mind
  4. Bulletproof
  5. Basement Apartment
  6. Whatever It Takes  - Ron Sexsmith
  7. Helpless  - k.d. lang
  8. The Look of Love
  9. Can't Help Falling in Love
  10. Something Cool
  11. Two Shots of Happy, One Shot of Sad
  12. Big Feeling
  13. No Fear
  14. I Don't Want You to Go
  15. Bells  -  Rankin Family
  16. Jimmy's Got a Girlfriend
  17. Fall at Your Feet
  18. Consequence Free

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Album Credits

Technical Credits

Paul Anka   Composer
Bruce Cockburn   Composer
Mick Jagger   Composer
Aldo Nova   Composer
Neil Young   Composer
Sarah McLachlan   Composer
Burt Bacharach   Composer
Burton Cummings   Composer
Nick Gilder   Composer
Barry Mann   Composer
Murray McLauchlan   Composer
Lauren Christy   Composer
Terry Jacks   Composer
Jann Arden   Composer
Shania Twain   Composer
Billy Barnes   Composer
Mary Chapin Carpenter   Composer
Terri Clark   Composer
Luigi Creatore   Composer
Jim Cuddy   Composer
Hal David   Composer
Rich Dodson   Composer
Gordon Downie   Composer
Larry Evoy   Composer
Johnny Fay   Composer
Neil Finn   Composer
Greg Keelor   Composer
Arnold Lanni   Composer
Geddy Lee   Composer
Alex Lifeson   Composer
Hugo Peretti   Composer
Gene MacLellan   Composer
Amanda Marshall   Composer
Jimmy McCulloch   Composer
Ben Mink   Composer
Neil Peart   Composer
Chris Perry   Composer
Skip Prokop   Composer
Keith Richards   Composer
Sam Roberts   Composer
George David Weiss   Composer
Ann Wilson   Composer
Kurt Winter   Composer
Susan Aglukark   Composer
Steven Page   Composer
Graham Edwards   Composer
Paul Langlois   Composer
Brian West   Composer
Billy Mann   Composer
Duncan Coutts   Composer
Raine Maida   Composer
Jeremy Taggart   Composer
Rufus Wainwright   Composer
Patrick Pentland   Composer
Jimmy Rankin   Composer
Jon Levine   Composer
Charles Austin   Composer
Rosie Martin   Composer
Greig Nori   Composer
Rupert Gayle   Composer
James McCollum   Composer
Bill Priddle   Composer
Sarah Harmer   Composer
Jason Levine   Composer
Richie McDonald   Composer
Gerald Eaton   Composer
Sean McCann   Composer
Nickelback   Composer
Chad Kroeger   Composer
Molecules   Composer
Dave Genn   Composer
Scott Anderson   Composer
Nelly Furtado   Composer
Carolyn Dawn Johnson   Composer
Alan Doyle   Composer
Bob Hallett   Composer
Darrell Power   Composer
Hawksley Workman   Composer
Trevor McGregor   Composer
Broken Social Scene   Composer
Gord Sinclair   Composer
Remy Shand   Composer
Richard Terfry   Composer
Jeremy Hora   Composer
Avril Lavigne   Composer
Gilles Vigneault   Composer
Shawn Desman   Composer
Adam Alexander   Composer
Pierre Bouvier   Composer
David Desrosiers   Composer
Sebastien Lefebvre   Composer
Scott Spock   Composer
Fefe Dobson   Composer
Alexisonfire   Composer
Richard Priske   Composer
James Black   Composer
Benjamin Kowalewicz   Composer
Jon Gallant   Composer
Stephan Moccio   Composer
Rob Baker   Composer
Graeme Campbell   Composer
Tommy Polk   Composer
Tyler Connolly   Composer
Jay Levine   Composer
Stéphane Venne   Composer

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