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On Loving Women

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by James Moore

Sad facts: Studies show the average man disappoints his woman in bed. (Complaints from numerous women the author interviewed confirm this fact.) A recent study showed that the mean duration of intercourse is a paltry 5.4 minutes while women want at least three times that amount. Author James Moore puts it this way: "Anything under an hour is a quickie!"


Sad facts: Studies show the average man disappoints his woman in bed. (Complaints from numerous women the author interviewed confirm this fact.) A recent study showed that the mean duration of intercourse is a paltry 5.4 minutes while women want at least three times that amount. Author James Moore puts it this way: "Anything under an hour is a quickie!" Worse - as he points out - many women say that a disappointing sex life and lack of romance were the reasons they sought divorces.

That's where On Loving Women comes in.

On Loving Women seeks to turn this all around - to give every man the means to last as long as his lover wants him to during intercourse, and a whole lot more. Written by a "modern day Casanova - with more lovers to his credit" (that description from his wife!), this monumental work gives a man everything it takes for a man to win the heart of the woman he desires - forever - by becoming the kind of great lover, romancer, seducer, partner and man that women crave.

Plus - since it's written by a much-sought-after ladies' man who's made his share of discoveries about the female sexual anatomy over the course of decades with hundreds of women - this book reveals innumerable previously-undocumented orgasm triggers, orgasm boosters, wetness triggers, pleasure zones and other erogenous zones not found anywhere else. It also provides a treasure trove of graphic descriptions and detailed illustrations of sexual techniques of the author's creation (to be found nowhere else) that he's used to please more lovers than Casanova - including methods men of any size can use to give their lovers highly-desired vaginal orgasms. Even sexologists and scientists will discover something new in On Loving Women!

Yet, eight years in the works, this soup-to-nuts guide to becoming a great lover and partner nearly didn't happen. It was the author's wife who stayed after him to finish writing the book! "It's an important book that will help a lot of people!" she kept telling him. In fact, it was a former girlfriend who - after two years of pleading - convinced James Moore to tackle this project, repeatedly saying, "You've got to tell other men what you know about women!" And she'd take him to the bookstore, saying, "See? There are no books out there like the one you'd write!"

On Loving Women is comprehensive, covering everything from hygiene to the author's own discoveries regarding the female sexual anatomy and special techniques he used to drive women wild in bed - so much so they never wanted to leave him. And in teaching men to become the complete lover, it includes chapters on romancing and seducing a woman (that, he notes, need to continue within a relationship), the most complete and scientific look at the female sexual anatomy ever (including revelations not found anywhere else), and the very best chapter on achieving the ultimate control anywhere (including real solutions for premature ejaculation sufferers). He describes techniques to produce female ejaculation (a little-known but very pleasurable phenomenon) and almost-instantaneous pressure point orgasms, with just the touch of a finger. And there's so much more.

"The best way to a woman's heart is through great lovemaking," the author says, "and that's why no lover has left me in more than 25 years." And he says this to lead the way for others - offering to other men his comprehensive method of wooing women to achieving lasting happiness in love.

Above all else - On Loving Women "puts the love back in lovemaking," as a well-known romance author put it. It's about achieving a higher, tighter love relationship that grows more exciting with every passing day. In other words, it gives you the skills to go the distance.

While most books on loving women offer a dull rehash of sexual positions, author James Moore points out that, "It's not the position, it's what you do in the position." This is a mind-body-and-soul approach that teaches men how to take lovemaking to the heights, and make it exciting every time - actually, more exciting with time, no matter how many years have gone by.

This is not your typical one-size-fits-all approach. One thing the author points out is that every woman is different sexually, and so a cookie-cutter approach will not work. Each woman needs to be loved differently, unique to her needs and physical make-up, and he shows men how. University-trained in the rigors of conducting scientific research, Moore has done his own special kind of field research into the sexual side of women over the years, achieving insights that will startle even the most jaded sexologist.

Above all else, On Loving Women is very timely - teaching men how to keep a relationship exciting day after day, year after year (and not just sexually), in order to make a woman happy and make her want to be with him forever. For studies show that more and more people are craving a happy, loving long-term relationship more than anything else. And On Loving Women is the path to get there.

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From Chapter 11: Who can forget the hilarious scene in the quintessential romantic comedy When Harry Met Sally where Meg Ryan's character (Sally) fakes an orgasm in the middle of a diner to prove to Billy Crystal's character (Harry) it's easy for a woman to do so?

