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On Sacred Ground a Demon Walks

On Sacred Ground a Demon Walks

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by Jennifer Arnold

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On Sacred Ground a Demon Walksis the true life story one family’s encounter with the demonic—in fact, the second highest ranking demon under Lucifer. It all began when Jennifer Arnold and her husband, Victor, bought an acre of land eleven years ago that overlooked the largest lake in their area. They happily built what they believed to be their


On Sacred Ground a Demon Walksis the true life story one family’s encounter with the demonic—in fact, the second highest ranking demon under Lucifer. It all began when Jennifer Arnold and her husband, Victor, bought an acre of land eleven years ago that overlooked the largest lake in their area. They happily built what they believed to be their dream home on their new property. The land they purchased, however, was marked in the county records as Native American land owned by the Seminoles—and so the story begins

.She collected over 500 class A electronic voice phenomena (EVPs) as she investigated the strange voices and unexplained happenings that were taking place in and around her home. As things progressed, family and friends also found themselves under attack from the demonic forces. Finally, they were forced out of their dream home by the demon. But how could this happen, and why did these forces target this family?

On Sacred Ground a Demon Walks is the story of a family disrupted by negative forces greater than them-selves and their struggle to find a positive balance in their lives.

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On Sacred Ground a Demon Walks

By Jennifer Arnold

iUniverse, Inc.

Copyright © 2011 Jennifer Arnold
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4620-1990-8

Chapter One


MY NAME IS JENNIFER; I am married to a wonderful man named Victor. We have two children ages 21 and 8, both boys.. We live in Central, Florida which is located about 20 miles NE of Tampa. I am Baptist and my husband is Catholic. We are searching for a church that we like that is in the middle. I don't want to raise my children as Catholic; I don't believe I need to go through a priest in order to have my sins forgiven. My youngest son goes to a Christian school.

We bought an acre and a quarter 11 years ago which overlooks the largest Lake in the area. Needless to say this is where we built our dream home, so we thought. We had no idea what turn of events were to come over the next 11 years. The land we purchased turned out to be marked in the county records as Native American land for the Seminoles. This is where my story begins ...

When I was only 17 years old my girlfriend, Debbie and I Would get out of school and come to my house to use the Ouija board. We did this for quite some time, it was addicting! This was a homemade Ouija board at that! ... we always seemed to come in contact with young children ... so it told us! It was all fun and games until one day I asked a very personal question ... "am I pregnant" I had no reason to think I was. I wasn't late for my period yet and I got a response, it spelled out "YES"! So a week later I took a pregnancy test ... the board was right I was pregnant! I did something that later, I was told I should not have done, I burned the board. This is where I believe all my troubles would begin.

Recently about a year ago, I was visiting a friend over by the house I grew up in and used the Ouija board at. She introduced me to this young man who proceeded to tell and point to the house he grew up in, it was my old house. His words were "That fucking house was haunted!"

I didn't say a word about anything that I already thought to be true.

In our home in Central Florida, things started almost immediately to let me know that we were not alone in this house. While the house was still in the process of being built we made a visit to our unfinished home only to find that someone else had been here and left a candle along with some other items in the corner of our family room.

Shortly after we moved in, strange things started to happen, things like cabinets opening, electrical activity, dark shadows, seeing things out of the corner of your eyes and much more. I started questioning myself. It had to be me in my head, right? When my oldest was about 8 years old he was in the bathtub upstairs and cried out to me "mom, somebody just walked into your room!"

So I went upstairs and looked around and there was nothing. I went back downstairs and minutes later I hear "Mom, someone just walked by again." So again I went upstairs to have a second look, again ... nothing. He didn't seem afraid one bit!

I've always been interested in the unknown. My grandmother who was Indian as well as psychic use to tell me stories as I was growing up about her adventures. At the time I was not afraid of this activity it all seemed so innocent and harmless. I didn't mind living under the same roof with what I thought were just innocent spirits, when I was a teenager I messed with the Ouija board, I had assumed no harm was done, so I thought.

My husband and I were trying to have a baby. We would have to use invitro fertilization, since my husband had already had a vasectomy in his younger years. We did a procedure called mesa ... this is when they would go into each testicle and aspirate live sperm. Then I would take injection, they would then aspirate my follicles marry the two in the lab and then insert two blast cist into my uterus and then wait and see if at least one takes. In 2003 I delivered my youngest son. When he was only 3 months old my husband woke me up because he thought he heard the baby. I got up and went into his room ... it was dark ... I saw him moving and reached down to pick him up, as I did he was yanked back down, I turned on the light only to find that his monitor cord was wrapped around his neck 3 times so tight that the monitor itself was wedged between the bars of the crib. I quickly unwrapped the cord from around his neck and shook him until I knew that he was breathing. There were red lines across his neck, at this time I didn't think much of it. I didn't sleep the rest of the night.

