On Your Toes [1983 Broadway Cast]

On Your Toes [1983 Broadway Cast]

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  1. Overture  -  On Your Toes Pit Orchestra
  2. Two a Day for Keith  - Eugene J. Anthony
  3. Questions and Answers (The Three B's)  - Lara Teeter
  4. It's Got to be Love
  5. Too Good for the Average Man  - Dina Merrill
  6. There's a Small Hotel
  7. La Princesse Zenobia Ballet  -  On Your Toes Pit Orchestra
  8. The Heart is Quicker Than the Eye  - Dina Merrill
  9. Glad to Be Unhappy
  10. Quiet Night
  11. On Your Toes
  12. Quiet Night (Reprise)  -  On Your Toes Cast Ensemble
  13. Slaughter on Tenth Avenue  -  On Your Toes Pit Orchestra

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

John Mauceri   Conductor
George S. Irving   Track Performer
Natalia Makarova   cast
Chris Peterson   Ensemble
Michael Vita   Track Performer
Jerry Mitchell   Ensemble
Christine Andreas   Track Performer
Peter Slutsker   cast
Lara Teeter   Track Performer
Kirby Tepper   Ensemble
David Gold   Ensemble
Dirk Lumbard   Ensemble
Robert Meadows   Ensemble
On Your Toes Cast Ensemble   Track Performer

Technical Credits

John Mauceri   Liner Notes
Lorenz Hart   Lyricist
John Kurlander   Engineer
Norman Newell   Producer,Original Album Producer
Cole Porter   Composer
Hans Spialek   Orchestration
George Abbott   Book
John Yap   Producer,Executive Producer
John A. Yap   Executive Producer

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