That comes after the conversation in which Sally suggests that Harry's girlfriends might have been faking their orgasms with him. To which Harry, full of bravado, replies that it's ridiculous; no woman's faked it with him.

"How do you know?" asks Sally.

"Because I do," replies Harry with disdain.

"Right. That's right. I forgot. You're a man."

"What is that supposed to mean?"

"Nothing. It's just that most men are sure it never happened to them and most women at one time or another have done it so you do the math."

"You don't think that I could tell the difference?"


She then proceeds to writhe and simulate an orgasm. "Yes! Yes! Yes!" she shouts, gasping, pounding her hands on the table while everyone watches, mesmerized. "Oh God! Oh God!" she shouts and feigns completion.

A waiter then approaches an older woman sitting in a nearby booth. Having watched intently, she tells the waiter: "I'll have what she's having."

...Along these lines there was also the Seinfeld episode ("The Mango") where Elaine reveals she faked her orgasms with Jerry.

JERRY: You faked it?

ELAINE: I faked it.

JERRY: That whole thing, the whole production, it was all an act?

ELAINE: Not bad huh?

JERRY: What about the breathing, the panting, the moaning, the screaming?

ELAINE: Fake, fake, fake, fake.

JERRY: I'm stunned, I'm shocked! How many times did you do this?

ELAINE: Um, all the time.

Jerry later whines, "But I'm so good." (Often what most men think.) So Elaine tries to make Jerry feel better: "Jerry, listen, it wasn't you. I just didn't have 'em back then."

...Those were two funny scenes. But they expose a prevalent problem.

Why do I know this is true? Many of my lovers have told me they'd never been given an orgasm by prior lovers. It's clear that many men are not skilled enough to give their women orgasms.

And that's undoubtedly one reason why many sexually dissatisfied women are faking it. Indiana University's National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior (released in October 2010), for instance, reported that:

"About 85% of men report that their partner had an orgasm at the most recent sexual event; this compares to the 64% of women who report having had an orgasm at their most recent sexual event."

The study concluded that those numbers imply that up to 21% of women are faking their orgasms. (The survey respondents were largely college students, by the way.)

I think the true statistic is much higher. The ABC-TV American Sex Survey I introduced on page <?> said that 48% of their female respondents had faked an orgasm at least once. Another troubling statistic: just 30% of the women said they had an orgasm every time they had sex. The 2011 Playboy Reader Sex Survey's numbers were worse: 59% of the women in that poll said they had faked orgasms.

This is not good. There are consequences when a woman feels the need to fake it. The ABC study concluded:

"...people who aren't satisfied with their sexual relationship are by far the most likely to cheat on their spouse or partner."

Syndicated columnist Ian Kerner agrees. In a recent column, he wrote:

"...in my experience as a sex counselor, women who fake it consistently are also more likely to eventually stray...in search of sexual satisfaction."

Not surprising. In fact, many of my lovers have told me that they had left men because those lovers had failed to please them sexually.

And I can relate to why a woman might fake it. I once faked an orgasm - and got away with it, too!

Why? To get it over with. She was a lousy lover. She was like a dead fish. It was such a drag that I didn't feel like continuing. In fact, I broke up with her shortly afterward.

That experience gave me an insight into why some women resort to this tactic: to bring a quick end to boring or incompetent lovemaking while trying not to hurt their lover's feelings.

It also demonstrates how important a warning sign a symptom like this can be. If your lover is faking it, your very relationship could be at stake. You cannot afford to miss or ignore this red flag. So we need to discuss all the possible reasons a woman might fake it and how you should react.

By the way, if you're thinking your partner is faking it, you're not alone. Most men at some point in their lives fear their lover is faking it in bed.

The bad thing is that in the face of this fear, a man's imagination goes into overdrive. That inspires thoughts that can pose a threat to a relationship (and often needlessly). If you suspect your lover is faking the "Big O" you're likely to jump to conclusions and think you're a lousy lover (and/or feel she thinks you are). This can hurt your self confidence and sexual performance. Or it might make you angry. (And that would be regrettable.)

You also might conclude that your partner is being dishonest with you. Like a cancer, this suspicion can produce negative emotions that can destroy the foundation of trust essential to the success of any relationship.

So before you wreck your relationship on a hunch and lack of information, take a deep breath and relax. Let's look at this issue calmly.

