Omens and Superstitions of Southern India

Omens and Superstitions of Southern India

by Edgar Thurston

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Omens and Superstitions of Southern India
By Edgar Thurston


Omens and Superstitions of Southern India
By Edgar Thurston

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In villages, strangers are not allowed to be present, when the cows are milked. Sudden failure of milk, or blood-stained milk, are attributed to the evil eye, to remove the influence of which the owner of the affected cow resorts to the magician. When the hill Kondhs are threshing the crop, strangers may not look on the crop, or speak to them, lest their evil eye should be cast on them. If a stranger is seen approaching the threshing-floor, the Kondhs keep him off by signalling with their hands, without speaking. In Malabar, a mantram, which is said to be effective against the potency of the evil eye, runs as follows: " Salutation to thee, O God ! Even as the moon wanes in its brightness at the sight of the sun, even as the bird chakora (crow-pheasant) disappears at the sight of the moon, even as the great Vasuki (king of serpents) vanishes at the sight of the chakora, even as the poison vanishes from his head, so may the potency of his evil eye vanish with thy aid." In Malabar, fear of the evil eye is very general. At the corner of the upper storey of almost every Nayar house near a road or path is suspended some object, often a doll-like hideous creature, on which the eye of the passers-by may rest.f " A crop," Mr Logan writes,$ " is being raised in a garden visible from the road. The vegetables will never reach maturity, unless a bogey of some sort is set up in their midst. A cow will stop giving milk, unless a conch (Turbinella rapa) shell is tied conspicuously about her horns. [Mappilla cart-drivers tie black ropes round the neck, or across the faces of their bullocks.] When ahouse or shop is being built, there surely is to be found exposed in some conspicuous position animage, sometimes of extreme indecency, a pot covered with cabalistic signs, a prickly branch of ca...

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