Chapter Two


I HAD A DEAR friend who was into fossils; Todd was his name, God bless his sole. My husband had known him for more than 30 years, he called me one day. He asked me if him and a friend could come over and dig for arrowheads. I thought "how exciting that would be for me and Seth!" I told him sure, that would be fun, but if he found anything worth a great deal he'd have to split it. I was joking of course. So we made a plan for the following Saturday for them to come over and dig and see what we could find. They showed up around 8am Todd, his friends, my dear friend Lisa his wife and her daughter Heather. Todd had a hole deeper then himself within an hour and by the time he was two feet in the ground there it was, our first arrowhead, which he gave to Seth. Now I'm interested I said. I grabbed a shovel and started digging. You would hope to hear a "ting" rub against your shovel as you would scrape the sides of the hole. Todd and his friend were finding all kinds of things. Lots and lots of flint as well. So on we dug late into the afternoon until finally they had enough of shoveling. They packed up their belongings and went home. I wasn't finished; I was determined to find myself an arrowhead. I'm digging as my oldest son Nick comes out to see what I' been up to all day and as he nears me we hear "Ting". There it was, my first arrowhead, it was gorgeous, perfect and black as if it had been in a fire. That was It, I was hooked. You could always find me in a hole after that. Holes so deep that I needed a step ladder to get in and out of it. By this time I was finding all kinds of arrowheads!

It wasn't until my youngest was two and a half, when he came to me about his new friends in his room ... a little boy a little girl and a man with a white face. Also he told me that he woke up in the middle of the night and saw a face with red eyes ... he talks about this till this day and it breaks my heart into pieces. That's when I decided to start investigating on my own. This is where all my troubles would begin. This book is my warning to all families, paranormal investigators and people who play the Ouija board!!! It had just confirmed to me that all this activity had to be paranormal. At the time all I owned was a video camera, so ... that's what I used. Since my son told me about his friends in his room, that's where I would begin my investigation. I set the recorder up in his room for the night. The next day I hooked the camera up to the tv to start viewing all the footage that was recorded the night before. I know that each Investigator has their own opinion of orbs, some people believe that orbs are balls of energy, on the videos there were hundreds of orbs. During the recording the camera was moved from one side of the room to the other then back again. No one would have done something like that. At the time nobody even knew what I was doing. Before the recording ended towards the end of the tape, there it was ... I would catch my first class A EVP ... (ELECTRONIC VOICE PHENOMINA) ... "WHO'S THERE" I remember being so excited that I couldn't wait to call my dad, who supported me.

After catching my first EVP, I would be hooked for the next year, I would neglect my family and spend all hours of the day and night and viewing my footage that was recorded at night while everybody was asleep. It was now time to invest in a professional audio digital recorder, which my dad and mom bought me for Christmas. Now I didn't only have video footage but audio as well. My dad downloaded software on my computer so that I could edit my audio, I used audacity and goldwave. It was official, my family had now somewhat lost me to my new obsession of investigating my own home. This is my warning, NEVER INVESTIGATE YOUR OWN HOME!

I signed up with Myspace where I had hundreds of Paranormal groups, people interested in the paranormal world as friends. This is where I would upload EVP'S, Pictures and videos. Groups would request an investigation, not for me but for their pleasure, they knew I was living in a home that was like a subway for the afterlife. I turned down many request it was just something I wasn't ready for. However I did become a member to a radio show that would go on air twice a week, they were stationed out of the U.K......we would Skyped all together and we had listeners that would call in ... By this point all my time was spent getting evidence or reviewing evidence, I was consumed.

As time went on the more I investigated the more activity picked up. I was catching mostly all class A EVP'S. At this point I was at home with all the new activity, footsteps in my bathroom at night, outside my bedroom door, taps, bangs and dark shadows. At night someone or something would ever so gently brush my face, I would just lie there.

What seemed to be most every night as I would climb into bed my white noise maker would slowly volume down and then a few seconds later the volume would turn back up again. On a regular basis I would say out loud "We can all live together as long as my family is not hurt or scared." I was not afraid sickly very comfortable with it all.

There was one week that we would lock the dog in his pen at night and for 6 straight days he would be released, so on the 7th night I decided to put my audio digital recorder outside with him only to catch a class A EVP.... "Hey boy ... here ... come here boy!"

One night after coming home from the Dr. for a routine checkup and the Dr. finding a lump in my breast I decided to turn to the spirits, hoping to reach and get a response from my Grandmother Juanita Brown about the lump. I needed to know if it was cancer and if I was going to live or would my children be motherless. I asked will I survive this, I was crying I was terrified, I knew I would get a response I always did, again I captured over 500 EVP'S the response I got was "you're going to live", which you will clearly hear when you receive the disk. At the end of the book, it will explain how you can receive a disk with some of my best EVP'S on it for free!