Digest the information in this chapter before you act on your impulses. You might be misreading the situation and drawing the wrong conclusions. That might lead you to make wrong-headed accusations you'll regret later.

It is true that if she's faking it might mean your relationship is in jeopardy. She might not be getting what she wants from you in bed. (But if that's the case, don't you want to know it?) But it also might point to something else.

Is She Or Isn't She?

First things first. Are you really sure she's faking it? From what I hear, most men do not know how to tell if their lover's faking it or not - which leads to nagging fears (no doubt made worse by Meg Ryan's brilliant faked orgasm in When Harry Met Sally). That makes things more difficult.

So the question then becomes: How can you address this issue if you're not sure there's a problem? Fortunately, I can clear up that concern. I've given you some useful tips on page 84 on how to tell if she's faking it. Please read that section carefully.

(...And there's much more information to follow in the rest of Chapter 11.)

Excerpted from On Loving Women by James Moore (Copyright © 2012 by James Moore).

Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.

Meet the Author

James Moore, M.S., an award-winning journalist and public speaker whose resume includes stints as a Boston Globe writer, NBC Radio News Network news anchor and CBS Newsradio 88 reporter, has earned his credentials as an expert in many aspects related to lovemaking and women. As will become clear in reading On Loving Women, he has accumulated great knowledge over the years through his own independent research into the sexes, dating, sex, romance, seduction, being the kind of man women desire, being a great partner, love, female sexual anatomy, sexual techniques, methods to give women orgasms, female wetness triggers, female ejaculation triggers and much much more. And his "sample size" or "data" (namely, his fruitful experiences with hundreds of women) has been far larger than most scientific studies can ever boast - with a hands-on element no scientist can claim to have obtained in reaching his or her conclusions.

University-trained in biological research, he went on after graduating from the University of Chicago to apply his research techniques to the art of lovemaking, which lead to his discovering a wide range of sexual hot spots and techniques that go far beyond what is currently known or documented. As On Loving Women reveals, he's invented unique and incredibly powerful techniques to give women orgasms that no one else has documented. In fact, he's made such progress in the science of pleasing a woman that he can make a woman climax with a simple touch of his finger or sound of his voice (as described in the book).

He's discovered many previously-undocumented female erogenous zones - places most women aren't aware of - including places he calls orgasm triggers, orgasm boosters, wetness triggers, female ejaculation triggers and pleasure zones. He's discovered a half-dozen orgasm triggers in the vagina alone (including areas he's named the vaginal ball, Deep Trigger and Nexus). His discovery of non-clitoral orgasm triggers also includes orgasm triggers inside a woman's vulva and breasts - places no one else has written about (including places he's called the Nook, Niche, M-Spot and V-Spot).

He's created "Shallow Lovemaking Methods" that even men of modest length can use to give women vaginal orgasms (and these do not involve the clitoris or G-Spot; they involve new erogenous zones discovered by the author). He's also found ways to make a woman come powerfully and in seconds through deep penetration massaging methods.

He's discovered pressure points that a man can use to make a woman come in just a few seconds - with the simple touch of a finger. He calls the resulting climaxes "pressure point orgasms" (and explains how to produce them, in On Loving Women).

He's developed critically-acclaimed exercises and techniques that have helped many men get over control problems, including premature ejaculation issues. He's also provided methods so that any man can obtain the ultimate control during intercourse, lasting as long as his woman wants him to.

Unlike guitarists or athletes or other public performers, great lovers like James Moore can't demonstrate what his lovers can attest to - that is, his great prowess in lovemaking. But his loving wife is among those who are giving testimony to that fact, in interviews across the country.

James spends most of the year doing workshops for couples, singles, women and men. In his off-time, he enjoys quiet time with his devoted wife and three four-legged fuzzy family members.

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Dr_Force More than 1 year ago
Over the years I've read or looked at one to many sex ed books. This is not one of those books, this the real deal when comes to not just making love to a woman, but loving them for who they are. The book is dedicated getting it through the male psyche that you can't be an insensitive jerk, or cold and heartless, or unaffectionate. Because when it comes right down to it, love and life are dance and balancing act. Which is why James Moore spends so much time illustrating that love and making love are as much in your head as they are in your heart. It has caveats from some very good references about why both sexes need to be balanced in both feminine and masculine qualities and how that works in the love process and integrates into how it plays out when making love, not sex.