On Higher Ground: Education and the Case for Affirmative Action

On Higher Ground: Education and the Case for Affirmative Action

by Walter Feinberg

ISBN-10: 0807736988

ISBN-13: 9780807736982

Pub. Date: 11/01/1997

Publisher: Teachers College Press

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Teachers College Press
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New Edition
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Table of Contents

Ch. 1Toward a Theory of Affirmative Action1
The Political and Economic Climate for the Backlash Against Present Race- and Gender-based Policy2
What Is Affirmative Action?4
A Brief History of Affirmative Action7
Affirmative Action and Higher Education10
Recent Attacks on Affirmative Action12
The Need for a Theory of Affirmative Action14
A Sketch of the Central Argument16
Ch. 2Markets, Measurement, and Affirmative Action18
The Market as a Fair Selector - Problems with the Theory18
The Problem with the Empirical Evidence: Market Efficiency and Educational Selection23
Affirmative Action and Poverty31
Ch. 3A Case for a Backward-looking Gender- and Race-based Policy33
The Problem: Race-based or Need-based Affirmative Action?33
Conservative and Liberal Varieties of Need-based Affirmative Action35
Some Differences Between the Two Approaches to Affirmative Action39
The Preliminary Case for Race- and Gender-based Affirmative Action44
Ch. 4Group Rights and Historical Obligations48
Defining Group Rights48
Why Affirmative Action Is Confused with a Group Right: The Strategy of Simultaneity51
Do Group-based Rights Violate Other People's Individual Rights?53
Affirmative Action as Addressing Historical Debt55
To Whom Is the Debt Owed? A Return to the Question of Group Rights62
Ch. 5Need, Diversity, and Group Variation71
A Review of the Argument71
Returning to the Role of Need and Diversity72
Affirmative Action Should Work Differently for Different Groups82
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