I then asked will I be here for my children and the response I got was "the children" again you will be able to hear it clearly.

Chapter Three


MY BEST FRIEND WHO will be mentioned quite often throughout this book would come to visit and would bring her dog. There were hotspots in the house certain areas felt Comfortable and others a little creepy, like someone was right behind you. Her dog knew where they were, she would either coward down, bark or wine she knew there was something evil in this house. One day Chris was visiting and we were in the master bedroom when something brushed her face, Chris knew to ignore it.

Me and my youngest at the time were sleeping in the master bedroom and my husband would sleep on the couch so that my son would sleep longer throughout the night and then I could get some rest. One night I had an outer body experience. I was floating off the floor face down about 6 inches from the ground, this seemed to last forever and then boom I was awake and in my body again, it definitely had me going hmmm ... I couldn't move or scream, at this point I was recording every night, so much that I couldn't keep up.

Orb's let's talk about orb's for just a minute. I know every investigator has their own belief on them and what they are. You couldn't take a picture in my home without catching a ton of orb's. An orb is a ball of energy.

My niece Kasey would come over and she couldn't go upstairs, when she did she had a really hard time breathing at the top of the stairs. When she used the bathroom she would leave the door opened. You couldn't leave her by herself anywhere inside the home; she was 10 at the time. I would also share my captures with my grandma Arnold. My pee paw came through a couple of times, at the time we assumed it was him, an EVP said "Pee Paw." After asking pee paw are you here, I captured whistling on my digital audio recorder, which is something he always did. I shared all of this with grandma; she was skeptical but had hope. One night I decided to go out back it was about 9pm at night. I had the video camera with me and so I asked for a sign that someone was there with me. All of a sudden it sounded like someone punched our aluminum overhang that was over our boat. This was the first time that I was a little scared. My girlfriend Tara would come over to visit, she would not go into the garage by herself, she was terrified of the garage.

A good friend of the family would stop by almost daily, he would be working in the neighborhood. He was always there to support me; he would help watch video footage, listen to the EVP'S with me help try and figure out what some would be saying. He was very supportive. This is where my troubles would begin. About a quarter of my EVP DOES include my name in them ... Jen, Jenny and Jennifer. I started picking up bad feelings in certain parts of the house. As if someone was standing right behind me just hanging over my shoulders only not touching me. I knew I had to do something ... me and Jerry Moore would perform a ritual which at the time I was told would help. We would get olive oil and say some versus out of the bible and walk from room to room until we covered the entire house. We would start downstairs and work our way upstairs finishing in the master bedroom, as we would get to the last room it was as if you could hear footsteps in front of us as it ran into the last room to get away from us. This is all where I would have a turn of events.

Chapter Four


AT THIS POINT I would have agreed to an investigation with a group out of Tennessee. I would be in constant contact with who we will call Walter. I was sending him some of my EVP'S so he could edit them using better software. One class A EVP that I sent him I thought said "Juanita that was my name" ... not only could you hear that but you could hear more than one spirit working together ... you could hear "okay come ... now." I will tell you as I was editing my audio and heard how loud and clear this EVP was I was frightened a little bit for the first time ... just wait until you hear it! I remember Taking off my headset and not picking it back up for a couple of days after that. It really shook me up. It sounds demonic. On the other hand it motivated me to want to do more because my grandmother's name is Juanita who has now past and was dead at the time that I caught that EVP. Another EVP I caught that rattled my cage was one where you hear my dog barking, and then you hear "shut up" ... "HAAAA"....."Help me".....then a loud BANG!!!

After Walter analyzed this one he came to the conclusion that it was actually saying "Mo Ni Kaps Howard ... that was my name" now this is a Native American name. When its played backwards it says "people die here" ... I didn't find this out until it was too late.

I would regularly watch paranormal shows and one night while watching they had a demonstration using a K II Meter. I had to have one, so I ordered one off the world wide net. On the show they were asking for a response from the spirits one show of lights for yes two shows of lights for no. I remember the day it was delivered we were on our way out to take the boat out and the door bell rang, there it was my very own K II Meter. I had to try it before we left. First I would hold it up to the TV then to the stereo then up to my husband ... nothing, no response at all ... no blinking of lights! I was stoked!! I went up to my youngest son's room and started calling out to the spirits ... There was a blink and again ... I was getting responses already!


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Meet the Author

Jennifer Arnold is the founder and executive director of Canine Assistants, a service-dog school based in Milton, Georgia. She lives with her husband, veterinarian Kent Bruner, son Chase, three dogs, Bob the cat, eight horses, and a number of other animals.

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On Sacred Ground a Demon Walks 3.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I heard Jennifer's interview on a local paranormal radio talk show and her story sounded very interesting, so I bought her book. No editing whatsoever. A good interview doesn't equal a good book.