On the Frontiers of Science: Strange Machines You Can Build

On the Frontiers of Science: Strange Machines You Can Build

by G. Harry Stine

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Stine describes how to build a number of devices that appear to contradict the laws of physics or mechanics, and that, in his words, ``work for some people'' but ``sometimes . . . don't work for everyone.'' His purpose is to stimulate people to build and test these gadgets, in the hope that they may discover new scientific principles to explain them. An example is the cardboard pyramid that will keep razor blades placed inside it sharp. Stine, despite his education as a physicist and work as an engineer, forgets that a scientific experiment, by definition, is one that can be duplicated by anyonegiven the same equipment and complete directionsand give the same results. The title should use the term ``pseudoscience,'' not science. Not recommended. Kenneth Quinn, Geology Dept., Oklahoma State Univ., Stillwater

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