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On the Clock

On the Clock

by Tim Enochs, Bruce Tollner

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On the most important day of his life, quarterback sensation Adam Alford finds himself lost in a sea of people and cameras in the greenroom at the NFL Draft. He lost his mom in a violent storm when he was 10. After her death, his one-hit-wonder country music singer/songwriter dad was relegated to singing at a local roadside club as he struggled with alcohol,


On the most important day of his life, quarterback sensation Adam Alford finds himself lost in a sea of people and cameras in the greenroom at the NFL Draft. He lost his mom in a violent storm when he was 10. After her death, his one-hit-wonder country music singer/songwriter dad was relegated to singing at a local roadside club as he struggled with alcohol, depression and the responsibility of raising Adam. With the uncommon influence of Adam’s agent, his girlfriend, and her mom, he and his dad found a way to make it. On the Clock outlines the simple principles of success that got Adam and his father through their trials, showing readers they they too can fight through adversity and achieve their own personal goals.

Editorial Reviews

From the Publisher
On The Clock is a page turner you do not want to miss! This is a behind the scenes story at what it takes for Adam, a young quarterback and his country music star father to follow and pursue their own scary, yet incredible God-given dreams!
Mark Batterson
New York Times Best-Selling author of The Circle Maker
Lead Pastor of National Community Church

Everybody gets to see what happens when the lights are on and the camera is rolling. Many times, the real story is what happens in private where there are no lights and camera. On The Clock is your backstage pass into the lives of a country music star dad (Peter Alford) and his superstar quarterback son (Adam Alford). In this book, you will see what happens off camera that sets the stage for what could be the best sports story of the year!
Heather Cox
NBC Sports

Life is short. Discovering what matters most and acting on it changes everything! On The Clock is a remarkable story of a dad and his son working their way through the ups and downs of life and in the process discovering what's most important—relationships! It is the perfect book for anyone who has ever been the underdog in life.
Sean Covey
New York Times Best-Selling author of The 4 Disciplines of Execution and The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens

As you turn the pages of this delightful book, you’ll realize there is more than an enjoyable story here! You’ll learn leadership and personal growth principles along with the main character, Adam Alford, as you follow the ups and downs of his impassioned pursuit towards his purpose in life. Tim and Bruce have combined their talents and expertise in On The Clock and the end result will inspire you to make use of your own God-given talents in achieving your personal purpose in life as well!
Holly Duncan
Leadership Director—Southlands Christian Schools
Author of Listen, My Son; There are Plans for You

In life, every day is game day! There are days when the score is made public, and days when there are only private victories or challenges…but in the end, EVERY DAY COUNTS! In this book, Tim and Bruce share a captivating story about a rising star quarterback and his country music star dad who face devastating storms in life. In the midst of their storms, they discover they control the narrative best by anchoring in their core values. By applying the principles written in this book, you can discover how to Win the Day, every day!
Coach Hugh Freeze
Head Football Coach, The University of Mississippi

Our days are numbered. In this exciting and suspenseful book, Tim and Bruce will show you how to make them all count. I highly recommend On The Clock.
Robert D. Smith
Author of 20,000 Day’s and Counting

In football and life, you can’t just expect something good is going to fall in your lap. You have to go for it. You have to throw the ball downfield. In On The Clock, Tim and Bruce take you behind the scenes of two very different, and yet somewhat similar, worlds of the NFL and country music. In this intriguing book, while being caught up in the story of an aspiring quarterback and his country music star dad, you will learn principles of success you can use in your own life.
Jerry Reese
Senior Vice President and General Manager New York Football Giants
Winner of Super Bowls XLII & XLVI

I highly recommend this book! On The Clock is an incredible story that will pull you behind the scenes of the NFL and country music, and teach you principles of success you can use today. As I wrote in The Amos Paradigm, the promise of Amos 9:13 offers a new paradigm of faith and expectation, where old disappointments give way to new realities of expedience and abundant fruitfulness. That’s what you find in this story of a rising star quarterback and his singer-songwriter dad.
Dr. Tim Hill
General Overseer, the Church of God

