Oil Spill Response in the Marine Environment / Edition 1

Oil Spill Response in the Marine Environment / Edition 1

by J.W. Doerffer

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1st ed
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6.30(w) x 9.45(h) x (d)

Table of Contents

1Types and Characteristics of Oil9
1.1Oil Characteristics9
1.2Behaviour of Oil in Marine Environments20
1.3Impact of Oil on Marine Environment54
1.4Input of Oil to the Marine Environment74
2Chemical Response Technology to an Oil Spill83
2.1Natural Cleansing83
2.2Chemical Barriers, Oil Sinking Agents and Sorbents89
2.4Burning of Oil at Sea115
3Mechanical Response Technology to an Oil Spill133
3.1Containment Systems133
3.2Clean-up Techniques on Water159
3.3Oil Recovery Vessels192
4Oil Spill Combating on Shores223
4.1Impact of Oil on Shores223
4.2Shoreline Clean-up239
4.3Oil Pollution Combating Operations260
4.4Oil Combating in Ice268
4.5Disposal of Oil and Oily Debris272
5Limitation of Spills and Contingency Planning286
5.1Limitation of Spills286
5.2Aerial Surveillance297
5.3Oil Spill Training306
5.4Contingency Planning310
5.5International Cooperation319
Glossary of Technical Terms333
Selected Bibliography, Further Reading List372
List of Tables383

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