On The Clock combines inspirational and thought-provoking messages applicable to pursuing one’s passion and purpose in life, along with the insight of knowing that once those are visible, it is not the finish line, it is just the beginning.
Mark Brunell
Jacksonville Jaguar Hall of Fame Quarterback and former ESPN Analyst
Head Coach at the Episcopal School of Jacksonville

On The Clock is about more than country music and football, it’s about winning the game of life the right way. It’s about more than a relationship between a son and his dad, it’s about going for it and making it when the rest of the world seems to be against you. This is an inspiring, must read!
Akbar GbajaBiamila
Analyst—NFL Network
Co-host—American Ninja Warrior

This is more than a football story, told by insiders, but a life-affirming tribute to a fascinating character—someone we can all cheer for. We’d all be elbowing for position to land the first interview with Adam Alford!
Sam Farmer
Los Angeles Times

I know what it’s like to be in the fight of your life right at the point where your biggest dreams are coming true. In On The Clock, Bruce and Tim invite you behind the curtains of a young man’s life to show you how he fought through adversity in hope of seeing his dream come true. You can’t always count on life—or football games—to go as you expect. The message in this book inspires you to focus on the process, do the work, take it one day at a time, and stick to it as you pursue your dreams.
Coach Chuck Pagano
Head Coach—Indianapolis Colts

This book combines suspense with inside information on the NFL draft process. It helped me think about my unique personal purpose in life.
Pat Davidson
Educator & Academic Specialist

On The Clock is an inspirational, lesson-laden story that gives an inside look at Adam Alford's roller coaster journey, from childhood to the NFL, as he searches for his passion and purpose in life. You don't have to be a football fan to enjoy the story. I highly recommend it.
Steve Mariucci
NFL Network, Former NFL Head Coach

On The Clock is a compelling story Bruce and Tim built around a theme that will help you reach higher and accomplish more. As you read the story of quarterback, Adam Alford, and his country music star dad, Peter, you will find yourself not only turning the page to see what happens next, but turning the page to see how you can apply what you have read in your own life.
Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila
Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame—Defensive End

Enjoyed every page of On The Clock and couldn’t wait to read what was coming next. In a culture filled with broken relationships, refreshing to see what can transpire when love, commitment and self-sacrifice are embedded in a father/son relationship. Story of hope through adversity and cream rising to the top.
Mark Boyer
Vice President of Field Ministry, Western Region
Fellowship of Christian Athletes

If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to be a champion, read this book! On The Clock is an amazing story that gives you a front row seat and behind the scenes peak at what it takes to win.
Allyson Felix
Track & Field Olympic Multi-Gold Medal Winner and World Champion

On The Clock takes you on a journey through the fire with country music star Peter Alford and his quarterback son, Adam. You don’t want to miss any part of this unpredictable ride!
Jason Crabb
Grammy Winner

The opening chapters of On The Clock are like watching Ben Roethlisberger fighting to win his third Super Bowl with five seconds left on the clock. He chucks up a Hail Mary into the air towards Antonio Brown who is leaping above three defenders in the corner of the end zone. It puts you on the edge of your seat, palms sweating, and heart racing as you read through the unfathomable events that kick off this book. Does he make the catch? Does Adam Alford fight through the unimaginable barriers piled in front of him like the Steel Curtain from the days of old? Can the quarterback sneak his way to being the NFL quarterback he always dreamed he'd be? One can only hope he captures the trophy like he captures your heart!
Carlee Roethlisberger
Two Sport Athlete—University of Oklahoma / Beach Volleyball

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Meet the Author

Tim Enochs has been a successful Executive Life and Business Coach for 14 years. He is the author of several books, including Every Day is Game Day, The Street Sweeper, The CHILD Game Plan, and Uncommon Influence. He is an Executive Producer for the movie Welcome to Inspiration based on his book, The Street Sweeper. Tim is a nationally renowned keynote speaker and has been interviewed on many television and radio shows.

Bruce Tollner is an NFL Super-Agent representing multiple NFL stars. He is a Certified Contract Advisor with the NFLPA and NBPA. He is also a partner and plays a critical role in every aspect of REP 1, including Legal Counsel. Bruce has a mastery of guiding both football and basketball clients through the pre-draft process, managing their careers, and developing post-career plans. He co-wrote The CHILD Game Plan and Sidelined with Indianapolis Colts Coach Chuck Pagano.

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